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I'm sure I'm not but how to handle it

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grumpymare Mon 01-Oct-12 11:51:38

I live on a little road, there are only 3 of us in a row we're kind of set back away from all the other houses.

I really like my neighbours, they're generally very quiet but friendly and helpful and we all know eachother a bit and get on.

The guy at the end can be a bit erm, inappropriate, like he's asked for lifts and I think he even asked to borrow my car once! Of course I've always said no. It's not constant and he has borrowed us tools and stuff so I tend to just take no notice but be firm. He works away often and bring little gifts back for my little boy, which is nice, but heareth where the problem lies. Once I was in bed, and he knocked the door at 9.30pm, I didn't know it was him, I wasn't expecting anyone and it really shit me up, then he starts posting stuff through the door and I was literally frozen to the spot. It was just a few bits he'd bought back.

Last night at 11.45, yes almost midnight I kid you not. My door went, I bloody shit myself, it wasn't even a quiet knock, no way was I answering it at that time but it knocked again. Then I heard things coming through the door, I guessed then that it was my neighbour but come on 11.45 at night?!

I was up watching tv and to be fair I'd left my front light on so he must have seen that and thought I was still up. But even so.

I know I should probably say something but I don't want to upset him and I get the feeling he could be easily offended. I'm tempted to just say nothing as it not as though he does it every night but seriously.

AMumInScotland Mon 01-Oct-12 11:59:37

Perhaps you should just explain to him that you're not comfortable answering the door late in the evening when you're not expecting anyone, so you'd prefer if he left it till next day when he has something to return? Last night gives you a perfect chance to explain that it's comething you're not comfortable with, so there's no reason for him to take any offence.

It's probably never occurred to him that anyone would be that frightened of someone coming to the door. A man almost certainly wouldn't be, and he doesn't sound the most "sensitive" of people to consider that a woman on her own (I'm assuming?) might feel that way.

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