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to try and get Google Street View to retake the photos of our house?

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ChaosTrulyReigns Thu 19-Apr-12 13:19:40

After perusing, GSV last night, I was horrified and completely dusgusted to find that the images of our street were taken on BinDay.


So, there's my semi, in all its glory, with 2 gofaster bins wanting strewn across the pavement in front of my bushes. Tawdriness and ugliness preserved for all the world to see and judge upon.

And one of the Chaotics hadn't drawn their curtains naicely. angry

It's not just about what the neighbours think nowadays is it? The whole world can formulate opinions as to your slovenly habits.


AIBU to try to get the pictures reshot now I have petunias and a hoovered drive?

CarpeJugulum Thu 19-Apr-12 14:14:35

There is only one car parked on our entire road. It looks like the long awaited/feared zombie invasion has taken place confused

Tee2072 Thu 19-Apr-12 14:15:01

The good news is the lawn was just as crap then as it is now...

SpringHeeledJack Thu 19-Apr-12 14:16:27

mine has a gopping rolled up carpet in front


they wouldn't retake it. I know, I asked em

we had to actually move house

Maryz Thu 19-Apr-12 14:16:39

And to add insult to injury, there are election posters for an election from 2009 hmm all over the fecking road.

lydonsmum Thu 19-Apr-12 14:17:19

Just had a look, and ours shows the old windows and front door as well as the load liner from DHs old truck propped up against the fence. Must be a couple of years old now.

SingingSands Thu 19-Apr-12 14:19:42

Ours is quite good - lovely sunny day in June/July I think - everything looks rosy, but our bedroom curtains are shut. DH critised me for "still being in bed" when the photos were taken (I was on mat leave with DS).

You can see my FIL hanging washing out on the street view of their house! FIL is well chuffed as it is evidence to MIL and the WHOLE WORLD that he does actually do some housework! grin

hophophippidtyhop Thu 19-Apr-12 14:25:51

Our house sits on the corner of two roads. The gsv for the roads were done on different days before we lived there - one road has the house with the old windows being ripped out, the other road has no signs of work and shiny new windows!

rebecklet Thu 19-Apr-12 14:30:13


Ours has a van parked in front of it so you can't actually see it!

GateGipsy Thu 19-Apr-12 14:30:25

I would like them to offer a photo retouching service. I would pay for this. Would be a lot cheaper than having the house repainted.

cocolepew Thu 19-Apr-12 14:40:57

That's so funny GG grin

Psammead Thu 19-Apr-12 15:51:30

Ooh, we've not got street view. I shall stay inside forever more just in case they sneakily do it.

ChaosTrulyReigns Thu 19-Apr-12 22:48:27

You lot.

I wanted a right roasting.

You all agreed with me.

I'm rather partial to the Move House In Shame tactic - nice one SpringHeeledJ.


TalcAndTurnips Thu 19-Apr-12 22:50:24

I can see my jugs in the window on my Street View blush

ChaosTrulyReigns Thu 19-Apr-12 22:54:53

Oh you so need my double entendre thread, TAT.


TalcAndTurnips Thu 19-Apr-12 22:55:44


BigHairyFlowers Thu 19-Apr-12 23:03:40

My house has a white van parked in front of it shock A White Van!!

Will I be able to get them to photoshop 'Ocado' onto it do you think?


whomovedmychocolate Thu 19-Apr-12 23:05:47

Mine does not exist on Google Street View. Huzzah! It's a magic house!

ChaosTrulyReigns Thu 19-Apr-12 23:07:36

like your poo?

SpiritOfTheSite Thu 19-Apr-12 23:08:28

Ds1 is on a couple of shots of our street, shooting the street view vehicle with a stick. I'm so proud hmm

TalcAndTurnips Thu 19-Apr-12 23:09:27

I wish there weren't all those hairy-handed truckers lurking - I'd love it if we could could put our postcodes so we could all see each others' houses.

If we timed it correctly, we could wave at each other smile

<< naive >>

IShallWearMidnight Thu 19-Apr-12 23:10:29

thankfully mine was done on bin day AFTER the recycling lorry had been so noone can see the number of empty wine bottles. I want to keep the picture as it is because the house now desperately needs painting and the garden tidying up blush.

FriskyBivalves Thu 19-Apr-12 23:17:28


Perhaps Google gave the binmen the cameras to take the pictures of Chaos's everyone's streetside shame? Cunning money saving tactic.

whomovedmychocolate Fri 20-Apr-12 07:25:17

Chaos - I have not had an angel poo since I posted it on Mumsnet. I think one of you buggers stole them hmm grin

OlaRapaceFru Fri 20-Apr-12 07:47:15

I'd obviously forgotten to open the sitting room curtains that morning. All the neighbours' sitting room curtains are open, so it looks as though our house is occupied by hermits. blush

Sparklingbrook Fri 20-Apr-12 07:54:21

We have had a porch since the photo was taken so ours is out of date. Plus you can see the iron on the windowledge in the bedroom. Could be worse I could have been gardening or something. blush

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