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To hate Facebook - just a little bit - every now and then?

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MolotovBomb Mon 01-Oct-12 17:08:36

This thread has been prompted by photographs of friends of mine, attending the Christening of another friend's' baby. All women are from the same friend-group and we all met a few years ago at a baby group. We met regularly fr the first 18 or so months of my DD1s life.

I've moved house since and stopped having as much contact, although I do see one of the girls every few weeks or so (we've all had subsequent children who are the same age-ish aswell).

Now, I certainly didn't expect an invitation to the Christening. But, I still felt kind of hurt to see those familiar faces all together, plastered on Facebook. The Facebook thing is weird, isn't it? It's like you are privy (on occasions such as this) to the things you've been left out of.

I think I need a brew

EdMcDunnough Mon 01-Oct-12 17:17:00

I used to get paranoid on FB. You'd get hassled and hassled by certain people to join up, so they could message you etc and then when you finally gave in, and they were your 'friends', they would be having some conversation on a wall with like three or four other friends and every comment you tried to make, would be ignored.

Well maybe it was just me. And I just thought, Oh my God, they all hate me.

So I left again.

It was really weird.

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