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AIBU to not get how Infacol get away with it?

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ICBINEG Mon 01-Oct-12 15:50:56

I mean compare this

with this


jamdonut Mon 01-Oct-12 17:04:24

I would have gone insane without Infacol being available!
Benefits outweigh the problems in my opinion.

ICBINEG Tue 02-Oct-12 00:26:06

As I said earlier, it works wonders for wind and possibly even reflux (although I haven't seen or looked for evidence on that as my baby burped/farted like a dream and had no reflux but still had the colic).

So why not simply market it as helping with wind?

There is a ton of evidence that the colic crying business is not usually connected to wind, both from trials but also from direct experimental evidence measuring the gas fraction in babies guts.

I just don't get why they are claiming it does a thing that it doesn't....

I mean ibuprofen is a fab drug and works well beyond placebo but it doesn't cure cancer....

SuperB0F Tue 02-Oct-12 01:00:26

I used to call it DoesFuCall. Just sayin'.

SoggySummer Tue 02-Oct-12 01:04:53

If nothing else its something to try when all else has failed and you as a parent are feeling wretched with your crying baby.

Its hope in a bottle at the very least!

AhsokaTano Tue 02-Oct-12 01:09:14

We use Infacol for adult patients having gastroscopies and colonoscopies. It helps them release the wind caused by the procedures.

It also seems to help my 3 week old release her wind, so I'm happy to part with my £4 and keep the faith.

VforViennetta Tue 02-Oct-12 01:33:17

So it doesn't help with colic, which probably is silent reflux in quite a few cases, which is never diagnosed and resolves itself when the baby is older.

For us, it did actually seem to make winding easier and quicker, dd did seem to scream a lot more than the other two children, we did use infacol which helped a little. In her case, she was the only child, and sometimes was overstimulated. I used to rock and cuddle her to sleep, she used to fight this like a gooddun. One day I got fed up of this struggling and popped her in her cot, she went off to sleep on her own, it was a revelation.

Ds1 was a very calm baby and would get himself off to sleep every time, was just the wind stopping him, infacol certainly helped with the endless winding process.

BeeWi Tue 02-Oct-12 01:33:47

YANBU. Those in the thread being unnecessarily aggressive, saying 'shut up' and the like ABU.

Neither infacol or gripe water worked for us with colic but going to a cranial osteopath did. As for LO's reflux, only me cutting out all dairy seemed to make a bit of difference.

katykuns Tue 02-Oct-12 01:40:00

Worked for my DD1 to bring up wind. I didn't buy it thinking it would solve all our problems, I bought it because I just wanted something to ease her discomfort.
It worked for us, and I will continue to recommend it to others who are struggling.

It helped DD2, but not as successfully as DD1... we know now that a lot of her distress was overtiredness and sensory overload. Also, moving on to hungry baby milk helped.

CandiStaton Tue 02-Oct-12 07:05:40

because ICB colic just describes the pattern of crying. My dd1 'had colic' in that she screamed/raised knees to chest early i said previously this apeared to be caused by trapped window. Infacol helped to relieve the trapped window and ease the crying

therefore the manufacturers are not incorrect in saying that Infacol helps relieve wind are they

there website said 'it is clinically proven'. Presumably, as is nearly always the case with everything, there is lots of conflicting research?

TheDoctrineOfSnatch Tue 02-Oct-12 07:13:08

Eh, what? I'm pretty sure that I knew Infacol helped with wind, colic has complex causes, one of which can be wind, therefore Infacol might help with colic by helping with wind, but helping with wind was a fair goal in itself.

Boggler Tue 02-Oct-12 07:15:43

Infacol definitely helped my dc's with wind, they were both very windy babies and it made burping them much easier. As for colic I think that covers such a range of symptoms and causes I don't think there is anything that cures it fully - the person who discovers a cure for colic will become very very rich.

TheDoctrineOfSnatch Tue 02-Oct-12 07:20:39

Infacol's marketing message and text on the box will be very heavily regulated by the way.

Jelly15 Tue 02-Oct-12 09:14:08

I am shocked as it worked for my DS. He suffered awfully from colic and within a week of using Infacol he had no problems at all.

CandiStaton Tue 02-Oct-12 09:23:49

therefore the manufacturers are not incorrect in saying that Infacol helps relieve wind are they

sorry, i meant colic

DesperatelySeekingPomBears Tue 02-Oct-12 09:28:04

At least its a fairly cheap thing to try. Colief, I've been told, also does bugger all for general colic but they charge nearly £15 a pop.

Bluegingham Tue 02-Oct-12 09:38:31

I'd like to add that if infacol was a lifesaver with "very bad reflux" then the baby didn't have "very bad reflux." For FUCKS SAKE. I'm hiding this thread, it's making me stabby.

ICBINEG Tue 02-Oct-12 14:34:40


they are specifically incorrect in saying "Clinically proven to significantly reduce the frequency and severity of crying attacks associated with colic." because the balance of clinical evidence says otherwise.

It doesn't make any odds that colic is a symptom definition, the trials measured the symptom and Infacol does not help beyond placebo while other treatments do.

They can say it helps bring up wind etc. because the balance of clinical evidence is that it does indeed do this beyond placebo.

People on this thread are assuming a link between having wind problems and colic which simply isn't true in the majority of cases. If it were true that colic was caused by wind then curing wind would be the same as curing colic, but as the majority of true colic suffering parent and baby teams will tell you (and also the research literature), it really isn't true.

ICBINEG Tue 02-Oct-12 14:38:57

blue I think it helps if you discount the comments of anyone who has said "we did X and it helped with behaviour Y".

IF they were worth listening to they would say "we did X and behaviour Y changed, but of course we have no evidence that X was in fact the cause of the change in behaviour Y".

Seriously if you remove all the comments from people who have proved themselves incapable of getting this concept then the thread reads like a dream...

Longtalljosie Tue 02-Oct-12 14:40:27

But colic is a catch-all term for babies screaming. It's as likely to be wind as anything else!

Infacol contains a surfactant. It makes little bubbles into one big bubble, which makes babies easier to wind.

I think colic doesnt exist. Before anyone shoots me, DS1 had colic. But if so many babies get it, maybe its just babies being babies, IYSWIM?

ICBINEG Tue 02-Oct-12 14:46:47

long that just isn't true. If a baby screams for 45 minutes and then fart like a trouper and settles then it does not fall into the definition of colic at all.

If you (and people have) take a group of babies that scream for at least 3 hours a day at least 3 days a week and give them infacol or a placebo, the infacol group does NO BETTER than the placebo group.

If you give babies that have trouble bringing up wind and scream a bit after meals infacol or a placebo the infacol group does better.

Hence infacol may claim to treat wind but not colic.

Surely that is simple enough?

Ahh, youve also just reminded me that last weeks stupid health visitor told the group to give Colicky BF babies water (luckily none of them were BFers except me)

ICBINEG Tue 02-Oct-12 14:48:32

Colic is a behavioural pattern. It exists as a behavioural pattern. Some therapies have been demonstrated as effective in reducing the time spent in the colic behavioural pattern and other havent.

ICBINEG Tue 02-Oct-12 14:52:02

beyond well in her defence it won't be worse than giving them infacol. Assuming we are talking a sip rather than a drink.

Where do these random memes come from? There is no evidence that giving water to BF babies is a good idea so how exactly did the idea arrive in the HV's head?

miaowmix Tue 02-Oct-12 14:54:07

I thought colic WAS wind?
Behavioural pattern? That sounds like utter bollocks to me.

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