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AIBU to not know when the Jubilee is?

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BlueBirdsNest Tue 29-May-12 13:21:10

Just been for lunch and the talk turned to the Jubilee and I said 'when is it' and they all looked at me like hmm

I mean I know it's coming up but when is it?

Is it Saturday/Sunday/ Monday or Tuesday???

And am I a bad person by not knowing?

Seona1973 Tue 29-May-12 13:30:37

I think it is next tuesday - the kids have the day off

Seona1973 Tue 29-May-12 13:33:39

her coronation was actually the 2nd June 1953 but they are getting an extra holiday on the 5th anyway

Tiggles Tue 29-May-12 13:34:21

I think the 2nd of June as that was the day of her coronation.

lostInMyHouse Tue 29-May-12 13:34:47

The diamond Jubilee is the diamond anniversary, which I think is 60 years. The one coming up is 60 years since the Queen became the Queen.

Jubilee word means "A specially celebrated anniversary" - just looked that up which is close to what I told the DC it must mean this morning - a type of celebration.

I don't think your a bad person - I mean it not like the knowledge was stopping you turning into a serial killer.

Seona1973 Tue 29-May-12 13:35:05

p.s. bet they didnt really know when it was either! Our schools have friday, monday and tuesday off for the jubilee weekend

FrancescaCarrington Tue 29-May-12 13:35:13

I don't know either, I guess its either Mon or Tues but only because those are the bank holidays. Its all passed me by to be honest.

lostInMyHouse Tue 29-May-12 13:36:32

see - this is what I get for MN with a toddler with me - what the other said

<gets of arse to do some parenting>

Songbird Tue 29-May-12 13:36:45

It's half term here next week anyway. OP, no YANBU, I knew we were getting an extra bank hol on Tuesday, but it was a while before I realised that was 'the Jubilee'.

GentleOtter Tue 29-May-12 13:36:57

I have not a clue when it is or when the Olympics begin. Nor care

yanbu and are not a bad person.

lostInMyHouse Tue 29-May-12 13:37:34

Stuff going on round here - Wednesday, Thursday, Sat, Sun and Tuesday.

rainydaysarebad Tue 29-May-12 13:37:41

I bet the queen remembers - its like a birthday isn't it? You always remember your own but easily forget others.

squeakytoy Tue 29-May-12 15:00:01

A thought struck me today, that this is the only Diamond Jubilee that any of us alive today will ever see.. confused

Charlie will be lucky to get a Silver if he ever does sit on the throne, and William is unlikely to do a 60 year stint either...

So we may as well make the most of it!

HauntedLittleLunatic Tue 29-May-12 15:11:37

Sat is actually the 59th anniversary of her coronation. As it is a sat, and Mon is a bank holiday anyway the public hol falls on the tues.

Jubilee is celebrated as it is the start of her 60th year.

Just to confuse you she actually took the throne in Feb 1952 but wasn't crowned until 1953

VolvoMo Tue 29-May-12 15:27:41

It's next weekend. Various events being held from Saturday to Tuesday. But very tired of all the naf flag waving and bunting already Why on earth we didn't book a short break away like most sane people I will never know.

ripsishere Tue 29-May-12 15:31:10

My local council don't seem to have gone in for bunting and flag waving. I certainly haven't seen any.
DD is having a jubilee party at school. She has a new headband with flags on for the occasion.

SeventhEverything Tue 29-May-12 15:31:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsCarriePooter Tue 29-May-12 15:38:45

A Feb bank holiday would be more like celebrating the death of King George IV (especially for the Queen - I bet she'd find all the waving and bunting a bit much - even after 60 years I bet she thinks of her father on that day).

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