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to bloody hate Rhyme Rocket?

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fryingpantoface Tue 14-Aug-12 17:25:14

I actually hate the two guys, their fake excitement makes me want to throw things at the TV. DH thinks I'm nuts.

Anyone else feel similar?

I even hate the sodding adverts for it

Bunraku Wed 13-Nov-13 08:48:11

Given the choice between RR and bloody pop shop I'd take RR every time!

tolittletoolate Tue 12-Nov-13 22:02:36

My dd has found an old Teletubbies dvd and wants to watch it all the time!

Sokmonsta Tue 12-Nov-13 15:51:50

Yanbu. One episode showed a close up of their ears (I can't remember why). I have no desire to see it again as their grotty, unclean ears put me off. Bleurgh!

Harr1son Tue 12-Nov-13 13:48:38

The professor really creeps me out with the faces he pulls

ZebraOwl Tue 27-Nov-12 01:34:20

I've kept misreading "Numtums" as "Netmums". And getting horribly confused.

At least the wretched Tellytubbies are less likely to be inflicted upon innocent adults these days.

I may have been scarred for life by the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse hotdog song. My niece has a Minnie Mouse who plays a recording of it & it can be the only thing that works to soothe her. It does not have the same effect on her mother's side of the family: this evening, on encountering it for the first time, my brother asked my sister why she'd got her daughter a "clearly deranged transvestite mouse". Doesn't help my niece's enthusiastic requests for "more" were being signed with her hand to my leg - going to have fun explaining THOSE bruises to people...

HoldMeCloserTonyDanza Tue 27-Nov-12 01:18:23

Also I have further developed my thoughts on why it annoys me so much.

It's a reversal of the usual set-up, a human main character(s) with a couple of goofy puppet sidekicks. In this case, the goofy puppet is actually sensible (if bossy) and in charge. The two humans are the gurning morons. It just offends our sense of how things should be. Humans should be the Straight Guys, puppets are Comic Relief.

HoldMeCloserTonyDanza Tue 27-Nov-12 01:15:19

I still feel really guilty about slagging them off above. Seriously, I think of this thread every time RR comes on blush

Paddington76 Mon 26-Nov-12 22:53:34

My DS, who is 2, cries when Rhyme Rocket comes on.

Granny Murray makes me want to kill but I love Cloudbabies.

DingDongBelle Mon 26-Nov-12 22:29:07

DH and I have a theory on Mike the knight. He's a Tory and the whole thing is a get-em-young party political.

- He wears blue
- Massively over privileged
- Got a couple of lizards for sidekicks (Osbourne?)
- He basically rides his only actual friend (Galahad/Clegg metaphor?)
- Mistrustful and stereotypical of immigrants (Vikings)
- Buggers everything up then does a massive u turn
- Doesn't really listen as thinks he knows better (see previous)
- Insists on hanging out with plebs in order to appear 'normal' (Trollee)
- Tramples on said plebs without a second thought (Jewel of Glendragon episode, the one with all the road signs, the troll treat pie etc)

We are very mistrustful of Mike the Knight in our household.

Love a bit of Ditty Rhyme Rocket though!

hiviolet Mon 26-Nov-12 22:13:06

Can someone link to the Facebook discussion? I had a look myself but couldn't find it.

ILovePonyo Mon 26-Nov-12 15:48:59

Yes Doing that bit really winds me up too! I think it's bcos it's a bloody puppet that sings it. A puppet cannot be in charge! So don't sing it so smugly angry

Doingakatereddy Mon 26-Nov-12 15:33:31

and I'm the one in charge - I have no reasonable idea why this pisses me off that the female character insists on over stating her authority - but it does.

Im pretty sure she reminds me of DS's nursery manager, who prefaces every conversation with 'I'm the manager'. I feel like responding 'that's nice dear, now fuck off & let me discuss xyz with keyworker who is 10 years younger & 50 iq points above you'.

Sirzy Mon 26-Nov-12 15:28:08

DS loves it unfortunatly. I do try to avoid it as much as possible though!

hiviolet Mon 26-Nov-12 15:26:21

What pisses me off most is there can't be many more than 12 episodes in total, but it's on every weekday! I've seen each episode at least three times each.

Yes, CBeebies is on way too much in this house.

bondigidum Mon 26-Nov-12 14:57:58

Oh yanbu. It is horrid. The less attractive looking guy drives me nuts with his ridiculous constipated faces and the fact he's chuffing simple. He's a five year old in an adults body, he makes me cringe. The more attractive of the two (you have to know which I mean by that) is a bit less annoying, his faces aren't as OTT but still slightly irritating.

Ummofumbridge Mon 26-Nov-12 14:30:46

I find one of them attractive blush.
I find the other gurning one repulsive and can't bring myself to watch it. Luckily the girls don't like it either so I can watch peppa turn it over.

I think most of the kids tv is shite. My DC love Thomas, Mr Tumble, ITNG, Tweenies, Peppa pig, Ben and Holly and umizoomi.

Oh and now and again we catch teletubbies and they are amazed by it.

fryingpantoface Mon 26-Nov-12 14:26:57

I clicked on this thread thinking "my God, me too!"

Then I realised that I started it. Whoops!blush

Frossi81 Mon 26-Nov-12 14:03:22

HILARIOUS THREAD! grin Totally agree with most comments. Its definitely love/hate!

I have worked with young children for 15+ years and have acted as daft and "over enthusiastic" as these 2 guys for 10 hour days and for, I'm sure, much less money. I have a massive amount of respect for them being able to do it in front of a group of adults, without an actual child audience.

Some of it definitely OTT and cringing from an adult perspective, especially like most have said the "10...9...8...!" confused but my little one loves it so they're obviously doing something right for the target age group.

tinkcantwaittomove Thu 16-Aug-12 16:58:35

I luv too and so do my dds
I think red assisant is hot

MammyToMany Wed 15-Aug-12 09:29:59

Oh noooo its on

MrsChemist Wed 15-Aug-12 09:15:45

I bet if the rhyme rocket crew stopped gurning for just a second, they'd be attractive young chaps.

I'm growing to like Katy, she seems more relaxed in the most recent series.

KittyMcAllister Wed 15-Aug-12 09:14:56

The one thing I cannot stand is Woolly & Tig, such an annoying little brat! Don't mind Raa Raa, quite like Driver Dan (about from the lame 'show me the story' bit).

JammySplodger Wed 15-Aug-12 09:00:45

We love the Numtums, especially Numtum 6, and I reckon they could easliy take the Rhyme Rocket crew in a fight.

LilyCocoplatt Wed 15-Aug-12 08:56:46

I love the numtums too, I wish they would bring numtums cuddly toys out as DD would love one.

Also hate Mike the Knight, he is a complete arsehole to his sister and friends but somehow always ends up looking like the good guy?

5madthings Wed 15-Aug-12 08:55:27

i dont like rhyme rocket really, ds4 seems to tho and tbf some of the guests are ok.

justins house is loved by ds4 and dd, they both like i can cook tho... which i hate, seriously katie makes me feel murderous!

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