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for not expecting a 2yo to call my bluff

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StealthPolarBear Sun 17-Jun-12 11:04:31

I asked dd to come upstairs and get dressed
She asked why?
Because we're going to <aunt and uncles who she knows well and loves seeing>
But I don't want to
Ok shall we just go and leave you here? (usually is followed by a frenzy of dressing and cries of NO NO
Ok I just stay here
<big smile...goes off to play with toys>
I know they say don't threaten something you can't follow through, but really! Have I been outsmarted by a toddler?

altinkum Sun 17-Jun-12 11:06:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

StealthPolarBear Sun 17-Jun-12 11:09:54

Well yes it will come to that eventually but in the meantime iwas hoping I could reason with her (and win grin)

CrystalsAreCool Sun 17-Jun-12 11:12:13

Never ever threaten something you can't follow through! grin

MsMarple Sun 17-Jun-12 11:12:44

Ha ha, glad I am not the only one with a child who can see through idle threats!

If you don't want to win by force maybe try carrot approach: lets take your toys with us to show them/there will be cake when we get there etc?

Crystals are you my Mother? wink

You have been outsmarted Stealth grin

StealthPolarBear Sun 17-Jun-12 11:15:05

Would ot be evil to do the getting in the car, waving through the window thing?

PurplePidjin Sun 17-Jun-12 11:17:21

"Little girls who don't do as Mummy says clearly aren't old enough to stay home alone"

Then the under the arm up the stairs manoeuvre as already mentioned

WorraLiberty Sun 17-Jun-12 11:17:57

Would ot be evil to do the getting in the car, waving through the window thing?

Oh come on!

Do you really want to be outsmarted by a toddler twice in one day? wink

PurplePidjin Sun 17-Jun-12 11:19:10

Or take her in her pj's. Text Aunty to warn her, who can then do a massively overdramatic "DD hates mummy and me, she won't do as she's told, she doesn't want to come play with me waaaaaaah" routine on the doorstep...

WorraLiberty Sun 17-Jun-12 11:20:41

There's a 10yr age gap between my DS1 and my DS3

Whenever DS1 used to leave the house, I'd automatically say "Seeya careful"

The only time I ever threatened to leave DS3 behind when he was a toddler, he shouted, "Ok Mum seeya later, love ya, be careful!"

hmm Git!

StealthPolarBear Sun 17-Jun-12 11:23:28

True, we would be in the car, half on the drive, wondering what to do while she makes herself some lunch and runs the Hoover round
Hang on...can I definitely not?

Shelby2010 Sun 17-Jun-12 11:26:08

Well I've just been 'distracted' by a 19mth old...... DD had picked up something & I couldn't see what it was so called her over to 'show that to Mummy'. So she comes over, staying cunningly out of reach, but refuses to hand over the item. Instead she looks round, hands me my phone off the coffee table with a loud 'There!' and walks off! Leaving me feeling a bit patronised & having to get off my lazy arse to go after her.....

JamieandTheOlympicTorch Sun 17-Jun-12 11:26:27

My DS1 never fell for this.

Try telling her the opposite of what you want her to do, or try challenging her (I bet you can't .....) or racing her (works a treat with DS2), or counting down (don't know why it works so well but my 11 year old still falls for it".

Look at the book "Playful Parenting" for other non-confrontational ways to get things done.

In the end, what you say goes, but there are ways of doing it that enable you both to keep calm in order to reach that goal.

Low voice, bored policemen, not screechy.

Don't ask questions you don't want to hear the answer to, don't discuss

JamieandTheOlympicTorch Sun 17-Jun-12 11:27:05

God I sound patronising. Sorry grin

Mrsjay Sun 17-Jun-12 11:29:22

outwitted by a toddler all down hill from here stealth grin

QuickLookBusy Sun 17-Jun-12 11:35:32

Ah she sounds very sweet.

Just tell DD that her Aunt has phoned you, is looking forward to seeing her very much and wants a big cuddle, so can she hurry up?

MammaTJ Sun 17-Jun-12 11:38:42

On the plus side, you have a very bright child!

SoupDragon Sun 17-Jun-12 11:43:03

Meh. Just take her in whatever she is wearing.

WorraLiberty Sun 17-Jun-12 11:43:35

Shelby grin

Mrsjay Sun 17-Jun-12 11:44:45

once threatened to take dd1 to playgroup in her jammies she promptly put her wellies and jacket on sigh grin

LapisBlue Sun 17-Jun-12 11:47:30

You're NEGOTIATING with a 2 year old? Really? I mean...really?

StealthPolarBear Sun 17-Jun-12 11:47:50

It was birthday suit! She is well behaved, this wasn't naughtiness as. Such. She is now dressed and we're on the road

D0oinMeCleanin Sun 17-Jun-12 11:49:11

Dd2 does this. It caught me totally off guard as dd1 would panic and come tearing after you. Dd2 fears nothing.

My usual tactic of walking off in the opposite direction and waving bye while she wa refusing to come down off the slide would result in gleeful waving followed by sliding and giggling. Even when I hid round the corner (something that always worked with dd1) she would continue to giggle and play completly unconcerned that she was now 'alone'

She told me other day that she would get ready when she could be bothered, put the dogs to bed, lock up the house and walk herself to my sister's house for dinner, while I was trying to get her ready so I wasn't late for work. She is 5. She's have done it too, if I'd let her.

LapisBlue Sun 17-Jun-12 11:49:36

Mummy's house, Mummy's rules, the word NO. Has the world gone a bit mad?

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