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Breastfeeding profile pictures- more than likely will cause a bunfight

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WhaleOilBeefHookedIWill Mon 30-Apr-12 12:22:22

Im pro breastfeeding- 100%. But I really don't like seeing a woman with an exposed breast (and nipple showing) feeding her child as a profile pic. In a photo album fine, but for people to see that photo when they post on a friend of theres wall or comment on someone elses status with no choice but to see it is not right imo.
AIBU? (I know I am really but just wanted to muster up a discussion to --distract me from decorating--while away the hours)

PurpleRomanesco Mon 30-Apr-12 12:24:23


They're only breasts. Every second person on the planet has them.

entropygirl Mon 30-Apr-12 12:24:35

How can you be 100% pro-breastfeeding but really not like seeing boob bits while a mum is feeding?

It comes with the territory?

WhaleOilBeefHookedIWill Mon 30-Apr-12 12:25:55

Seeing boob bits fine- seeing them on a facebook profile is not fine to me. Dunno why.

BlackOutTheSun Mon 30-Apr-12 12:25:58

eh? its a breast

PomBearWithAnOFRS Mon 30-Apr-12 12:26:06

There's even a lady breastfeeding in an advert on TV now shock horror maybe you shouldn't watch anything anymore, just in case you see her!
What have you got against breasts and/or nipples anyway?

Fecklessdizzy Mon 30-Apr-12 12:26:08

biscuit Bunfight-a-go-go ...

LadyBeagleEyes Mon 30-Apr-12 12:26:44

Just attention seeking IMO.

entropygirl Mon 30-Apr-12 12:27:17

ahhh easy fix then! quit facebook! stay here on MN where there are no pics automatically visible!

RustyKuntz Mon 30-Apr-12 12:29:08

( . V .)
\ /

<wiggles ample bosom at OP>


AvocadoAndFitch Mon 30-Apr-12 12:29:35

100% Pro breastfeeding as long as you don't see a picture of it. hmm not really 100% is it.

It normalises it, I think its a good thing.

RustyKuntz Mon 30-Apr-12 12:29:46

lol, best leave the MN pictures to talcandturnips grin

entropygirl Mon 30-Apr-12 12:30:08

Well my guess is that facebook don't allow nude profile pics? So there are no dicks or vagines on view...

but boobs is different, especially when shown in an obviously non sexual context...

I would feel uncomfortable about a page 3 shot as a profile pic but not a BF pic. Context is everything!

MissPenteuth Mon 30-Apr-12 12:30:37

Meh, if you don't like it, fair enough, you can't help what you feel.

It doesn't bother me though, I think BFing is lovely and natural and should be promoted and normalised.

Dappylittlemomma Mon 30-Apr-12 12:31:10

YANBU. Surely having an exposed breast on your FB profile is a separate issue entirely to breast-feeding. It is a little unusual, even if it involves an unsuspecting infant and just a little in your face for those with delicate sensitivites.

Aribura Mon 30-Apr-12 12:31:24

YANBU, it's "only a breast" but that doesn't mean I have to want to look at it all the time, does it?

PurpleRomanesco Mon 30-Apr-12 12:33:55

No you shouldn't have to "want to look at it all the time" hmm but you shouldn't feel a negative reaction when you see one (or two).

entropygirl Mon 30-Apr-12 12:35:21

hmm well I suppose YANBU to dislike seeing breasts....or even dislike seeing breast feeding, but YWBVVU to say anything to the person concerned or lobby facebook to get rid of it...or yell at breast feeding women to cover up etc.

I dislike some peoples faces being on their profiles pics....

YonWhaleFish Mon 30-Apr-12 12:36:15

I am with the person who said it's attention seeking.

LadyBeagleEyes Mon 30-Apr-12 12:36:17

Well when I breast fed, a long time ago there's no way I'd have made it my profile picture.
Would anyone else here, and if not why?

glastocat Mon 30-Apr-12 12:36:26

Please correct me if I am wrong as my breast feeding years are many years in the past,but surely if the nipple is exposed,they are Doing It Wrong?

TiddlesTheNaughtyTortoise Mon 30-Apr-12 12:38:35

I agree with the OP. I BF but I don't wish to see anyone else's norks, thank you very much. Nor do I wish to flash mine about to all and sundry. I'm comfortable feeding most places and in front of most people but it's perfectly possible to be discreet about it.

I find it a bit smug and self satisfied to make such a show of BF. I know someone who makes a show of flopping her whole boob out to feed and I just think it's normal, it's natural and you are far from the first person to have ever managed it. Now cover yourself up a bit, there's a love.

TheRhubarb Mon 30-Apr-12 12:38:46

Whatever. It's on her profile so only friends and family will see it.

If you don't like exposed nipples then perhaps you would also be as shocked if some of your male friends had topless pics on their profiles too?

It's not like it's Page 3. This is how breasts SHOULD be shown, not as a bit of sexual titillation but as a wonderful source of nutrition for her baby which is exactly what they were made for. I would be applauding her courage and the unwritten statement that it contains.

entropygirl Mon 30-Apr-12 12:40:19

rhubarb are you daft? It is only girlie nipples that are the devils work!

Noqontrol Mon 30-Apr-12 12:40:51

I wouldn't post a pic of myself bf, but I guess I wouldn't care too much about someone else doing it.

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