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To think that "codpiece" no longer has any embarrassing connotations

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Alcachufa Sat 22-Sep-12 06:49:36

Long time lurk (via wife), first time post.

So I finally unpacked the fridge poetry and my first effort is printed below.

Our house is currently being renovated and the next day I found that my wife had replaced the word "codpiece" with "puppy".

I thought nothing of it, but today I mentioned it to her and she was quite upset that I'd used "codpiece" on the fridge while we had workmen in. She was embarrassed/didn't think it appropriate.

We've been together eight years and I'm completely at a loss for this, especially given that two of the three workmen are Mexican and don't know what "codpiece" means.

AIBU for thinking this word is totally innocuous these days?

Complete poem (punctuation not included in original):

"You fill up my codpiece with roses,
beseech me to yield up my thing*,
but the damndest of all of my woes is
when you open your lips
& sing."

*she changed "thing" to "ring", which I was fine with as it's equally cheeky.

JeezyOrangePips Sat 22-Sep-12 07:12:26

I like it. It made me giggle, and id be happy to have that on my fridge. Your wife has had a hopefully temporary sense of humour bypass while she is stressing with the renovations.

Hopefully normal service will be resumed shortly!

reddwarf Sat 22-Sep-12 07:17:59

that's just weird.

OlaRapaceFru Sat 22-Sep-12 07:34:29

grin confused grin

For the benefit of your Mexican builders you could replace codpiece with taparrabos and then your wife might not know what you're going on about.

<disclaimer, I don't speak Spanish and this was the nearest I could find on Google translate!>

sawseesaw Sat 22-Sep-12 07:56:38

grin at up my ring

sawseesaw Sat 22-Sep-12 07:56:48

grin at up my ring

confusedpixie Sat 22-Sep-12 07:59:12

Yanbu, the only reason I know that it's not entirely innocent is because off mn, never heard it in rl and am sure most of my peers don't either.

Just asked dp and he's stumped.

And I just footless it to get specifics shock

confusedpixie Sat 22-Sep-12 07:59:29

Googled dammit, not footless.

RubyStolenBootyGates Sat 22-Sep-12 08:00:20

I was once invited to "smell my codpiece my lady, for it is stuffed with rosepetaals".

It was and I didn't. I am a Tudor in my spare time and this kind of thing is an occupational hazard. Codpieces loom large in our world, and jokes about stuffing them are rife.

SigmundFraude Sat 22-Sep-12 08:05:25

That's actually quite romantic Ruby grin.

eurochick Sat 22-Sep-12 08:05:39

Does he think the workman are delicate little souls who should be protected from the fact that there are sexual beings in the world? Odd.

HolofernesesHead Sat 22-Sep-12 08:15:28

The word 'codpiece' puts me in mind of Blackadder smile

picnicbasketcase Sat 22-Sep-12 08:18:03

It is a fairly revolting word though. Might as well write 'I have fishy bollocks' in permanent marker across the fridge.

BedHog Sat 22-Sep-12 08:18:49

How would you even fill up a puppy with roses? confused

And 'ring' is 10x dodgier than 'thing'. And she completely ignored the boaksome 'open your lips and sing'.

JeezyOrangePips Sat 22-Sep-12 08:21:30

Codpiece isn't so-named because of the fish. Cod is an old word for scrotum.

picnicbasketcase Sat 22-Sep-12 08:25:31

I know, but when you see the word you don't think of that. You see 'cod' and think fish or bad typing.

JeezyOrangePips Sat 22-Sep-12 08:27:53

That's not true. When I look at the word I think of the red 'word up' codpiece, I don't think of fish. Don't tell me what I think of when I read a particular word!

Slothlorien Sat 22-Sep-12 08:28:15

grin @ bed hog

BedHog Sat 22-Sep-12 08:28:23

I don't think fish when I see the word. I think Blackadder. Or Brian Blessed.

RubyStolenBootyGates Sat 22-Sep-12 08:30:02

It was quite romantic... But I wasn't falling for that old chestnut. Oh no. I know what happens after that!
Bad poetry, Real ale you have to suck through your teeth to get the bits out, hay in your unmentionables. grin

picnicbasketcase Sat 22-Sep-12 08:35:08

The fishy bollocks thing was just supposed to be funny, I had no idea I would make anyone angry about etymology. Many apologies.

ikigai Sat 22-Sep-12 08:38:12

I think the image of stuffing a puppy full of roses is much worse than some fragrant crotch padding. Poor puppy sad

JeezyOrangePips Sat 22-Sep-12 08:40:34

This always happens to me. I don't like littering posts with smilies so people think I'm angry. I'm not angry in the slightest!

seeker Sat 22-Sep-12 08:40:40

I suppose it depends on whether you're thinking of it a name for a girl or a boy..............

COCKadoodledooo Sat 22-Sep-12 09:04:39

When I see the word codpiece I think of an amusing incident that happened 20+years ago that I will never forget.

Fancy dress party. Chap dressed as Henry VIII. Realises (party was on a group weekend away) he's left his codpiece at home, so improvises with a tupperware bowl. Flashes said tupperware bowl several times after lots of beers. After even more beers, another mate says "Hey! Have you seen what's under R's doublet?!" and sticks his hand up under it.

I have never seen such a horrified expression in my life. R had found his tupperware codpiece uncomfortable and removed it. His mate had copped a handful of warm soft dangly bits shock grin

Your missus is a nutter btw op.

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