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To wish people wouldn't call schools shit or....

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seeker Sun 17-Jun-12 09:05:48

....shitholes or really horrible words like that? There are good and bad schools, but they all have children in them and at least some teachers who are doing their best.

ColouringIn Sun 17-Jun-12 09:08:26

YANBU - even failing schools will have really good teachers in them being hamstrung by the system within their school.

JumpingThroughHoops Sun 17-Jun-12 09:10:55

"shit" schools are generally those populated by children who have parent/s who do not support the school. Thus no discipline; the children rule the roost; that parents undermine the authority of the school.

The schools themselves are not "shit" it's the pupils and the parents.

Sparklingbrook Sun 17-Jun-12 09:11:54

I know what you mean seeker. A lot of schools that are deemed 'bad' have many pupils and teachers doing their very best in challenging situations.

ColouringIn Sun 17-Jun-12 09:11:57

"shit" pupils - that's ...erm....nice hmm

AnyoneForTennis Sun 17-Jun-12 09:12:48


JumpingThroughHoops Sun 17-Jun-12 09:13:06

Not everyone is nice colouring there are some shit people out there.

seeker Sun 17-Jun-12 09:13:07

Been reading the Daily Mail again, jumpingthroughhoops?

Sparklingbrook Sun 17-Jun-12 09:13:29

I think there are pupils that have no interest in learning whatsoever, and think that pupils who do want to learn are 'uncool'.

usualsuspect Sun 17-Jun-12 09:16:08

My DCs probably went to a 'shit' school by MNs standards, in other words the local Comprehensive

Sirzy Sun 17-Jun-12 09:16:12

I went to a "shit" school, hard work from the Staff, children and parents has turned it into a very good school. Like happens to often in these cases it was a few members of senior staff holding it back.

JumpingThroughHoops Sun 17-Jun-12 09:16:26

Oh I dunno, I perpetually think "Here's one for Crimewatch in 5 years"

MissAnnersley Sun 17-Jun-12 09:17:25

seeker I agree with you. My DS goes to a school with a pretty poor reputation. It has a number of 'challenging' pupils and is in an area of high deprivation.
It is, however, the catchment school and so I sent DS there. The staff are lovely. DS is receiving a decent education and has made lots of friends.
There are many 'issues' but I would have been foolish to listen to gossip about it.
Even the best of schools in the 'best' of areas have their difficulties.

UnChartered Sun 17-Jun-12 09:18:04

i love thread like this, helps me update my shit-list of MNers wink

EdithWeston Sun 17-Jun-12 09:19:11

If you think all schools must worthy because some people are trying very hard, and at the feelings of those people matter more than the actual outcomes of the children, then the impetus for improving the bad and reinforcing the good is diminished.

MN is a sweary place. If you do not like language such as "shit hole" being used in general posting, then I suggest you find another site where swearing is moderated and figurative language limited too.

usualsuspect Sun 17-Jun-12 09:19:37

Me too unchartered, in fact I've added a few names to mine this morning and I've only read two threads grin

ColouringIn Sun 17-Jun-12 09:19:54

Referring to them as "shit" though just writes them off! Some people are horrible I agree but I do NOT agree that you can necessarily tell that in childhood.

MigratingCoconuts Sun 17-Jun-12 09:20:00

I have rarely taught 'shit' kids but I have met quite a few who have been through 'shit' by the time they get taught by me. sad

usualsuspect Sun 17-Jun-12 09:21:32

The way I read MN is any school that is not private or a grammar is a 'shit hole' i

UnChartered Sun 17-Jun-12 09:21:37

jumping can, can't you jumping

takes one look at a child and knows they'll be on 'crimewatch' - that's lovely that is.

Sparklingbrook Sun 17-Jun-12 09:22:03

I would imagine some children have a 'shit' attitude?

GrahamTribe Sun 17-Jun-12 09:23:50

Now seeker, I thought you were making a comparison and were going to say "To wish people wouldn't call schools shit or.....



YANBU to wish whatever you like but YABU if you think that there aren't some incredibly shitty schools out there.

ColouringIn Sun 17-Jun-12 09:24:51

But that's the point EdithWeston, those people trying hard are the ones who turn schools round and who DO improve the outcomes for pupils. Therefore just dismissing a school as a "shit hole" is a bit odd. Of course people will value those trying to make a difference and care about their feelings and of course they will object to a term like "shit hole".

usualsuspect Sun 17-Jun-12 09:25:03

I wish people wouldn't call private schools 'indie schools'

Nuttyprofessor Sun 17-Jun-12 09:25:11

I got talking to a woman at work about our 11 year olds. She told me her DS goes to a shit school. My DS goes to an excellent school. He has achieved way above average. Later in the conversation I realised they in fact go to the same school.

Maybe it is not the school that is ahit.

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