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SEN Mediation

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Jerbil Fri 28-Sep-12 07:06:24

Not posted for a while, but here we go again!

Has anyone used the Mediation service for SEN? apparently it's one step up from Parent Partnership. PP told me about it and though they are going to try and speak to SENCO and see what they can resolve they said I may end up going that route.

Basically DS1 has had a great start to the year at school, is currently playing with one peer, but I know once that peer gets bored that will be it and he'll then spend weeks if not months sat alone. What DS1 says to me is not what school say has happened but merely his interpretation of it! (oh really, is that not because he has autism?)

He is one of those children who hides most of his behaviours at school, has a terrible time at home coping. I completed a one page profile of his as recommended by NAS. I had asked for the meetin with his teacher. in came the senco and the asst senco. so 3 vs 1! they took the meeting and then began to rip apart my profile of my son saying how it wasn't true! no it isn't as far as they can see but underneath his outward persona and when he comes home then you see him for who he is!

I'm just so angry and upset (not for the first time)!

I purely went into give a background to his new teacher and they took their defensive stance

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