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to have absolutely and completely LOVED the jubilee

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worrywortisworrying Tue 05-Jun-12 21:22:15

I loved it. Me, my DH our friends and family have all had a fab time. We called time this morning to give us all time to get ready for work etc again, but it was fab.

I'm not really a fan of the Royal family, but I do feel they define England and give it a USP it would otherwise not have to the rest of the world... I think the Queen deserves a little respect at what she undertook and continues to undertake.

I think all of the celebrations have gone off amazingly well and I know that my kids will remember this weekend for the rest of their lives (just as I remember 1977).

Bedtime tonight was horrific because since Friday, routines and rules have been abolished. But it's a small price to pay for a lovely, lovely weekend with good friends and family (plus making lots of new friends too!)

I, for one, say hats off to you, you Maj, I've really really enjoyed it.

YardBroom Tue 05-Jun-12 21:25:18

Actually I enjoyed it far more than I thought I would.

The defining moment for me was all the Royals jigging about to that tune on the pageant. I thought they became entirely human, and down to earth at that point, and it will be my memory.

CrispyCod Tue 05-Jun-12 21:25:58

I have really enjoyed it too, it actually brought a tear to my eye on more than one occasion. I think it was just how everyone came together, I loved it.

I actually felt on a bit on a downer earlier because it's all over. I was like this after the Royal Wedding too! At least we still have the Olympics to come though.

BIWItheBold Tue 05-Jun-12 21:26:23

I loved having two days off.

BombasticAghast Tue 05-Jun-12 21:28:44

I loved it too.
We have had a gorgeous weekend with family and friends.

Hulababy Tue 05-Jun-12 21:30:49

I've enjoyed it too - spent the four days as a family with DH and DD. My parents came over on Saturday and we went for lunch and a walk. We went to a street party in the rain on Sunday. The rain didn't stop us smile We then watched the boats. Yesterday we went fr lunch with friends and then watched the concert together before heading over to the local park to see one of the beacons being lit. And today has been a friend's 7yo birthday so more fun there - plus more jubilee TV earlier on.

It'll definitely be a nice weekend to remember, esp for 10 year old DD.

<<<Hula hastily tries to forget falling over in the park last night after slipping in the banking and landing in nettles in the dark, and the continuing pain now of having nettle stings to her face, bth hands. both feet and legs and even bottom... the codine is at least kicking in now - well, I guess that will become a memory too!>>>

lolajane2009 Tue 05-Jun-12 21:32:05

i enjoyed it. saw a lot of the tv with inlaws at their house. my definin moment is the 'is she pregnant debate', lol.

Olympia2012 Tue 05-Jun-12 21:32:36

Loved it too. Feeling sad taking the decs down..

Olympia2012 Tue 05-Jun-12 21:33:31

My arms are still aching from holding dc up so they could see the queen at the river pageant!

apricotmonday Tue 05-Jun-12 21:33:41

Yes, it was good. Did not see much TV, too busy enjoying a 4 day weekend and seeing friends and family. Am not a royalist but it was a good excuse for a party. And I do hope Philip is OK, such a shame he couldn't be with the Queen for the majority of the weekend.

yousankmybattleship Tue 05-Jun-12 21:34:01

I have really enjoyed it. I am not a huge royalist, but I can't think of anything else that could bring people together in such a happy and positive way. I think it is lovely to see so much of the country united in celebrating and I am really pleased that my children are old enough that some of the memories made this weekend will stay with them forever.

OutragedAtThePriceOfFreddos Tue 05-Jun-12 21:39:32

Jubilee has been amazing! We have had an amazing weekend, doing both local celebrations and going into London. I've met some lovely people who I would never have met otherwise, I've got to see my kids enjoy and be excited about something very special, I've extended welcome to foreigners and I've had it extended to me too. I have celebrated and loved every minute of it.

crown crown GOD SAVE THE QUEEN! crown crown

jubileejulie Tue 05-Jun-12 21:46:21

i liked it too, was amazed at the number of younger people who were captivated as well, lovely

BackforGood Tue 05-Jun-12 21:48:48

It's been great, from all the schools celebrating on Friday, through.
The pageants and ceremonies and concerts and lunches and service have been great. There are some Masters at organising things out there.
Didn't do much ourselves, as had other things going on, but we did go up to a beacon lighting on Monday night to be able to say we took part in something. smile

bibbitybobbityhat Tue 05-Jun-12 21:50:38

I will admit to having enjoyed a lot of the tv coverage.

Have had my dmum staying with us as it is her birthday weekend. She was 22 on the Queen's Coronation day - which was actually 2nd June 1953, did you know? - and she came from a typical upper working class London family who got their first tv for the coronation.

TheWalkingDead Tue 05-Jun-12 21:58:18

I've really enjoyed it! Friday evening neighbours and ourselves decorated all our houses with bunting, then the same neighbours all pitched in with food and drink for a Sunday buffet lunch and we watched the River Pageant on television.

Watched coverage of the concert with DH and BIL with a few drinks which was lovely and loved watching the procession and balcony appearance today - really amazing response from the public!

Now it's the Olympics to look forward to - same neighbours and our family are having a Closing ceremony Greek food/drink themed bbq (going back to the Ancient Greek roots of the Olympics) smile

LST Tue 05-Jun-12 21:58:53

I think I've become a royalist grin

CrispyCod Tue 05-Jun-12 22:03:28

bibbity wow, it must have been lovely for your mum to watch and for you to hear stories from her about the coronation.

Noqontrol Tue 05-Jun-12 22:07:29

I loved it. We did most of our celebrations at home and watched the tv coverage. We've had friends staying for the whole weekend and it's been fab. I loved the whole thing. Long live the queen grin

EverybodysSleepyEyed Tue 05-Jun-12 22:10:02

I think my DS (5) has fallen in love with Catherine. He also keeps asking to hear Katherine Jenkins sing the national anthem because her voice is so pretty (luckily we don't need to watch the video!)

We got drenched watching the fly past today but it was great.

The one thing I hear a lot from my non-British friends is a 'wow, no where else can you see anything like this'.

Olympia2012 Tue 05-Jun-12 22:12:08

Dd wants us to camp out for the next big royal event, but sadly I fear it may be a funeral ! sad


EverybodysSleepyEyed Tue 05-Jun-12 22:13:08

won't there be another Jubilee in 10 years (optimist here!)!

Olympia2012 Tue 05-Jun-12 22:13:29

I used to work with royals so it's all a bit close to my heart!

ArielThePiraticalMermaid Tue 05-Jun-12 22:15:08

YABU for confusing the UK with England.

bibbitybobbityhat Tue 05-Jun-12 22:16:58

I have a feeling the queen will go on for another 10 years.

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