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AIBUs your Grandma might have written...

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lakeofshiningwaters Wed 05-Sep-12 11:30:39

Not sure if this has been done before, but just thinking about a famous-in-our-family story when I was reading the baby names thread made me wonder what if mumsnet had been around when our grandparents were parents...

AIBU to be cross with my DH for giving ds2 a completely different name to the one we had chosen. I packed him off to register little one this morning calling baby Alan. He came home telling me 'This isn't Alan, I've picked a new name'. A name he'd found in a book someone left behind on the bus! Noone's going to be able to spell it either angry. Do I need some mumsnet perspective here, or AIB reasonable to want to string him up by his winkle tie?

PS Use of word winkle to stop Nana spinning in her grave. In RL she would've used a much much different one smile

Xiaoxiong Wed 05-Sep-12 13:50:19

Maternal GPs (in Teenagers):
We are on a lovely holiday to Spain as we love Franco and the food is great. We've decided not to tell our 5 teenage children that we are not going back to the US next week, and putting them in local schools. They speak no Spanish at all and have no idea what's coming. Can anyone see any problems with this? We think they will have a wonderful adventure and will be very grateful to never see their friends again, their friends are no fun anyway.

Maternal GPs (in Travel):
We are travelling around the Caribbean have booked a small double room in a beachfront hotel. Luckily there is a large fire escape in the back so the five children and dog can come up and sleep on the floor of the hotel room. This will save loads of money! Even more money saved when all seven of us sleep on the beach the next night.

Maternal GM (in Relationships):
I know that DH has been shagging the nurse at his GP practice so I divorced him 5 years ago. However I have decided that we are not really divorced so we have now bought a house together and set up a joint bank account, even though he has married another woman in the meantime. For some reason we are still arguing even though I make him dinner every night.

Paternal GM (in AIBU):
I have met a new man and have decided to move in with him in another city as that's what he wants and what my man wants, he gets. DS (16) is very upset and wants to stay in our old city and finish high school. I think he'll be very comfortable sleeping in his VW Bug every night in the church parking lot in the depths of a New England winter - he showers every day after basketball practice and gets hot meals at lunchtime. I can't understand why anyone would think IABU.

CaseyShraeger Wed 05-Sep-12 13:52:48

Great-grandmother (not sure if it was the same one, will need to check)

Politics >> OMG I just voted for the Communist party!!!

As you will all know, this being the 1950s or possibly 1960s, names of political parties are not printed on ballot papers so you have to know the name of the candidate you want to vote for.

Well, when I checked the list of candidates in the local paper the week of the election I saw that candidate A's party started "Co..." and naturally assumed that it was the Conservative party. It never occurred to me that the Communist party would be allowed to put up candidates.

Now I find I've made a bit of a cock-up and am getting no sympathy from my family who all think it's very funny. How will I ever show my face again down at the Conservative Club?

stargirl1701 Wed 05-Sep-12 13:53:42

AIBU to think my family is now finished? I've just given birth to my 15th child.

CaseyShraeger Wed 05-Sep-12 13:57:40

Grandmother (in Relationships):

I thought my DH was at work but when I came home early I found him hiding in the wardrobe instead. Apparently this has been going on for a while. WWYD?

SugarBatty Wed 05-Sep-12 14:04:29

nanny: aibu to send my 5 year old son alone to school on the bus when the stop is a mile from my house?

No wonder my lovely dad gave us lifts everywhere when we were growing up!

minceorotherwise Wed 05-Sep-12 14:11:19

AIBU to drink, smoke and gamble simultaneously?
She was a game old bird

SaskiaRembrandtWasFramed Wed 05-Sep-12 14:22:19

My paternal grandmother might ask: "AIBU to think the War office shouldn't have conscripted most of my staff and made them into land girls?" Apparently, being left with nothing but a cook and a housemaid was a huge trauma for her - I'm sure all those people who were bombed out must have really, really sympathised hmm

My maternal grandmother would have asked; "AIBU to think the army might let my fiancé come on on leave occasionally, I miss him terribly." He was sent overseas in January 1940 and didn't come back to Britain until August 1945.

Noqontrol Wed 05-Sep-12 14:39:55

What should I do? I am married and have 2 sons. I had an affair and got pg with a baby girl. My husband says I can go back to him as long as I get the girl adopted. I have always wanted a baby girl, but have no money to live on, and no prospects of getting any. WIBU to get my baby girl adopted and go back to my husband?

kim147 Wed 05-Sep-12 14:50:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bluegingham Wed 05-Sep-12 14:54:16

AIBU to crack on I've just had a baby at 52, then change the census return next time to make me 10 years younger, and send my 18 year old daughter who is the actual mother of this baby, out to service?

