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To say bloody hell what's happened to Judy Finnegan???

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CockyPants Thu 24-May-12 12:19:45

Age not being kind...

flapperghasted Thu 24-May-12 13:02:19

And she's 64, if you look it up on Wiki (and if my adding up is right!).

HobnobsAreMyFave Thu 24-May-12 13:02:58

I mean how very dare someone look older, take her out and shoot her immediately. hmm OP I expect you are a vision of loveliness at all times.

Frontpaw Thu 24-May-12 13:03:48

What's she done? I quite like her. She's like an aunts. Much nicer that that old man of hers (too smug by far).

GeneHuntsMistress Thu 24-May-12 13:05:15

flapper he's even better <swoon>

aliceinboots Thu 24-May-12 13:07:01

I am clearly superficial. Would rather look like Joannie Collins than Jude when I hit 70.

ICutMyFootOnOccamsRazor Thu 24-May-12 13:07:18

Wow poor lady. How very dare she look her age?

It's bloody sad that the makeup artists are so unused to doing women over 45 for telly that they get it badly wrong.

flapperghasted Thu 24-May-12 13:09:01

Am jealous GHM. Flouncing off to do some work sulk!

flapperghasted Thu 24-May-12 13:10:27

I'd rather look like Jude. Give me an honest face, as nature intended it rather than a ghastly, over-made up trollopy one! (I'm channeling my grandma with that sentence...she was more Jude than Joan too).

aliceinboots Thu 24-May-12 13:10:35

Twiggy always looks ok on This Morning, ditto other female stars of a certain age. I'm not sure the make-up artist is purely to blame.
Judy seemed to look great all through the 1980's and some of the 90's then almost overnight she aged 20 yrs. Weird...

LaurieFairyCake Thu 24-May-12 13:16:56

I think she looks great for 64.

What's depressing is that we never see 'allowed to age' older women on TV so therefore when I see her I think 'Gosh, she looks old' and that's because she is old and that's what older women look like now.

When I was a wee lass women of 64 looked much older than her - entire beige wardrobe, no make-up, entirely white hair.

Our expectation of retaining youth now are ridiculous. We're all going to get old, look old and then die.

ConferencePear Thu 24-May-12 13:17:06

"Judy seemed to look great all through the 1980's and some of the 90's then almost overnight she aged 20 yrs. Weird..."
This seems to happen quite suddenly to some post-menopausal women. Let's hope it doesn't happen to those who criticise.
Can't we concentrate on how good she is or isn't at her job ?

Acumenoop Thu 24-May-12 13:21:52


"Judy seemed to look great all through the 1980's and some of the 90's then almost overnight she aged 20 yrs. Weird..."

I hate to break it to you, but 1992 was 20 years ago.

aliceinboots Thu 24-May-12 13:23:58

I know it was and it appeared to be one day in 1992 she aged 20 years. She looked about 60 then.

treefumaster Thu 24-May-12 13:28:00

it's called ageing and it's coming to a face near you soon unless you are a silly mare like Joan Collins and have lots of surgery and say you haven't

GoPoldark Thu 24-May-12 13:32:47

It's a rare condition known as Madeley Strain.

Creates terrible lines of suffering, especially around the eyes and mouth (all that smiling through adversity) and in the hands (all that sitting on them to avoid SMACKING him around the chops)

aliceinboots Thu 24-May-12 13:36:28

Well on a positive note, she looked like she might have lost some weight.

CockyPants Thu 24-May-12 14:06:26

To those saying I'm bitching I'm against Botox etc, and never wear make up cos my life does not revolve what I look like.
Re Judy, I was shocked at how unwell she looks, and how puffy her face is. I don't give a crap if she's got wrinkles, that's normal!

TheQueenOfSheba Thu 24-May-12 14:10:22

I think the puffiness is due to too much alcohol. Still, she's enjoying her life (I assume), so good on her.

On a separate note, although I applaud anyone growing old 'gracefully', it also pisses me off when people get slated for having Botox, surgery, etc. Why the bloody hell shouldn't they have Botox, surgery, etc. if they want to?

janelikesjam Thu 24-May-12 14:12:10

Two options in my book.

1. She is not looking after herself - too much alcohol, food, stress, etc OP may be worried about this aspect.


2. Thats just how she ages naturally - not all women age like Michelle Pfeifer!!!

Either way, I agree with geegee "her soft manner and gentle voice, which will keep her attractive long after her looks fade". And in real life, as Hello says, she may look alot better, "vibrancy" doesn't always photograph well.

Nancy66 Thu 24-May-12 14:14:40

I think she looks perfectly acceptable for her age.

Fuck would you really want to be dieting and working out in your 60s? I know I wouldn't...

I'm surprised their useless drink driver daughter wasn't tagging along with them, she looks like a younger RM in a blonde wig. Judy was a looker in her day.

Dropdeadfred Thu 24-May-12 14:25:09

Caught on a bad day?

comedycentral Thu 24-May-12 14:33:57

Ahh leave her alone...I still love her for accidently getting her baps out on TV. That's something I would end up doing.

Hulababy Thu 24-May-12 14:37:00

Poor woman. She is getting older - so what?

And then we complain why TV companies seem to sack women as soon as they start to get a bit older hmm

Racers Thu 24-May-12 14:38:18

Celeb photos not even my thing but for some reason I clicked on dropdeadfred's link and my computer went haywire opening up hundreds of IE windows. Hope it will be ok! :-o. Anyone else have that happen?

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