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To want to take DD out of nursery because she keeps hurting her self?

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mammabunny Wed 26-Sep-12 13:19:24

2.7 year old dd has been at "time for twos" for about 2 and a half weeks now and keeps getting bumps on her head which the staff have rightly told me about. After today she has had another injury which looks worse than all the others she has had! i know she does this herself cuz she is quite clumsy at home so i know no other kid or member of staff has done this.

but im wondering if i should take her out of these sessions as i feel they are not keeping a close enough eye on her as they have lots of kids to look after. if someone were there with her as she goes around playing then it could be prevented a bit better but i know that isnt possible. AIBU?

meditrina Wed 26-Sep-12 13:21:48

If she's very clumsy anyhow then I think this probably isn't the class for her.

Is there something else on offer locally, maybe a group where you could stay with her?

Why is she so clumsy - are you having this looked at.

As long as the nursery are not being negligent then yes, YABU to take her out....what is she going to do instead, sit at home wrapped in cotton wool.

My DS , when he started school, was always bashing his head, I got a slip about it every other day it seemed. Kids have accidents, it happens!

It is totally unrealistic to expect one of the nursery staff workers to shadow your daughter making sure she doesnt fall etc and I think you are possibly being a bit precious about it.

GuybrushThreepwodWasHere Wed 26-Sep-12 13:31:46

This sounds normal for a 2.7 year old... I think you WBU to take her out of the sessions if she's enjoying them, but YANBU to worry about her wink

FireOverBabylon Wed 26-Sep-12 13:31:53

Do you have any other concerns about her nursery? If not, I'd leave her there. They don't have a 1:1 staff ratio and, as you say in your own post, accidents are happening at home as well because she's clumsy. I remember DS learning to walk and he had 3 accident forms in a day - he tripped over his trousers, pulled himself up at a window and hit his chin and grabbed hold of a chair which rocked back and hit his head. The staff phoned me at work to let me know about the number of forms he'd accummulated in one day but I didn't have a concern about his care. He was just one of 3 small children being cared for by one care worker so this sort of thing will occasionally happen.

mammabunny Wed 26-Sep-12 13:32:25

I have been to plenty of classes in the past where I stayed so I liked the idea of having a break a couple of hours each morning. i havent slept on it so may feel different tomorrow :P

if it continues i shall have to have a word with the staff and see what can be done if anything...thanks for your replies x

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