(my great gran - the baby was my grandad, who had no idea that his doting older sis was actually his mum!)

Bluegingham Wed 05-Sep-12 14:57:02

AIBU to be mildly alarmed that my husband has just knocked out a horse with a single punch?
(Grandad was a boxer, and a nutcase, and someone owed him money. He thumped the horse and said "you next."shock)

butisthismyname Wed 05-Sep-12 14:59:30

Story I've recently found out about my granny:
AIBU to say to the snooty woman trying to get me to take on evacuees, that I actually have no room left in the house as I have three boys of my own and my brother-in-laws son, as bil is in a POW camp in Japan Sil died when the boy was small and he has no other family?



'I am really worried, ds2 may actually be my bils. We had an affair, that no-one will find out about until I'm dead and I think ds looks a lot more like bil. It's even more complicated because dh is my cousin and we were warned not to marry'

Bluegingham Wed 05-Sep-12 15:02:31

AIBU to elope with a lunatic bare-knuckle boxer? I've got 9 younger siblings whom I care for as my dad is dead and my mum goes put to work. We will elope 300 miles, and I have to gets tried as I'm in the family way.

CaseyShraeger Wed 05-Sep-12 15:13:17

Noqontrol - what did she do?

CogitoErgoSometimes Wed 05-Sep-12 15:14:17

"I'd like to have a telephone installed in the house but DH thinks it's a security risk because burglars will see it through the window, then ring up and check we're not in before ransacking the place. AIBU or is he?"

(They eventually got one but compromised, never used it & kept it hidden in a cupboard)

furrygoldone Wed 05-Sep-12 15:19:21

GGM: my husband recently died at sea, WIBU to marry his identical twin brother?

GM: AIBU to evacuate my DS1 & DS2 to England to escape the German occupation, what if it is years until I see them again sad

WopBopALooBop Wed 05-Sep-12 15:28:47

My grandpa did the same re. the name thing, couldn't remember the name they'd decided on so chose a different one! Perhaps it's just an old wives tale thing that everyone thinks happened to their family decades ago!

Birdsgottafly Wed 05-Sep-12 15:29:41

AIBU to take my four children to live with a notorious gangster, who i am only interested in because, being a woman i cannot get a mortgage and i plan to buy a lovely big building and run an illegal gambling opperation from the basement?

My other choice is to move to London, where i've met a lovely Italian from a very close large family, they seem to be keeping secrets, but i've met two of his friends, twins called Ronnie amd Reggie and they seem nice?

Birdsgottafly Wed 05-Sep-12 15:34:02

AIBU to have met up with my DH in Antwerp, just to dump him, because i've met a handsome ship's Captain. He does dress me in furs whilst his children and wife do without, but i will try to help them.

AIBU to allow my adopted DD to leave right now for Australia because her DP will be wanted for murder by the morning, as his twin brother has also just died, so can use his passport.

TunipTheVegemal Wed 05-Sep-12 15:34:15

My mother has a house full of stray cats. This morning I got a taxi with ds1 to take some of the sickest ones to the vet to be put down, but the vet was closed so we came home again. Now ds1 has told DM that this morning we went for a drive in a motor car with a gentleman and some of the cats. AIBU to pretend I don't know what he is talking about, even though DM now thinks he is telling a fib?

WopBopALooBop Wed 05-Sep-12 15:43:19

Some of these stories are amazing!

ArtVandelay Wed 05-Sep-12 15:48:17

My Gran:

I got a letter from my family, this morning, demanding that I up sticks from Birmingham and go back to their dreadful smallholding in the rural North-East. Usual nonsense, we miss you, air raids are threatened, blah blah blah. I'm having such a wonderful time here, I have a lovely job and go dancing or to the pictures almost every night, and I don't have to share a bed with my 3 sisters (horrid!). AIBU to ignore them and stay here? Its so dull up there!

SaskiaRembrandtWasFramed Wed 05-Sep-12 15:48:54

"Cogito" Your grandparents sound like mine grin I lived with them, but I was about four before I knew we had a phone. It lived in a cupboard and nobody ever used it.

fluffydressinggown Wed 05-Sep-12 15:57:17

AIBU to perm my dd (age 6) hair? I always wanted a curly haired daughter, and my DD has straight hair angry

(and she did until my Mum was 12!)

kim147 Wed 05-Sep-12 16:02:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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