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To want DH to get promotion so I can change jobs

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Leena49 Tue 25-Sep-12 05:41:35

AIBU to want DH to go for assistant head job in secondary school so I can stop teaching and return to nursing.
I have been teaching for about 6 years whilst at the same time doing a nursing shift to make sure I keep up my clinical skills with the hope that one day I could return to nursing. It has been money and child care that has prevented it so far. I can see a time now that I might be able to do it but feel I am maybe putting pressure on DH unfairly perhaps because I'm not enjoying teaching as much as I did.

WofflingOn Tue 25-Sep-12 05:56:31

How does he feel about it?
Did he support you through your retraining to be a teacher?
Does he really want to be a deputy?

janey68 Tue 25-Sep-12 06:36:36

It entirely depends on how he feels about it.

It he doesn't really want the added pressure and would be doing it purely to facilitate you enjoying your work life more, then I'm sure you know you are being unreasonable.

Happiness and satisfaction (whether to do with work or other aspects of family life) are equally deserved by both partners- neither one trumps the other. It couldn't possibly be right if your job satisfaction depends on him being less happy.

On the other hand if he's up for it then it may be a good time to reconsider a career change. Big discussion needed.

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