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To fancy the pants off...

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dreadingseptember Fri 13-Jul-12 21:36:53

Keanu reeves and Brian Cox?

The answer is more than likely yes so you will need to share your unreasonable crushes.

PukeCatcher Fri 13-Jul-12 21:48:44

Gareth Malone blush who by the way is nothing like my husband who looks like the slightly portly bastard lovechild of Rafael Nadal and a bald Staffordshire bull terrier.

JodieHarsh Fri 13-Jul-12 21:48:48

Incidentally have you seen David Tennant lately, ie in the Sky Plus ads (or possibly Virgin?) He looks awful sad Thin, and artificial, as if he's dyed his hair, put on lots of pale mineral based face powder, and a discreet bit of Bobbie Brown lippie

dreadingseptember Fri 13-Jul-12 21:49:41

No Brian is hot in a jumper/cardigan kind of way as he tells you about the stars and planets. With his floppy hair ahh

MrsReiver Fri 13-Jul-12 21:51:12

David Tennant is looking particularly crap these days.

My current crushes are Matt Smith, Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston. Love a geek.

Catsmamma Fri 13-Jul-12 21:51:44

Prof Cox has that rubber sucker sloppykisser look about him

On my list is Buzz Lightyear and Ray Mears. real men, none of your metrosexual types.

Catsmamma Fri 13-Jul-12 21:52:41

oh oh oh and Dara OBriain.

DorothyGherkins Fri 13-Jul-12 21:54:01

Russell Kane. Thats just wrong isnt it. I m old enough to be his mother too.

MrsReiver Fri 13-Jul-12 21:55:30

Ooh Russell Kane was rocking the Beyonce look.

I need to add Noel Fielding and Dara O'Briain. I may be back. Repeatedly.

JodieHarsh Fri 13-Jul-12 21:56:35

MrsReiver I practically met Tom Hiddlestone the other week.

he is INSANELY beautiful in the flesh. As well has radiating a sort of clever wary wry humorous warmth. I nearly passed out.

MakeHayNotStraw Fri 13-Jul-12 21:58:50

Yes to Brian Cox, definitely. To the weirdo David Cameron fancier - are you mad?!

I have norty dreams about Bradley Whitford (was Josh in the West Wing)... mmm-mmm. Receding hairline and everything.

startwig1982 Fri 13-Jul-12 21:59:14

Ooh I forgot about Gareth Malone. Another jumper/cardigan hottie!

mcyawny Fri 13-Jul-12 21:59:45

Alan Davies in Jonathan creek, and David walliams! blush

BigHairyFlowers Fri 13-Jul-12 22:02:24

Christopher Eccleston.


MrsReiver Fri 13-Jul-12 22:02:40

JodieHarsh I am so unbelievably jealous it is unreal, he is just breathtaking. Once more unto the breach? I'd follow him anywhere....

And just because he is on the telly - the gorgeous, beautiful, late Heath Ledger.

hugandroll Fri 13-Jul-12 22:03:38

sp yes to Russell Howard. I also fancy Matthew grey gubler from criminal minds (dr Spencer Reid), Hugh Laurie but only as house and Jeff goldblum (as my dh kinda looks like him when he wears his glasses).

tartyflette Fri 13-Jul-12 22:04:02

teamedward do you mean Jason Bateman?confused

amieis Fri 13-Jul-12 22:05:18

seth rogan is my unreasonable crush <runs away and hides>

LoopyFuckbadger Fri 13-Jul-12 22:06:07

Oh, Noel Fielding - how could I miss him off? He is my uber crush! Arm wrestle you for him, Mrs

HipHopOpotomus Fri 13-Jul-12 22:06:24

Keanu reeves is yummy!

TeaOneSugar Fri 13-Jul-12 22:06:41

Sheldon Cooper - My ringtone is Penny & Sheldon singing soft kitty.

MrsReiver Fri 13-Jul-12 22:08:05

Okay Loopy you can have Noel Fielding if I get Chris Hemsworth. Deal?

LadyBeagleEyes Fri 13-Jul-12 22:11:29

Yy Loopy to Reginald, or Reg as I like to call him.
Back off grin

BettySuarez Fri 13-Jul-12 22:11:42

Keanu Reeves - in The Lake House
Channin Tatum - in pretty much anything
Daniel Craig - ditto

Oh and ukulele/bass player named Jonty grin

JaponicaTroggs Fri 13-Jul-12 22:11:53

John Richardson. Delicious.

BettySuarez Fri 13-Jul-12 22:12:54

teaonesugar we have a life sized cardboard cutout of Sheldon in DS's bedroom wink

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