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To ask for both solidarity and a massive slap

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WishfulThinkingPear Thu 27-Sep-12 13:14:02

Will try to keep it brief.

I am freelance and have been working from home during DS (11months) naps. However as they are now becoming few and far between I have a p/t nanny in a few afternoons a week. DS won't settle if I am there (and I won't be able to resist getting involved) so idea is I drive to my mum's and work there.

But I'm not

I've driven round the corner and am working in my car.

It's only DS's third day with nanny. First two I was there to help her get to know his routine and bizarre quirks things. Nanny perfectly capable but can't. seem. to. move. myself. away. from. this. spot. You know, just in case he needs me.

So can someone a) tell me I'm not alone and b) give me a massive virtual slap that will hopefully result in me turning on the ignition and speeding off into the sunset. Well till 6pm anyway.


NeDeLaMer Thu 27-Sep-12 13:15:30



Can I lure you away with the promise of coffee & chocolate??

It's not easy, but pull up your big girl pants and get on with it!!

ReindeersGoldenBollocks Thu 27-Sep-12 13:18:10

Aw, that's rather sweet.

When the work starts piling up and your DS enjoys the nanny you will feel ok about it. At the moment, with it still being a new routine, it feels odd. But you will get there.

Go to your mums have a cup of tea and a natter, then get some work done. DS will be fine and at least you will have got the first day away under your belt, ready for next time smile

Can you perhaps arrange with your mum that you will go to hers early one day for lunch before you start working - so that you HAVE to physically go there?

never looked through the creche window after dropoff like a mad person, no siree

WishfulThinkingPear Thu 27-Sep-12 13:32:52

Thank you! My mum isn't actually at her house, she's at work, so it's supposed to be a nice quiet place for me to Get Things Done. Probably more conducive to work than my VW!

I'm glad you think it is sweet Reindeers. Just phoned DH who rather unsympathetically said, "well what is the point of paying a nanny if you don't plan to use her effectively" {said in snarky, annoying pragmatic DH voice}

BoomerGold Thu 27-Sep-12 13:36:12

That's a man thing, OP. As with a lot of man things you ignore it with a sigh and a flap of the hand.

You'll both get used to your new routine smile I want to go back to work but I am petrified of leaving my 6 month old in daycare... I think she's way too young.

purplepansy Thu 27-Sep-12 13:54:56

SLLLLLAAAAAAAPPP! You have left your child with a professional childcarer, who you have presumably vetted and are happy with. Trust her to do her job and GET ON WITH DOING YOUR WORK! YOUR CHILD WILL BE FINE!! (You did ask for a slap ) grin

NeDeLaMer Thu 27-Sep-12 14:47:31

Ignore your DH - you need sympathy not pragmatism!

It's a perfectly normal way to feel, but you have to get over it or as your DH says, it's a waste of money.

greenhill Thu 27-Sep-12 15:05:15

Ignore your DH, you are getting some work done, you are just not as comfortable as you ought to be... I think it is sweet too, just not productive enough!

Take it as read that your nanny is doing a good job: now turn the ignition on and go to a nice, warm house with a toilet and tea / coffee facilities!

BurlingtonBertieFromBow Thu 27-Sep-12 15:11:28

You are sweet but I expect you would be insulted by how quickly your child has forgotten you (i.e. as soon as nanny hands him an interesting toy)

Of course he will be very pleased to see you back but then you would be pissed off if he wasn't, wouldn't you? wink

WishfulThinkingPear Thu 27-Sep-12 15:48:29

Am at my mum's! <waves>

It was your slaps that did it. Slaps and the cringey thought of nanny taking DS out for a walk, turning round the corner and spotting me in the front seat!

Ta all

WishfulThinkingPear Thu 27-Sep-12 15:49:15

(...oh and the fact that my laptop was running out of batteries

and I needed tea)

IllageVidiot Thu 27-Sep-12 15:51:33

Bitter experience has me agreeing with BurlingtonBertieFromBow - the little flirt was in the arms of a new woman within minutes, wondered vaguely about Mummy mid afternoon and then made out like I'd been away for years upon my return. I didn't let on that he'd been rumbled or that I cried huge, sploshy tears when I was pried away by several burly menz

It will get easier. Well done for being away on day 3, props to you also for not taking solace in a pack of jaffa cakes.

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