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to ask you all to help children with cancer?

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TheRhubarb Mon 02-Jul-12 20:03:36

My friend writes for the Saigon Times. He has just finished an article on the Ung Buou Cancer Hospital in Hoi Chi Minh City, Vietnam where he visited the children's ward.

40 families are packed into a room designed for 4 families whilst others camp out in the hallway. There are not enough nurses so families often do the main bulk of the care. Mortality rates are 75%.

He has asked that people take just one minute of their time to Google their MP and fill out the contact form on every MP's website. Ask them how much of the overseas aid going to Vietnam is being directed to the Ung Buou Cancer Hospital. Tell them that they desperately need a new ward and more nurses and please give them a link to the article.

With your help, more funds could be directed to the hospital which can only improve the short lives of these desperately ill children.


TheRhubarb Tue 03-Jul-12 11:03:33


Queenmarigold Thu 18-Jun-15 12:16:20

Unfortunately crap services for children with cancer is all too common all over the world including the UK. I want money for our kids before it goes abroad I'm afraid. I'm selfish, but I'm an onco mumhmm

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