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To want to dress like an artic explorer or a charecter from a fantasy novel?

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BrittaPerry Mon 24-Sep-12 15:13:34

My joints (particulary my hips) go very stiff and painful in the cold, and I live in the north east nd have a job that involves lots of outside.

Aibu to buy loads and loads of jumpers and waterproofs and start dressing like the michelin man?

Or I am totally seriously considering the cape and layers of skirts look.

Last bad winter (last but one, with the total cancellation of transport and 2 ft deep snow) i found big boots, tights, leggings, two full length skirts, vest, long sleeve t shirt, short sleeve t shirt, jumper, cardigan, long goth coat and scarf wrapped round my head (muslim/peasant kind of style) and another scarf round my neck plus gloves and thick socks worked quite well.

Lol, can you tell I hate the cold? Also, that I dress quite oddly to start with?

Looks like this one will be at least wet, but we had our first standing snow (well, drifts of hailstones on the ground, about 10cm deep and took 48 hours to melt in my garden) and massive flooding in August, so anything at all could happen.

Also, how do I keep a 3yo and 5yo warm this year?

CogitoErgoSometimes Mon 24-Sep-12 16:11:41

I don't know about the rest of you but I've just invested and obscene amount in a pair of Crocs with a thick fleecy lining and I have never had such hot feet in my life!!! I'd start there.

soorploom Mon 24-Sep-12 16:21:52

get some ideas from the game of thrones type thread on the go. it could be worse. you could be sent to the wall. incidentally if you are sent to the wall tell jon snow i am asking for him. swoons.

SomedayIllFlyAway Mon 24-Sep-12 16:38:20

I don't tend to feel the cold too much, but I used to work outside year round and do a lot of walking and climbing in winter.

IME the best way to keep warm is to keep moving at all times - star jumps, jog on the spot, swing your arms around, whatever you can really! Also it is better to wear fewer layers, but ones which trap air.

So, starting from the ground up:

* Thick pile socks, I like Merino wool ones - check out smart wool
* snow boots with a thick sole to insulate your feet from the cold ground, or if you need something smart - fleece / sheepskin lined boots with a thick sole (the thick sole is important).
* fleece leggings - get them from a walking shop - the outer face should be smooth so they don't snag on whatever you have over the top, they cost about £40+
* if dress style is not an issue - padded ski pants, otherwise normal work style trousers, but get a decent heavy weight wool.
* merino wool base layer long sleeved t-shirt
* thin fleece with zippy neck (if needed)
* thicker fleece with a long pile or something like a Buffalo pile shirt (neither of these are ever going to look stylish though!)
* waterproof
* good hat
* gloves
* scarf

With that lot on, you should be good down to around -10 at least with that lot!

IF it is dry a down jacket is a godsend, however down loses all its heat retaining properties when it gets wet, so they are useless in the rain.

confusedpixie Mon 24-Sep-12 16:45:32

YANBU, do it! I have similar problems to you RE the joints but have found an amazing combo in a simple waterproof jacket that cost me £20 and a fleece I bought in Asda yesterday for £9. Whilst it's not freezing yet the jacket combined with a decent fleece last winter was all I needed, I was sweating whilst making snow angels! grin

confusedpixie Mon 24-Sep-12 16:46:43

Oh, those and normal thermals smile

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