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to expect mum at playground to entertain her own child?

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Liketochat1 Tue 24-Jul-12 15:23:27

In the playground this morning I spent a hot half hour pushing someone else's child round the roundabout and entertaining him with a game of 'train driver'. Now, my dd was there too playing on the roundabout with him and joining in the game, but AIBU to expect the mum/nanny to stop sunbathing/texting and help or acknowledge me (or more importantly the child)?
Am I just grumpy because I'm hot and tired or do I have a point?

ChaosTrulyReigns Tue 24-Jul-12 15:25:08

Different people parent in different ways.


ChaosTrulyReigns Tue 24-Jul-12 15:25:08

Different people parent in different ways.


Callisto Tue 24-Jul-12 15:25:44

Sorry, but wtf did you play with some random child? You didn't have to I take it?

TheFallenMadonna Tue 24-Jul-12 15:27:06

You were playing with your child, and the other child joined in?

Petsinmypudenda Tue 24-Jul-12 15:27:12

You didn't have to push him on the swings or roundabout though...

HecateHarshPants Tue 24-Jul-12 15:27:52

You do, but why did you do it? grin How much can you reasonably moan if you didn't say to the child "go and play with mummy" or similar? Or sit down yourself and let the two children play together? Or go sit with the woman and say hi, the kids seem to be having fun don't they...

But then, I'm the mean old cow who entertains random children for 5 minutes max and then sends them off. blush

You're obviously a much more child friendly person than I am grin

HesterBurnitall Tue 24-Jul-12 15:28:13

I would have stepped away and let the two children play together. It's part of the fun of going to the park.

BedHog Tue 24-Jul-12 15:31:30

I think once they're past the age where they might just launch themselves off the top of the climbing frame, and they can get onto the equipment by themselves (3ish?) most parents just leave them to it. That way they can develop imaginative games, play with other children and get some exercise. I certainly wouldn't play any mind-numbingly boring games (train driver in your case, usually something to do with chasing poos hmm in my DS's) with my DCs or anyone elses.

birdsofshoreandsea Tue 24-Jul-12 15:32:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ChaosTrulyReigns Tue 24-Jul-12 15:34:12

I just have gas

ChaosTrulyReigns Tue 24-Jul-12 15:34:13

I just have gas

ChaosTrulyReigns Tue 24-Jul-12 15:34:13

I just have gas

ChaosTrulyReigns Tue 24-Jul-12 15:34:13

I just have gas

ChaosTrulyReigns Tue 24-Jul-12 15:34:14

I just have gas

HecateHarshPants Tue 24-Jul-12 15:35:07

Something repeating on you, Chaos?

GarryBaldy Tue 24-Jul-12 15:35:38

Sorry to hear about your gas problem Chaos...all 5 times! grin

ChaosTrulyReigns Tue 24-Jul-12 15:35:40

Ignore that^

I just have had a vision of the OP's DD being about 12 and the OP wearing rotor blades.


scentednappyhag Tue 24-Jul-12 15:36:09

Chaos grin

BellaVita Tue 24-Jul-12 15:36:22

Hecate grin

ChaosTrulyReigns Tue 24-Jul-12 15:38:22

Veh droll Hectart.


I now have the whole of Starbucks hmming at my snurkle.

OhDoAdmitMrsDeVere Tue 24-Jul-12 15:40:39

I take my kids to the park so I dont have to play with them.
If someone chooses to entertain them I am not going to stop them.

But then I am pretty slack so I might just be proving your point smile

There are threads like this fairly regularly aren't there, usually where a mum who believes the "right" thing to do in a public play area is to become a bossy slightly older child who directs the games of the other children, and hopes to be admired for it wonders why other mums let their kids invent their own games without parental intervention confused ...

BedHog Tue 24-Jul-12 15:42:27

When did we get wink <this?

Is it new?

usualsuspect Tue 24-Jul-12 15:43:08

I took mine to the park and let them get on with it, I found a nice bench or parch of grass and chilled.

No way was I running around after them, they were the rules.

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