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to not want to celebrate the Jubilee?

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lydonsmum Thu 24-May-12 10:04:47

Never been a big fan of the royals, neither is DH. We had planned to go to Eden project for the bank holiday but have cancelled that due to a new dog in the house. Instead we just want to have a couple of good days out that don't involve miles of bunting / street parties and enforced jollity. DH is tetchy if not at work for more than a weekend as he is self employed, so i need to have some plans in place that we will all enjoy.
DS isn't too fussed by the celebrations, but would enjoy a good dog friendly day out.
Suggestions welcome, but AIBU?

ajandjjmum Thu 24-May-12 10:07:09

No. Your life, your choice.
Just don't be miserable with those who do celebrate.

katykuns Thu 24-May-12 10:08:04

I am not bothered about the Jubilee either... was equally as uninterested in the Royal wedding.

If no one in your family is bothered, I would just do whatever you want! There's no rule about joining in :P

TheLaminator Thu 24-May-12 10:10:37

I`m avoiding it/ so not bothered by it that i`m not even sure what day it is on... Monday? Dont care. Self employed here too, so will just be a normal day.

Thankfully we`ll probably just hide in our garden, but if you want to get out and about with the pooch maybe (not sure where you are...?) try a canal or river walk avoiding big parks/open spaces.

DogEared Thu 24-May-12 10:10:45

I won't be celebrating either. We'll either go for a long walk, or have a popcorn and film day if it's raining. I shall also do some research with my children about the monarchy and what it all means, so that they can understand what it's all about. smile

OldGreyWiffleTest Thu 24-May-12 10:10:50

Yep - just bugger off somewhere and let the rest of us enjoy and celebrate.

bunnybabylon Thu 24-May-12 10:11:35

er don't then

Latara Thu 24-May-12 10:18:04

Party pooper.

Actually - when is the Jubilee??
I need to make sure that the street won't be blocked by a bunch of toddlers armed with Fruit Shoots if I'm on a shift that day.

jubilucket Thu 24-May-12 10:21:11

Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th are both bank holidays, the evening do's are largely on the 4th, that's when the chain of beacons across the Commonwealth are being lit, and lots of firework displays to go with them.

MrJasc Thu 24-May-12 10:22:28

I've got a wedding to go to. It's an "alternative" pagan/gothic type wedding as well, with handfasting, sand mixing etc.. I get to see some of my more straight-laced and traditional friends get all humphy. Can’t wait... grin

MrJasc Thu 24-May-12 10:24:08

and sorry, no YANBU, do as you wish with your own free time. It's prob polite not to rain on other's parade though?

chugginalong Thu 24-May-12 11:10:04

Who's going to make you? Just don't.

SooticaTheWitchesCat Thu 24-May-12 11:13:09

You don't have to celebrate, you can do what you want.

I am going to celebrate though, it is a historic event, we will never see anoth one in our lifetimes so I shall be at the street party having a great time smile

JosephineCD Thu 24-May-12 11:21:07

It is not compulsory to celebrate it.

Latara Thu 24-May-12 11:56:47

4th & 5th, party time, thanks.

LineRunner Thu 24-May-12 11:58:59

Extra sleeps for me.

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