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To worry about the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation on baby?

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Saffra Tue 25-Sep-12 23:10:01

I'm talking hours of exposure every day since newborn - from ipad, iphone and laptop. As a breastfed and sling baby, I have used these devices in close proximity to my baby from the day she was brought home from the hospital.

I was chatting with my HV about TV and infants, and she mentioned that electromagnetic radiation can be harmful on developing brains. Now I'm worried.


SheelaNeGoldGig Tue 25-Sep-12 23:11:12

Wrap it in bacofoil. Problim sorted.

GhouliaYelps Tue 25-Sep-12 23:11:51

I have often wondered the same thing.

AmberLeaf Tue 25-Sep-12 23:12:12

You probably ABU as unless you plan on going to live in the woods in canada or somewhere like that your baby is going to be exposed to it all her life!

CommunistMoon Tue 25-Sep-12 23:14:44

Wireless technology isn't essential to civilised living, you could cut down or get rid if you are worried.

Saffra Tue 25-Sep-12 23:14:45

Well, I know electromagnetic radiation is everywhere, but I'm talking about spending hours on the ipad with it right next to her head!

WelshMaenad Tue 25-Sep-12 23:15:02

I've never really got further than worrying about the green veg:chocolate button intake ratio. I think there's a whole stratosphere of Things To Shit Your Undercracks About that just sails merrily over my head.

Saffra Tue 25-Sep-12 23:15:13

Electromagnetic radiation rather than wifi, specifically.

MmeLindor Tue 25-Sep-12 23:15:29

There has been a lot of research into this - the Germans are particularly keen on looking into it. I haven't seen hard evidence of this.

To be on the safe side, we did not have mobile phones or wireless devices near the bed while our DC were babies. I do now though and can't say that I have noticed a difference in sleeping patterns.

MrSunshine Tue 25-Sep-12 23:32:41

Your HV is a scaremongering moron. We're all swimming in a sea of EM radiation all day every day. Levels from laptops and ipads are far far below ICNIRP international guidelines.

sashh Tue 25-Sep-12 23:57:49

Do you realise light is electomagnetic radiation? Do you worry about your baby being in day light or putting the lights on when it gets dark?

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