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to ask you to tell me to bog off?

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megandraper Wed 26-Sep-12 15:38:21

whenever you see me on a thread.

I need to do some work! Why am I here offering my shillingsworth on every subject under the sun. I will be in Fishnet soon. (topic, not tights).

flyoverthegoldenhill Wed 26-Sep-12 15:40:22

get your lazy arse off mn.
OK ? or was that a bit feeble ?

PicklesThePottyMouthedParrot Wed 26-Sep-12 15:40:42

Piss off op.

megandraper Wed 26-Sep-12 15:41:06

i'm still here flyover, you may have to be ruder smile

PicklesThePottyMouthedParrot Wed 26-Sep-12 15:42:29

Will you just FUCK off?

financialwizard Wed 26-Sep-12 15:42:44

OP sod off of MN and get some work done before you either lose all your clients (if self employed) or get the sack for sheer slatternness (is that a word?)

megandraper Wed 26-Sep-12 15:44:05


I just posted something pointless about Roald Dahl. It's not even like my posts are helpful.

PicklesThePottyMouthedParrot Wed 26-Sep-12 15:44:30

Are you still here? Ey?

PicklesThePottyMouthedParrot Wed 26-Sep-12 15:44:53

I've only got one swear word left then I give up!

Numberlock Wed 26-Sep-12 15:45:16

bedhopper I can't stand people that go on MN in work time, why can't you be like me and limit it purely to your own time?

Have you ever seen me on here between 9am and 5pm during the week? Well have you?

megandraper Wed 26-Sep-12 15:47:25

Oh no, Pickles, is it the C word? I can't cope with that one.

Number, I aspire to be like you. Your sheer bravado is impressive smile

flyoverthegoldenhill Wed 26-Sep-12 15:47:47

Roald Dahl.............but was it interesting ?

Oh noI'm getting dragged in to the mindless time warp
I must go now, and pretend I've been really busy all day.

OhChristFENTON Wed 26-Sep-12 15:48:32

Bedhopper, your posts are pointless, you would be much better off actually looking after your home and family than spending your time talking drivel on here.

This is not real, RL is real and you need to get back to it you slattern.

Now bugger off.

<scares self>

OhChristFENTON Wed 26-Sep-12 15:52:54

By the way, may I be nosey and ask what you do from home? I really need to get a job and there's nothing out there to fit in with school times, those jobs are like rocking horse shit.

<am nice really>

changeforthebetter Wed 26-Sep-12 15:54:16

Fuck the Fuck off to the far side of Fuck and then Fuck off some more! Will that do? :-D

NorksAreMessy Wed 26-Sep-12 15:54:39

bedhopper just wander over to the SwimBabes thread and you will be insulted for no real reason.

Actually, perhaps not it is far too entertaining

NorksAreMessy Wed 26-Sep-12 15:55:33

FENTON what are your skills. I may be able to help

megandraper Wed 26-Sep-12 15:55:50

OhChrist, I am doing a PhD, and earn some money from related activities. Not loads of money. Could be more if I wasn't so lazy sleep-deprived and brain-dead. Five years now of interrupted sleep. The day began at 3.30 this morning. I could probably have done some good work then, but by 9.30 when I got the chance, my frontal lobe was shutting down...

RobinSparkles Wed 26-Sep-12 15:56:31

Bedhopper, if you don't fuck off I'm going to report you and get you banned from MN. Go and get some bloody work done!!!

Is that ok? grin

megandraper Wed 26-Sep-12 15:56:47

Norks - I love the Swimbabes thread. Furious anger over petty incidents, that's what MN is all about smile

OhChristFENTON Wed 26-Sep-12 16:06:35

Norks I was counter staff at a bank for years, then 10 years in pension admin, so good at maths, data input, composing letters - excellent English (ok don't study my posts on here too carefully though grin When I left work to have children I was mainly scrutinising / peer reviewing other work and calcs, so good eye for detail - always fancied the idea of proof reading perhaps.

PicklesThePottyMouthedParrot Wed 26-Sep-12 16:08:05

Fenton you should contact companies such as huntswood & hazel Carr if you havent already.

They are always looking for contract workers for pension reviews & ppi complaints and pay well.

PicklesThePottyMouthedParrot Wed 26-Sep-12 16:08:56

It's was the c bomb bed hopper.

If you don't piss off I'm
Going to drop it!

OhChristFENTON Wed 26-Sep-12 16:10:33

bedhopper, maybe set yourself some MN 'me-time' and stick to it, that's what I should do.

megandraper Wed 26-Sep-12 16:11:09

nooooooooo not the c-bomb! Okay, I'm going to pick up kids having achieved little.

Tomorrow, I will be work-tastic.

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