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To want a breast enlargement

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Beaverfeaver Wed 26-Sep-12 21:23:49

I have wanted breast surgery since I was 16.

I am a size 12/14 and wear a 36B.

I know it will cost a lot of money but think it might be worth it for how long I have felt this way.

However, sometimes I think I'd rather spend £4k on gorgeous clothes and decent bras that might help me feel better about mush instead.

Also DH has always been dead against it.
He says how much he loves them as they are and that it wouldn't be the same if they were fake.

Should I just be happy with what I have been given?

gordyslovesheep Wed 26-Sep-12 21:26:02

why do you want it? I am not sure

Beaverfeaver Wed 26-Sep-12 21:29:24

I feel out of proportion.

Everyone I know has much bigger (natural) boobs, and I want a decent paur too.

I want to feel more feminine

SorrelForbes Wed 26-Sep-12 21:34:21

No, you're not necessarily BU at all. However, firstly, when was the last time you were properly fitted for a bra? As you know, wearing the right size bra can make such a difference. Personally, I would be very surprised if you are really a 36" if you're a size 12/14. I would expect you to be more a 32/34. Going down a back size often means going up a cup which really improves your profile IYKWIM. What are your underbust and across bust measurements?

Beaverfeaver Wed 26-Sep-12 21:40:51

Well I just measured using a metal tape measure so not very accurate but it said 30/31inches under and 35/36 inches over (roughly)

Beaverfeaver Wed 26-Sep-12 21:42:04

I have bought a 34c bra before but didn't seem very confortable so stopped wearing it. Cups were fine, back too tight

Goldidi Wed 26-Sep-12 21:44:28

Going by those measurements I'd be going for a 32 and maybe a DD/E? You would need to try some on and see what looks and feels right.

At size 12/14 I'd be amazed if you were really a 36 as I am a size 18/20 and only in a 38.

Dominodonkey Wed 26-Sep-12 21:45:47

Unless you are really short then 12/14 with a 36B bra size sounds lovely. It is exactly the size I was when I was younger and I was frequently complimented on my figure and my cleavage. (unfortunately I am bigger now all over!)

Unless you are loaded then 4k seems a massive amount of money to spend on something like this - surely a few lovely holidays, some wonderbras and corsets would be much better.

squeakytoy Wed 26-Sep-12 21:46:34

Not sure really.. I mean, how would you feel if your husband said he wanted a penis enlargement?

As someone who has since the age of 11 had enormous boobs, I can honestly say they are not all they are cracked up to be. They are uncomfortable at times, men do talk to your tits rather than your face, and running is just rarely an option.

I would much prefer to have smaller boobs and enhance them with a padded bra than the risk of surgery too.

showtunesgirl Wed 26-Sep-12 21:47:46

OP, where have you been measured before? Because if you have been discussing bra sizes with friends, it may well be they sound bigger as they may have been measured correctly and you have not? I always thought I was a 34B but when I went to two specialist shops, it turned out that I was a 32/34 DD which obviously sounds much bigger!

Beaverfeaver Wed 26-Sep-12 21:51:14

I am 5ft 4....

Maybe I do need to try on more sizes.

Thinking about it, I'm ok with the size of one of them, but the other one much smaller (by at least whole cup size I would say)
I don't like that one.

The also seen to be positioned further apart than other people's boobs are. Which means even with wonder bras, I don't get much cleavage

Beaverfeaver Wed 26-Sep-12 21:53:40

All my friends are skinnier than me and much taller than me and most have boobs that are E/F/G cups!

I am just odd short, tubby, flat chested one sad

SorrelForbes Wed 26-Sep-12 21:55:41

OK, you could be a 30 or 32 back. Try a 30E as a starting point. Put it on back to front. If it feels too tight to be bearable then take it off and try all the steps below with a 32DD.

If the 30E feels tight but bearable (and you will get used to the tightness!), then turn the bra around, lean over and scoop your boobs into the cups (make sure you scoop from right under your arms and towards your back as this is what elimates any back fat and under arm bulge). Then put the shoulder straps on. If you have any over spillage, go up another cup size (or two!). If you have gaps (after scooping!), go down a cup.

Honestly, with those measurements (and bear in mind there is no substitution for a proper fitting by eye) you cannot be a 36B.

Yes, a 34C would have felt too tight because your boobs were taking up all the band stretch (weird but true). For example, I am a 30G but there is no way that I could even get into a 30E!

The cup size is always relative to the band size. The volume of a D cup is diffent in a 30 back than in a 38 back. In your case, an E cup just means that the across bust measurement is 6 inches bigger than the underbust.

Sallyingforth Wed 26-Sep-12 21:56:08

If you don't feel good about yourself I think you should try and find out why that is, rather than blame it on your breasts. They sound perfectly normal to me.

littlemissnormal Wed 26-Sep-12 21:56:21

I wanted breast implants from the age of 14 as they just never grew, did loads and loads of research into it and at the age of 20 told myself if I wanted them that much then I'd save for them rather than getting a loan/ finance etc.

