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to feel too embarrassed to use any toilet but my own

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tevion Thu 12-Jul-12 00:27:42

I hate it and will certainly not do a number 2 at all except on my own toilet.
I will also deliberatley flush the toilet before I have finished so that people can,t listen to me going.
Anyone else as mad as me.

cocolepew Thu 12-Jul-12 00:31:50

Now I have a friend who swears she doesnt poo in any toilet but her own. When she goes in holiday she takes immodium to bung herself up. This cant be true can it?

With my pelvic floor the nearset receptycle will do.

firawla Thu 12-Jul-12 00:33:21

i think a lot of people are like that, so not particularly weird

LapsedPacifist Thu 12-Jul-12 00:37:09

YABVVU, but not, it would appear, particularly unusual hmm.

That doesn't mean you are not weird.

Solo Thu 12-Jul-12 00:41:38

I think it's a woman thing.
I'm not quite so funny about it anymore and everyone does number 2's and no one shits strawberry jam! Just go!!! <shrugs>

ThisIsAUsername Thu 12-Jul-12 00:46:29

YANBU. I try to avoid it at all costs, unless I'm at my parents house... it's okay there grin

msrantsalot Thu 12-Jul-12 00:49:40

i poo in my toilet, best friends toilet, mums toilet, and hotel rooms en suites. Have done the little chef in an emergency grin.

MrsBranestawm Thu 12-Jul-12 00:59:37

OP, you do realise that all human beings have to wee and poo, don't you? YABU to be embarrassed about it. How do you manage at work or on holiday?

WorraLiberty Thu 12-Jul-12 01:03:17

Very strange

It's just a bodily function that keeps us alive

FormerlyTitledUntidy Thu 12-Jul-12 01:12:55

I can't poo in a public toilet. The idea that someone would hear it makes me really embarrassed! So ridiculous but true. I'm a nurse. I know everyone poos- I've cleaned an awful lot of it up. But I don't want anyone to hear me go. You're not alone in weird poo behaviour.

bananananana Thu 12-Jul-12 01:45:09

I'm the same. I fill the bowl with toilet paper first to make sure there's no noise.

garlicbutter Thu 12-Jul-12 01:50:51

Lots of people are like you, women and men.
You're all weird!

totallypearshaped Thu 12-Jul-12 01:54:35

I loath going to the loo when my mum is shopping with me for example - she always chooses the stall right next to me (even if the place is empty..... wtf?) and makes little apologetic "sorry" noises - "oh, sorry, sorry, sorry" if she farts or makes a splash.
I think she's really weird and neurotic.

But then I let it all hang out and rather enjoy going to the loo - nothing beats a massive morningtime poo really: sets you up for the day!

AllYoursBabooshka Thu 12-Jul-12 02:00:51


I'm pooping as I type this, I like to read in the toilet.



solidgoldbrass Thu 12-Jul-12 02:01:24

I have bowels that are not so much irritable as criminally insane, so any bog will do, including scary semi-derelict public toilets and lovely posh executive office 'facilities' right before an interview. In an emergency it could be your coat pocket/handbag/not-quite finished Starbucks paper cup.

However, I do really hate people who talk to me when I'm on the loo. When I am locked in a cubicle I just want to get on with it and pretend all that parping and splattering was poltergeists or Someone Else. So I rreally hate people shouting merrily at the door, Hello SGB will you be long? Or 'Oh, anyway, I got this new mascara and it's runny and blah blah, I know it's you in there...'

BewitchedBotheredandBewildered Thu 12-Jul-12 02:05:51

You are not alone.
You are weird, all of you who feel like this.
It is very bad for you.

bogeyface Thu 12-Jul-12 02:06:04

YANBU, I cant do it either. I always get holiday constipation for 3/4 days and then "coming home" runs when we get back grin

I will avoid using a loo when out unless I really must, and never ever for a number 2. I hate it.

If I have to use a public loo then I hover!

AllYoursBabooshka Thu 12-Jul-12 02:06:09

I had never had someone talk to me while I used the toilet until I had DS. He swings on the outside door handle asking questions.

"What are you doing in there?"
"Will you be long?"
"Can I come in?"
"What was that noise?!"

It's very off putting.

bogeyface Thu 12-Jul-12 02:11:19

How old is he Bab?

I always take mine in with me, partly for their safety and partly because being with the kids is one thing that overides my public evacuation phobia, cos I cant expect them to use public loos if I wont. Of course the problem with that is them trying to unlock the door and leave whilst you still have your pants around your knees, but atleast you can grab them!

I still hover though grin

fridakahlo Thu 12-Jul-12 02:14:55

I used to be really anal about where I peed, to the point I would not use friends toilets until I had been to their house four or five times.
I'm better now but will still avoid going for crap in public/other peoples toilets.
Holiday is not a problem though, the toilet in the room/apartment counts as mine for the duration.

fridakahlo Thu 12-Jul-12 02:15:42

"For a crap" even.

AllYoursBabooshka Thu 12-Jul-12 02:28:48

Oh no I meant at home bogey, He's 4!

No one had ever had a conversation with me while I was ahem doing a number two anywhere until he came along. grin

I think I need sleep, I was reading your posting thinking "Evacuation from her home? Where does she live?!"

AllYoursBabooshka Thu 12-Jul-12 02:30:22

Oh and a TISK loudly at you hovering.

Sit down woman!

bogeyface Thu 12-Jul-12 02:38:32

grin gotcha! and lthe hovering will never change, I cannot bring myself to put my bum where a strangers bums was just minutes before, I really cant!

I have trained my DC's that when mummy is "on the throne" at home they are to stay away unless they need to go themselves, in which case they knock, ask to go and wait.

This has meant that I now seem to have a bladder/bowel problem according to my kids, as its where I go to make phone calls, have 5 minutes peace or even, sometimes, go to the loo grin

izzyizin Thu 12-Jul-12 02:51:50

Where did you buy a handbag big enough to cart your own toilet around with you?

Do you fork out for excess baggage to take your loo on a plane or do you simply buy it it's own seat in addition to it's existing one? hmm

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