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that ds school is not doing anything jubilee related

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irememberthesilverjubilee Sat 26-May-12 12:34:50

Or am I v lucky not to be looking for 1950s / coronation outfits as other ops have got!
I have checked his bag to make sure there is no hidden letter but he is 14!

And it is in the middle of a certain town that is home to a great big 'house' with a flag on the top of it!!

PuppyMonkey Sat 26-May-12 12:37:03

You're v lucky, or else the letter will come the day before. grin

WorraLiberty Sat 26-May-12 12:37:10

I don't really know what you're asking...but my DS13's school isn't doing much either. Just a bake sale at lunchtime I think.

My DS9's school is having a Jubilee picnic

PuppyMonkey Sat 26-May-12 12:38:43

Sorry, just seen about being 14. Oh that's different then, older kids would just take the piss quite rightly. DD is 15 and they're ignoring the whole silly farce too.

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