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NameChangeGalore Thu 30-Aug-12 11:11:14

Just went to drop DD off to her friends house for the day. They have cats. Those expensive ones that cost thousands of pounds. (I only know this because her dad told me with great joy how he'd spent that much on them. All cats look the same to me, ugly little creatures).

Anyway, one of them was near my foot (unbeknown to me). I was holding DS so couldn't see the floor. Anyway I took a step forward and might have stepped on his paw, so it miaowed at me and made me jump and shout "omg".

Cue the dad's face of thunder and he didnt even say goodbye to me when I left, even though I apologised profusely.
I thought he was very rude, but I still cringed all the way home and am dreading going to pick up dd. What if I broke its bloody paw? It was jumping around as I was leaving, so don't know if it's hurt. He's very protective over the cats. He's like a mad cat man.

Geordieminx Thu 30-Aug-12 11:12:26

Sounds like the dad that is a PITA not the cat

Kayano Thu 30-Aug-12 11:12:48


Yabu and no need for caps!

nancy75 Thu 30-Aug-12 11:13:32

I'm sure it will be fine, I hate cats too!

ChickensHaveNoEyebrows Thu 30-Aug-12 11:13:43

I don't really get hating cats. I mean, I'm not a fan as such, but I don't hate them. You apologised, not sure what else you could do tbh. I've stood on my dog's paw before because he's under foot, they tend to learn once they've been trampled a couple of times.

NameChangeGalore Thu 30-Aug-12 11:13:50

Yes that's true.

But do you think I might have broken its paw? I can't have with one little tip toe could I?

SheelaNeGig Thu 30-Aug-12 11:14:00

YABU and weird.

However so is mad cat man.

SundaeGirl Thu 30-Aug-12 11:14:35

It's like the Cat Thread Take Over today.

HokeyCokeyPigInAPokey Thu 30-Aug-12 11:14:38

YABU to hate cats, i hate cats.

Might be best to try not to injure any more though!

NameChangeGalore Thu 30-Aug-12 11:14:53

I apOlogise for the CAPS.

ChickensHaveNoEyebrows Thu 30-Aug-12 11:15:12

Did it limp away? I imagine a broken paw would hurt like a bastard and the cat would make its displeasure clear up your calf

coldfuchsia Thu 30-Aug-12 11:15:23

This is a living breathing, pain feeling creature, who is loved by his family, and you trod on it, hurt it, blame it for reacting and dont give a damn that you did so?

I dont know if you are being unreasonable to hate cats, but I don't think Im unreasonable to not like you very much.

noddyholder Thu 30-Aug-12 11:15:30

I love cats

issey6cats Thu 30-Aug-12 11:16:23

i wouldnt worry too much my mogs get trodden on regular basis as they will stand behind me, thier own fault and they all seem to survive the odd foot on paw and no broken bones, it takes a bit more than the odd tread on to break a cats paw, its the owner of the cats whos being a bit too precious about his expensive cats

NameChangeGalore Thu 30-Aug-12 11:16:34

I didnt step on its paw with malice and contempt. Yes I dislike cats, but I would never intentionally hurt any living creature. Apart from spiders and poo flies.

Mrsjay Thu 30-Aug-12 11:18:34

I used to stand on my cats paw all the time never had a broken paw/leg. im sure the cat is fine and the Dad sounds a bit precious , I am interested what cat costs thousands of pounds confused

MadgeHarvey Thu 30-Aug-12 11:20:08

I don't think it's fair to say the OP "doesn't give a damn" that she may have hurt the cat. Where has she said that? I hate buggering cats too but as with any living creature would never intentionally hurt it and would be mortified if I did by accident. Can't see that the OP's stance is any different to that?

coldfuchsia Thu 30-Aug-12 11:20:20

Intent doesnt matter much, does it? You hurt it and dont seem to feel very sorry or bad about doing so.

Thing is, these animals are very much loved by their owners, their cost is by the by, and you seem to think it doesnt particularly matter that you hurt it.

I expect the owner will take it to the vets if it is limping.

MadgeHarvey Thu 30-Aug-12 11:20:33

When I say I hate buggering cats I don't mean.................... Oh never mind...........


Alibabaandthe40nappies Thu 30-Aug-12 11:20:49

I hate cats too.

I hate that when your neighbour has a cat, you also have to put up with the bloody thing by extension. Sitting on your car and scratching it, and shitting in your garden so that you can't let your children out to play without doing a 'poo patrol'.

SoleSource Thu 30-Aug-12 11:22:40

The Dad is a nutcase.

FreudianSlipper Thu 30-Aug-12 11:22:48

i would be careful when you go to collect your dd. perhaps best if you do not go in the house

i am always treading on my cats paws, he is always under my feet it will be fine. luckily my cat is lovely and forgiving he does not really have catevil mentality so does not feel the need to get revenge smile

Orenishii Thu 30-Aug-12 11:22:50

I always think it's a bit weird when people say they hate a particular animal. It makes me very wary of that person - like what's up with you that you actually hate a type of animal?

Hate the Dad's reaction, for sure - but at the same time, I'd be slightly annoyed if someone trod on my cat and didn't appear to at least show some thought. Cats always make a beeline for those that don't like cats - 'tis their way. Perversely they prefer people who don't stare at them because they don't like being studied so cat "haters" try to avoid looking at/interacting with them and consequently invite the cat's attention grin

coldfuchsia Thu 30-Aug-12 11:23:33

A show ragdoll? Bengal? Savannah cat? If it was a show cat Ild be bloody fuming.

The fact she really doesn't give a damn is clearly shown by the fact she called the thread not something like "omg I hurt someone's cat", but that she started off by saying she hates cats anyway, and prefaced all of this with lots of "cats are ugly" / I dislike them anyway comments. Would it be worse then if she hurt an animal she liked? Doesnt matter if she finds them aesthetically pleasing, really does it?

coldfuchsia Thu 30-Aug-12 11:24:17

The dad is totally reasonable. He clearly loves the animal which she hurt and showed contempt for.

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