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to see this friend even though I might be getting a cold?

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poachedeggs Sun 30-Sep-12 08:00:00

I have a friend who has DC the same age as mine. I'm due to go to her house for lunch today but I am getting a cold (DH had it last week and the DC have had the usual snotty noses so it was a matter of time).

I feel fine and wouldn't let a cold stop me doing anything normally, as long as I don't feel unwell.

But my friend has missed a few weeks of an activity which our younger DC attend because they've had colds and she thinks they are as a result of doing the activity. I think it's because we have small children attending school and childcare, but obviously haven't pointed this out. Friend said she didn't want to miss next week's class.

Anyway, given our DC will be in school together tomorrow and that there really is no escape from bugs, AIBU to go round as planned?

CrapBag Sun 30-Sep-12 08:04:14

I would. I refuse to let something like a cold stop me doing things. I know my grandad doesn't like it if we visit with colds though but the world cannot stop every time someone gets one. You wouldn't keep a child off school for one, and your reason as to why they had them in the first place sounds much more plausible than hers. Is she one of these who thinks children with colds should be kept away from toddler groups etc?

Is she likely to get shitty with you and make the visit unpleasant? I would base your decision on that.

Alligatorpie Sun 30-Sep-12 08:04:22

Call her and ask if it's ok. Otherwise she or her dc might get it and blame you.
Schools are germ fests, and loads of parents send their kids to school sick, so she is going to have to get used to it. Either that or home school ;)

Chocoholiday Sun 30-Sep-12 08:05:42

Call her and ask if she'd prefer to reschedule. If you give her the choice you won't have to worry if you do end up going around. Sounds like very mild sniffles - not like rivers of snot - so if she does cancel I would think she's overreacting a bit.

poachedeggs Sun 30-Sep-12 08:11:44

I suppose I could do that. She wouldn't be cross but might think to herself she'd rather not have me bringing colds to her house. Which is daft because our DC mix daily, but I'm not sure how great her understanding of colds is (that sounds patronising but she thinks the reason her DC get them is because they've got cold).

I might just send her a text.

Goldenjubilee10 Sun 30-Sep-12 08:24:33

I would be really annoyed if someone visited me knowing they were coming down with a cold. Yes, I could catch one from any passing person, that can't be helped, but would be more likely to get one from being in close contact.

I would then feel miserable at work all week, sleep badly and pass it on to colleagues. The dc's would undoubtedly get it, ds3 would end up with croup and dh would get man flu and make my life hell. My dsd's baby, who was sleeping through the night, has been waking 3-4 times since having a nasty cold a couple of weeks ago. Not fun for her!

It may "only" be a cold but I wouldn't want. Phone her and give her the choice. I don't think she is being precious.

poachedeggs Sun 30-Sep-12 08:41:39

I've sent her a message asking whether she'd rather leave it for today. I can always take the DC swimming instead (is that OK with a cold? wink).

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