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to be sad that when the Queen dies it will be kings all the way?

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Incaminka Mon 04-Jun-12 17:07:54

I think the Queen should be a feminist icon for her behaviour in her role, (though she can't be a role model as she is in an inherited role.) Kings will get too cosy with Cameron/Blair and the likes.... Long live the Queen! crown

Sirzy Mon 04-Jun-12 17:09:14

It won't be kings all the way though. If Will and Kate's first born is a girl she will eventually be Queen.

CrispyCod Mon 04-Jun-12 17:10:49

What Sirzy said.

veritythebrave Mon 04-Jun-12 17:12:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JosephineCD Mon 04-Jun-12 17:13:26

Yes, Kate will be Queen Consort.

Incaminka Mon 04-Jun-12 17:16:52

Isn't it Charles first, then Will? Kate would be queen but not monarch.

Sirzy Mon 04-Jun-12 17:21:42

2 kings doesn't make it "kings all the way" though.

OutragedAtThePriceOfFreddos Mon 04-Jun-12 17:23:23

I think King Charlie and King Wills will both be fabulous, and so will Queen Kate.

Incaminka Mon 04-Jun-12 17:27:12

Kate looked fab yesterday. Just wish someone had put the Queen in a parka and Uggs, looked freezing!

Incaminka Mon 04-Jun-12 17:29:34

"Kings all the way", if they both live as long as the Queen, there won't be another queen monarch in my lifetime. Unless I live to 120.

ErikNorseman Mon 04-Jun-12 17:31:05

If Will and Kate have a girl first she will eventually be queen.
The queen isn't a feminist icon, she didn't fight patriarchy or male competition to be the queen did she? Now Elizabeth 1, she could be considered a feminist!

Imnotbatman Mon 04-Jun-12 17:34:47

Am I the only one who actually thought kate didnt look great yesterday?

valiumredhead Mon 04-Jun-12 17:35:34

Someone explain 'consorts' to me please blush

Why was Albert not a King and why not Phillip - is it because they were already Queens before they married?

And wtf is Queen Consort - why won't Kate just be Queen? confused grin

blueemerald Mon 04-Jun-12 17:39:29

King is seen to outrank Queen so you can't have the person not from the Royal blood line outranking the "genetic" ruler.

valiumredhead Mon 04-Jun-12 17:41:10

Ahhhh right, I understand.... I think. So are there ever a King and Queen or is it just in fairy stories? grin <thick>

blueemerald Mon 04-Jun-12 17:41:17

Elizabeth II is queen regent because she inherited the role.
Kate will be queen consort because she married into the family.

blueemerald Mon 04-Jun-12 17:42:15

You get both when you have a king and his wife is queen (consort). A lot of fussy nonsense! smile

Jaffacakeeater Mon 04-Jun-12 17:42:41

Doesn't the succession at the moment still favour boys? Therefore if Kate and Wills have a girl and then a boy, the younger boy takes precedence? If I'm right I'm sure the time has come for this to be challenged.

Incaminka Mon 04-Jun-12 17:43:29

ErikNorseman, good point re E1.

LRDtheFeministDragon Mon 04-Jun-12 17:47:27

valium - you can get both, but it's unusual. William and Mary were king and queen in that sense, but usually if the monarch is a Queen, her husband is called Prince Consort to show that she's the ruler. If the monarch is a king, his wife may be called the 'queen' (though not necessarily, just as Kate isn't currently the Princess but the Duchess of Cambridge).

I am a bit younger that William and I doubt I will see another queen ... they live a loooong time, these people! grin It is a shame, I'd not thought of it before. But then, TBH I hope by then we'll have gently got rid of the idea.

valiumredhead Mon 04-Jun-12 17:48:34

Ok thanks! grin

ErikNorseman Mon 04-Jun-12 17:49:20

The succession is being changed and will be by the time Wills and Kate pop one out.

LRDtheFeministDragon Mon 04-Jun-12 17:51:14

No trouble! smile

Just hope I haven't got anything wrong but I'm sure someone will be along to correct me if so ... MN is amazing for knowing stuff about the monarchy, it never ceases to amaze me!

valiumredhead Mon 04-Jun-12 17:52:39

Ds asked me last night why Philip isn't a king and I said I would MN google and find out! grin

Maisycat Mon 04-Jun-12 17:55:28

A queen regnant (rather than regent- who is ruling on behalf of a current monarch) is a female monarch who reigns in her own right and possesses sovereign powers e.g. Elizabeth II.

A queen consort, is the wife of a reigning king, so Kate will one day be Queen Consort, she will share William's rank and titles when he is King, but not his sovereignty.

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