I managed to save the £5k, had the op and went from a 32A to a 32D and I absolutely loved them! I wasn't brazen about them but they just gave me an extra little bit of confidence and made me feel more womanly. I don't regret it for a minute, but 7 years on and after breast feeding 3 DCs, they're not what they used to be!

andallthatjargon Wed 26-Sep-12 21:57:00

Where is good to get measured as I need to?

SorrelForbes Wed 26-Sep-12 21:58:48

Sorry, I should have also said that you need to make sure that the centre gore of the bra is sitting flat to your chest. The Bravissimo web site has a good fitting guide.

andallthatjargon Bravissimo, (some) Debenhams and (some) JL and of course Rigby and Peller. Many independent shops are also very good.

tittytittyhanghang Wed 26-Sep-12 22:01:23

YANBU, you are similiar measurements as me (except im a bit taller) and if i had the money id be getting a boob job in a heartbeat!

PacificDogwood Wed 26-Sep-12 22:02:04

As DH's consultant plastic surgeon friend said the other day: 'Only have breast implants done if you are prepared for a lifetime of maintenance'. This was not said to me, but really brought home to me how seriously you have to consider going down the route of surgery to change some aspect of your anatomy that you do not like. Apparently the 'natural' lifespane of implants is 10-15 years so depending how old you are, you might need to have them redone, and redone, and redone with all the scarring and risks that entails.

Personally, I do not like the look of 'done' boobs and I see (and feel) my fair share of them in my line of work (GP). Breast lumps are more difficult to find and investigate, BFing may be more difficult (not always, mind) and if not done well they can look absurd IMO (saw a recent horrible example at the local swimming pool).

So, YANBU to dislike what your breasts look like, but YABU to consider surgery IMO.

I would also entirely agree with the suggestion that your bra size sounds questionable. Yes, a tighter band size might take some getting used to, but by your measurement you should be a 32 D/DD which might come as a surprise, but is worthwhile trying out before you spend lots of money on surgery.

And your DH likes them as they are... Some of my patients who have had various types of plastic surgery done say they now feel better about themselves when dressed, but do not dare to get naked anymore - I think that's a shame.

Take thee to Bravissimo where there is no measuring, but very skillful fitting of bras.

louismummy Wed 26-Sep-12 22:04:00

remember fake boobs don't last forever. Would you be able to pay for replacement in 10 ish years time?
Personally I would get remeasured at a decent bra shop ( not high street) get some fake chicken fillets for certain clothes, if the bras don't help.

aldiwhore Wed 26-Sep-12 22:04:06

I think you need NEED to visit a decent bra shop and get fitted (not measured, a decent bra shop will look you up and down, and find the right style and size in minutes, they're bloody genius) but YANBU for wanting this, though I think you just haven't found the right bra for you. A decent bra make ALL the difference.

I'd been wearing a 38C for years, supermarket brands (which aren't BAD, but they're not good either) went and got properly fitted, I'm a 36D on one side and a 36DD on t'other... I now LOOK even with a proper bra with awesome padding, and though my bras cost about £40 (as opposed to £4) I'm saving money because they're quality, people asked if I'd lost weight!

I would try every non-surgical avenue, and though its YOUR body and for you to decide what to do with it, it is a GOOD THING that your husband loves you just the way you are, when so many are over critical. x (I've got a goodun too if anyone's keeping a tally).

2rebecca Wed 26-Sep-12 22:05:00

Agree they don't last forever, they may burst or leak, they make detecting breast cancer harder, they look really weird when your breasts start to age, and they don't squish up nicely when making love but stay between the 2 of you.

ivanapoo Wed 26-Sep-12 22:08:18

I've been 32C to 34E depending on being on the pill/ weight gain or loss. I found it infinitely easier to get clothes to fit and look better when my boobs were smaller.

Try loads of different bras - I can only wear balconette for example.

Use a chicken fillet or extra padding on your smaller side to even out the size.

I personally wouldn't have a boob job unless I literally had no boobs whatsoever, and even then I probably wouldn't after the recent dodgy silicon debacle.

PeppermintPanda Wed 26-Sep-12 22:09:33

You're a 36B and you think you're flat chested? OP, you have perfect boobs! Leave them alone!

I'm a 36AAA, and weirdly quite happy with them. At least we'll never have the problems of them giving us black eyes when we run for the bus, or having to tuck them into our knickers after breastfeeding has made them head south!

skateboarder Wed 26-Sep-12 22:09:55

I am a 10-12 and for years thought I was a 36.
I needed some underwear for my wedding and took myself off to local independent lingerie shop. I came out in a 32d and it gave me a whole new profile as someone up thread mentioned.
Yes, it feels tight, but that's for a reason iykwim!
Save your 4k and get two decent bras.

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