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To want to play Republican / Monarchist bingo?

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kim147 Sat 02-Jun-12 10:17:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Flatbread Sat 02-Jun-12 10:29:19

Yes I do...

Imagine that the head of state had to be a non-career politician, some one who excelled in science, arts, peace, social activism and so on. Things that enrich our society, not class and entrenched power.

So, Queenie vs. Performing art award winners , e.g., Helen Mirren or Attenborough
Next seven year - Charles vs. Scoial activist, nobel peace price winners, e.g., David Trimble
For seven years after that, Charles vs. literary leaders, e.g., JK Rawling
For seven years after that Charles/ William vs. Leading scientist, e.g. The young Asian British girl who won the award for young scientists, if she goes on to do pathbreeaking work and influence young generations

And so on...

No brainer for me, whom I would choose smile

kim147 Sat 02-Jun-12 10:33:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Flatbread Sat 02-Jun-12 10:39:05

Oops, sorry blush

Lemme think...

motherinferior Sat 02-Jun-12 10:42:33

'They work so hard'

Clytaemnestra Sat 02-Jun-12 10:42:51

They're all German anyway
We pay their wages
They do so much for charity
Diana was a saint and they abused her
Diana was a master manipulator and they were screwed over

Good for a starter?

Flatbread Sat 02-Jun-12 10:42:55

How about, "they work so hard for us, queen is the most stable thing in my life"

Will this do... grin

Flatbread Sat 02-Jun-12 10:44:13

Oops, crossposted with mother

clytae, i'm very impressed! smile

kim147 Sat 02-Jun-12 10:47:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kim147 Sat 02-Jun-12 10:48:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

motherinferior Sat 02-Jun-12 10:50:12

'You're just a killjoy'

'It's what makes us British'

'With so many awful things going on, the royals give us something to celebrate'

MyRoyalLentillyness Sat 02-Jun-12 11:14:17

You've really got a bee in your bonnet about this one haven't you OP. If you're that bloody wound up about it why not stand for Parliament and start making the kind of changes that would calm you down a bit. I'm sure you'd find that very easy and lots of people would stand firmly behind you. Good luck.

OldGreyWiffleTest Sat 02-Jun-12 11:30:47

Hear hear MrsRoyal - well said.

CommunistMoon Sat 02-Jun-12 11:36:05

"I don't mind the Queen, it's all the parasites I can't stand".
"I wouldn't want to have her job".
"They didn't choose to be born into the Royal Family".
"She's just symbolic/a figurehead".

SirSillyBuntingOfDaddyman Sat 02-Jun-12 11:40:37

"I don't care it's just a free day off"

SirSillyBuntingOfDaddyman Sat 02-Jun-12 11:41:50

lentil you may have the wrong end of the stick here...

SirSillyBuntingOfDaddyman Sat 02-Jun-12 11:42:50

"we'd have no tourist industry without them"

bogeyface Sat 02-Jun-12 11:43:55

MyRoyal I think you that you have COMPLETELY missed the point of this thread!

I will go for "Why should they get money from the civil list when the queen is the richest woman in the world?"

and follow up with

"She has to pay for her whole family, so £37 million isnt that much really"

SirSillyBuntingOfDaddyman Sat 02-Jun-12 11:44:59

"she's just an old woman with horrible children. Leave her alone"

bogeyface Sat 02-Jun-12 11:45:01

ooh and my favourite

"Charles should be passed over in favour of William"

CommunistMoon Sat 02-Jun-12 11:45:04

"The ultimate benefit scroungers".

kim147 Sat 02-Jun-12 11:53:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SirSillyBuntingOfDaddyman Sat 02-Jun-12 11:59:19

"what have the royals ever done for me except take my taxes?"

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