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.. to want to sell DSS2 (tongue in cheek)

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Enfyshedd Sun 30-Sep-12 22:36:52

Since Thursday, DSS 2 (6) has done the following:

Cried at the back door because he came downstairs too late to go back out to play with his friends - he'd been warned twice half an hour earlier that he was running out of time to go back out.

Cried when watching Breakfast on Friday morning before school when they showed a clip of the Kenny Everett drama that's on this week - he sat there saying "I think something bad is going to happen. There's a dog in the garden" to which his dad replied he didn't think so, and when nothing happened, DSS2 ran upstairs crying.

Cried when DSS1 said he wouldn't let DSS2 watch last night's Dr Who again on iPlayer after DSS2 saw it last night.

This getting a bit annoying. AIBU?

Alphababe Sun 30-Sep-12 22:53:25

Its called parenting. Parenting can be try annoying. LOL!

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