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I want to ask you to help me to interpret my wierd dream (and his)

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YellowKite Wed 26-Sep-12 19:47:00

Last night I dreamt that my dp wasn't my dp but was just a really good friend. He was actually in a relationship with my nephews girlfriend which would be a little weird as she's 10 years younger than us at just 19! Basically in the dream although they were in a relationship they hardly saw eachother and he spent most of his time with me staying round my house and even sharing a bed. Then it turned out she'd left her job or something and so they were going to be seeing eachother a lot more and getting more serious meaning I wouldn't be seeing my friend as much. I felt really sad about this in my dream like I'd lost my best friend but I couldn't voice this as I thought I'd look bad me being just a good friend I should be happy for them.

The night before that he dreamt that we'd split up and were arguing over who my ds would live with (ds isn't his biological son), and I ended up walking out and leaving ds for a long time before coming back and demanding he give ds up to live back with me. To which he said no way and was really worried I'd take ds away from him.

What does all this mean?

gordyslovesheep Wed 26-Sep-12 19:55:39

it means what every YOU think it means - dreams are our subconscious processing our feelings and thoughts and experiences.

My view would be you are worrying about loosing something or someone important - maybe feeling a bit adrift form it or them

Children often represent our emotional selves so maybe you are worried your DH is going to 'take something away from you' or is being a bit distant

you need to think back to the day and what happened

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