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to think that women are stupid?

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lovebunny Fri 06-Jul-12 05:57:48

elsewhere, there is a complaint about being unsupported when breastfeeding. this is a feminist issue - and the fault lies fairly and squarely at the feet of women.

i am astounded that after the battles fought in the seventies and eighties, women have allowed such regression.

look how stupid women are today. they have their bodies surgically adapted to men's fantasies - breasts enlarged, labia trimmed - they bleach their hair, tattoo their eyeliner and lipstick and have themselves spray-painted. they remove their pubic hair so they look like children for their (multiple) partners. if you read about it in a book on social anthropology you'd be horrified at the 'oppression' of women. but women think they are choosing this!

then they say 'oh, its not fair, no-one supports me when i'm breastfeeding'. too damn right they don't. because you and your compatriots have allowed everyone to see you as barbie dolls to use and abuse. they don't want to see you being women, being grown up, feeding your babies, that spoils the fantasy. you created this; live with it.

when you've finished screaming at me about your 'rights' to have your mons pubis decorated with fake jewels and to have your isabella piercing, organise yourselves.

wash your faces, let the fake tan fade, cut off your dyed hair and let it grow back naturally, so your babies can recognise the human being their genetic memory was expecting to find here. stay free from chemicals that mask your natural odours, so your babies can recognise you by smell. if people are pressurising you to 'go back to work' say, 'certainly. when this baby chooses to stop breastfeeding'. that gives you four to five years at home, maybe longer, when you are doing something no-one else can - being your babies' mothers.

the 'male' has been accepted as the 'norm' in society - so some early feminists wanted to be like men - some of that lingers. but feminists who believe in the strength and value of the female, have retreated into hiding. wake up! speak up! these are your daughters, sisters, aunts, even your mothers tarting themselves up and whoring themselves out to all and sundry trying to be 'wives and girlfriends'! they're too stupid to realise they've been conned!

educate your daughters. make them aware of political and societal manipulation. make women free - free from pressure to look a certain way, behave a certain way. free, in fact, to be women. free to want to eat without guilt, work, reproduce, raise children, form partnerships, find contentment and find peace of mind.

don't leave this to someone else. if strong women don't act to make the world a better place for women, no-one will. and in twenty years' time, i'll be reading 'oh, society doesn't support breast-feeding mothers'. again.

startwig1982 Fri 06-Jul-12 06:04:23

Ummm.... That's quite a rant!! Not sure I agree that not having support with bf is the woman's fault just because she wants to look nice. hmm
Slightly over the top, methinks.

TheSkiingGardener Fri 06-Jul-12 06:04:42

Um, do you feel strongly about this.

And you do realise that there are a lot of women who dont behave as you say, and who just get on with being them. Or does that ruin your thesis?

pinkyredrose Fri 06-Jul-12 06:05:41

whoring themselves out to all and sundry wtf!!

Why don't you keep your judgemental opinions to yourself and let the rest of us live our lives the way we want!?

lovebunny Fri 06-Jul-12 06:07:54

those women who 'don't behave as [i] say' are the the ones who need to speak up!
speak up!
and startwig, they don't look nice. they look horrible. they're just too hoodwinked to spot that. the women who look nice are the ones with natural bodies, natural hair, natural skintone and natural faces. they look nice, wholesome and healthy.

Dprince Fri 06-Jul-12 06:08:21

There is quite alot in there that is anti-feminist.

lovebunny Fri 06-Jul-12 06:08:50

pinkyredrose - because if i hadn't mentioned it you wouldn't know there was an alternative.

lovebunny Fri 06-Jul-12 06:09:21

thanks for reading, by the way, it's long.

Dprince, you mean you found something in there that was from a feminist perspective. <<looks closer>>

Labootin Fri 06-Jul-12 06:12:06

You can tattoo on lipstick?

Oooooooo squeee !

Dprince Fri 06-Jul-12 06:13:06

Who wouldn't know there is an alternative. I think you may not realise that most women don't act like this, some choose to for them etc. There are alternatives.
As for the sahm bit, some women don't want to. Why should they because you say so?

lovebunny Fri 06-Jul-12 06:13:25

Dprince - depends on your definition of feminist. mine is based on the female as an equal and acceptable model (to the male) to be a 'norm' for the adult in society.

lovebunny Fri 06-Jul-12 06:14:37

stay at home, go to work, make your choice. but freely. at present, there is no free choice available.

Dprince Fri 06-Jul-12 06:15:44

I was trying to be less blunt than usual honey. smile
Fuck it. No there is nothing feminist about it. Its distinctly anti women.

lovebunny Fri 06-Jul-12 06:15:59

labootin - my pupils have had their lipstick put on permanently or semi-permanently - i'm not sure how its done and am willing to be enlightened. their lip edging (what would they call that?) has been tattooed on for years.

lovebunny Fri 06-Jul-12 06:17:08

no, dprince, it isn't anti-women. its anti hoodwinked-conned-and-foolish-women. may they wake up soon.

Dprince Fri 06-Jul-12 06:18:56

who says there is no choice? In some cases women must work because of lack of money, but for plenty it is a choice.
Whose fault is that the money problems in a Household? It is always the mans and he forces the women to work? God forbid a woman may choose to work to support the dh and take a bit on financial burden off him or because she likes her job or just wants to.
what you are suggesting is not equality.

JeezyPeeps Fri 06-Jul-12 06:21:18

Generalisation much?

You'd be hard pressed to find a woman that fitted the picture that you painted in the opening post where I live.

KatherineKavanagh Fri 06-Jul-12 06:25:51

Ha ha that's hilarious!

pinkyredrose Fri 06-Jul-12 06:25:58

if I hadn't mentioned it you wouldn't know there was an alternative

Wow, could you actually be any more patronising?

me23 Fri 06-Jul-12 06:27:01

"if people are pressurising you to 'go back to work' say, 'certainly. when this baby chooses to stop breastfeeding'. that gives you four to five years at home, maybe longer, when you are doing something no-one else can - being your babies' mothers."

Wow what a small world you must live in if you think it's that easy! Are you not aware that must people cannot afford to live on 1 income? Or do you think that only well off people bf their babies? and what about those who choose to or have to ff should they not stay at home and be mothers?

Leftwingharpie Fri 06-Jul-12 06:30:21

YABVU and anti women and ignorant.

Labootin Fri 06-Jul-12 06:32:04

I was joking about the lipstick

To be as simplistic as the OP

Earth mother on mummy career track which after 5 years you would be = good
Painted whore = bad

Well that's us sorted then is it too early to sob into my gin ?

Dprince Fri 06-Jul-12 06:33:05

I find this quite funny. I am reading this while putting my make up on and doing my hair for work.
In a job that I chose to go go back to after mat leave. Dh started a business and I earn a decent money and love my job. At this time the business was doing ok but he appreciated the financial support and he did the childcare. He will do the school run and look after the baby today and go work when I come in. We chose this life.
At 4pm today I am no longer going to do that job. I chose to give it up to spend more time at home and work with dh.
So there you have a luv I chose with dhs support. But I will leave the house with hair and make up done. I also have highlighted hair.
Where do I fall for you. It couldn't possibly be that I like wearing make up could it? I must have been conditioned into liking it, because of course women are stupid and can't decide for themselves.

pinkyredrose Fri 06-Jul-12 06:33:11

Think the OP is already on the gin!

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