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i broke this couple up

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itsbonfirenighttonight Tue 31-Jul-12 00:12:59

today I was at the self service tills at asda I needed to buy porridge and farted. by mistake. it smelled. a girl said to her boyfriend it was him he said it was her they were arguing and she threw her asda bag at him and stormed out.

was i unreasonable not to say it was me? i didn't want everyone to know i was responsible.

MariosTash Tue 31-Jul-12 00:14:21

Is this an invasion? hmm

HeadfirstForRomance Tue 31-Jul-12 00:15:02


Well if this were to actually happen, the fact that a smelly fart hmm made them split up suggests they prehaps weren't meant to be.

solidgoldbrass Tue 31-Jul-12 00:21:47

AIBU to be giggling at this one? 'I needed to buy porridge and farted'... What you need is charcoal biscuits, mate.

TheCunningOlympicBMXStunt Tue 31-Jul-12 00:23:01

Jesus this is An invasion

SPsFanjoSponsorsTheOlympics Tue 31-Jul-12 00:23:10


Made me giggle. Well done

StateofConfusion Tue 31-Jul-12 00:23:44


Noqontrol Tue 31-Jul-12 00:24:32

Yes. It was all your fault. You clearly are a very bad person



MushroomSoup Tue 31-Jul-12 00:26:04

Good god it's the 'fifteen year old boy' again!

BrianCoxhasSmellySox Tue 31-Jul-12 00:27:02

Do you watch Eastenders OP?

Do you fancy this man?

If so, 2 random threads in one night?

If not, apologies, please continue.


is it always this mad round here early hours Tuesday morning?

HolyOlympicNamechangeBatman Tue 31-Jul-12 00:27:21

C'mon state it deserves at least a 5. Very good OP. Was Sharon around?

solidgoldbrass Tue 31-Jul-12 00:28:17

Brian, who's that wierd person in the pic? His head is much too small for his body.

TheEnthusiasticTroll Tue 31-Jul-12 00:28:20

oh well at least no 4 year olds and 8ft 10 year olds where harmed in the making of this one, ha ha ha ha ha. go read some fiction and get some better inspiration.

MrsRhettButler Tue 31-Jul-12 00:29:10

Is it weird that I don't know who that man is Brian?

HeadfirstForRomance Tue 31-Jul-12 00:29:50

Psst, it's not bonfire night until November when you'll be back at school

BigHairyFlowers Tue 31-Jul-12 00:30:02

When she threw her asda bag at him, did he in any way resemble a T-Rex?

HolyOlympicNamechangeBatman Tue 31-Jul-12 00:30:09

He's from 'stenders innit?

There's a thread about it in chat

BrianCoxhasSmellySox Tue 31-Jul-12 00:31:27


I know, bad form but it's too funny and I've enjoyed my chat with the OP immensely grin

Oh, i don't have a freakin' clue who he is either!

TheEnthusiasticTroll Tue 31-Jul-12 00:32:04

he is nobbing ian beals daughter at the mo whilst his father is extorting money out of her, whilst ian beal has gone awol. he turned up looking for his siter.

his dad is a bit sinister uncle something or other, looks like he the father is going to get it on with corra who is max's wifes mum.

I watched an omnibus a few sundays ago.and managed to get all that in a few hours grin

TuftyFinch Tue 31-Jul-12 00:33:33


BrianCoxhasSmellySox Tue 31-Jul-12 00:33:50

Wow, that almost makes me want to start re-watching Enders Enthusiastic

Although, the last time I watched was when that bloke from Spandau Ballet got an ashtray into the head or was it his bird or was it.......<falls asleep>

Stop being so entertaining Mumsnet! I am really off to bed now grin

GnocchiGnocchiWhosThere Tue 31-Jul-12 00:36:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsWembley Tue 31-Jul-12 00:37:00

Why is there do much readable stuff on MN tonight?!! I really do need to sleep but 15 yr old boys who fancy weird looking people are keeping me up! [sadface]

itsbonfirenighttonight Tue 31-Jul-12 00:38:05

well when i farted no one else was there and i was only buying porridgefor breakfast as i think missing breakfast makes me fart more but then this couple turned up and blamed each other so now i think it's all my fault and if i'd not wanted breakfast they might still be happy.

TuftyFinch Tue 31-Jul-12 00:38:05

I know MrsWembly.sadface.

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