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to be quite touched by Prince Charles's delight with his home movies?

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FiftyShadesOfBunting Fri 01-Jun-12 20:25:10

Its so lovely. And so relatively normal.

And bollox to the royal haterz.

FiftyShadesOfBunting Fri 01-Jun-12 20:27:19

'normal' used very loosly. With the castles and ponies and diamonds and stuff.

TroublesomeEx Fri 01-Jun-12 20:28:10


I know what you mean though!

FiftyShadesOfBunting Fri 01-Jun-12 20:29:31

Her maj is very smiley.

HMQueenElizabeth Fri 01-Jun-12 20:30:00

Me too... Gosh this jubilee is turning me into a royalist.

PandaNot Fri 01-Jun-12 20:30:03

I know, he clearly adores his 'mama' doesn't he?

PeppaTwig Fri 01-Jun-12 20:30:12

I am loving it!! blush

FaceCrack Fri 01-Jun-12 20:31:00

Yep I think it's wonderful. They seem a very close and caring family.

HMQueenElizabeth Fri 01-Jun-12 20:31:10

My DH is grumbling! But tough poo, I'm going to watch jubilee programmes all weekend. Now how do I do royal smileys!? grin

piratecat Fri 01-Jun-12 20:31:22

isn't it nice to see her madge smiling and jolly.

dd on the Wii now, so can't watch any more, but it is really interesting even tho the whole jubilee 'thing' it getting on my nerves.

piratecat Fri 01-Jun-12 20:31:56

she seems like she was a lovely mum.

JubileeTatWearer Fri 01-Jun-12 20:32:54

I've just turned over to watch it. Fab!

FiftyShadesOfBunting Fri 01-Jun-12 20:35:02


I'm enjoying muchly.

Chubfuddler Fri 01-Jun-12 20:35:47

I think, in general, I'm not keen on him. But he's coming over rather well here.

CatsSleepAnywhere Fri 01-Jun-12 20:36:14

Lovely isn't it!

EightiesChick Fri 01-Jun-12 20:36:19

I am enjoying it too - I love archive footage like this. Having said that, the Australian trip they were just discussing was where Charles and Anne (who were, erm, 6 and 4?) got left behind for 5 months. Sad that if was ever felt that was the best option.

But I like seeing the family just interacting and playing. Also Winston Churchill brandishing a branch on the bank of the river at Balmoral. Cracking!

nannyl Fri 01-Jun-12 20:37:18

love it too smile


mummynoseynora Fri 01-Jun-12 20:37:43

tis lovely. him and his 'mama' are coming across much better than I ever thought on this!

and my god doesn't he look like his dad when he was younger (and wills and him looked similar as youngsters too)

Chubfuddler Fri 01-Jun-12 20:38:02

I bet prince Phillip was like Fa in the pursuit of love. Alternately roaring at and sobbing over his children.

cheesesarnie Fri 01-Jun-12 20:38:11

enjoying it here too.

queen is so elegant.
loving that theyre so 'normal'!

i want to be queen.

Chubfuddler Fri 01-Jun-12 20:38:34

Cracking legs your majesty.

MrsTrellisOfSouthWales Fri 01-Jun-12 20:39:38

WTAF was Lord Mountbatten doing on that zip wire between the ships shock grin

orienteerer Fri 01-Jun-12 20:39:56

Ahh, there you all are. I started a thread in TV but go no takers blush.

Chubfuddler Fri 01-Jun-12 20:41:04

I heart princess Margaret.

KazzaRazza Fri 01-Jun-12 20:43:45

I love that his face totally lights up when he's watching.

There is a huge amount of love there.

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