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missed calls

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MyLittleMiracles Thu 12-Jul-12 00:51:52

Does anyone on here think that 81 missed calls in less than two hours is far far too many at nearly one AM from the same person you told you were going to bed three hours ago, and still ringing!!! I have told them to let me sleep BTW.

FannyFifer Thu 12-Jul-12 00:52:37

Just turn your phone off.

ThisIsAUsername Thu 12-Jul-12 00:52:49

Who is it? And why have you not answered and told them to fuck off?

kinkyfuckery Thu 12-Jul-12 00:53:57

It depends why they are phoning. Have you given them a reason to be worried?

MyLittleMiracles Thu 12-Jul-12 00:56:13

I have answered and told them to go away i want to sleep, my phone is still on cos my friends dad is really ill and they were there when i needed them, so i am here for them!!!

Its a guy i went on ONE date with and have made it clear i dont want to see him again!!!

msrantsalot Thu 12-Jul-12 00:57:19

unless its your underage DD stuck at a bar with no way home then I'd say turn the thing off

MyLittleMiracles Thu 12-Jul-12 00:57:35

The person phoning knows i am fine too.

msrantsalot Thu 12-Jul-12 01:00:15

in that case, id answer it, throw it under the bed and get a good nights sleep knowing that their line is tied up

StuntGirl Thu 12-Jul-12 01:00:58

Tell him you'll report him to the police for harrassment?

MyLittleMiracles Thu 12-Jul-12 01:04:10

I like that idea a lot. throq it under the bed, oh god its doing my head in 101 missed calls!! Honestly, get the hint, I AM NOT GOING TO ANSWER!!!

Thumbwitch Thu 12-Jul-12 01:07:39

Yes, tell him you're reporting him for harassment and tomorrow phone your service provider and see if you can get his number blocked.

He sounds like a creep.

ClassFree Thu 12-Jul-12 01:08:49

I don't know about the UK, but here in Canada, that would be harassment. I gotta say, it is worrying when a person wont take no. Be careful, eh?

StuntGirl Thu 12-Jul-12 01:10:40

Actually it sounds like he's realised you're not interested and is trying to piss you off. Probably alcohol involved. He sounds like a right knob charmer, can't imagine why you're not interested grin

msrantsalot Thu 12-Jul-12 01:11:18

text him you have herpes, guaranteed wont call again grin

MyLittleMiracles Thu 12-Jul-12 01:15:16

I like that idea a lot. throq it under the bed, oh god its doing my head in 101 missed calls!! Honestly, get the hint, I AM NOT GOING TO ANSWER!!!

MyLittleMiracles Thu 12-Jul-12 01:18:01

I like that idea a lot. throq it under the bed, oh god its doing my head in 101 missed calls!! Honestly, get the hint, I AM NOT GOING TO ANSWER!!!

KeepYerTitsIn Thu 12-Jul-12 01:25:11

Can you set your phone to have different ring tones/volumes for different callers? If so set his number to silent and get some sleep.

KeepYerTitsIn Thu 12-Jul-12 01:26:23

And call your service provider first thing to have his number blocked. If he then calls again from a different number it's time to contact the police.

MyLittleMiracles Thu 12-Jul-12 01:35:19

He does call from different numbers, loads of them, has come on my facebook under three different names, and asked my male friends personal questions, like have they slept with me, do they know who on my facebook has, do they fantasise about, me the list goes on, so obviously i dont want to see him again.

I have set my phone to airplane mode, my friend said her dad is stable <depression/sucidal tried three times in the last two weeks, nearly died last time, constant supervision or he tries to> so turned it on airplane. my alarm will still go off, thank god for no more calls!!

bananananana Thu 12-Jul-12 01:38:08

You might be able to block numbers from your phone (without having to call service provider) what type of phone do you have?

I would answer in tears saying I'm pregnant and so thrilled that he wants to spend his life with me raising the twins, and does he want to come over RIGHT NOW to discuss wedding plans.

Thumbwitch Thu 12-Jul-12 01:40:20

oh no banananana - I think anyone displaying the level of crazy stalkerishness that this man is shouldn't even be played with like that - he might well think "great! Got her!"

WhereYouLeftIt Thu 12-Jul-12 01:40:52

OP, that is seriously creepy stalkerish harassment. I really would go to the police on this. Get it on the record at the very least. <shudder>

msrantsalot Thu 12-Jul-12 01:42:39

Joking aside this guy sounds dangerous, Id contact police asap

garlicbutter Thu 12-Jul-12 01:46:05

OMG, he's scary! Agree with no games & report to cops.

My handset can block numbers - might be worth checking the menu on yours?

I'm very glad you dumped him!!!

garlicbutter Thu 12-Jul-12 01:47:36

Ah, sorry, I see you've solved the phone problem smile
Ring the police non-emergency tomorrow.
Sweet dreams!

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