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To think that TESCO are the biggest bunch of WANKERS ever (apart from the Tories of course))

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AbsolutelyDisgusted Thu 12-Apr-12 13:49:28

I was accused of trying to leave a Tesco store without paying back in November due to there being a technical problem with their self service checkout system. V. v embarassing and infuriating. I was treated like complete scum.

Next day, I called the store, spoke to the Duty Manager and he said he would look into it and come back to me asap. He did'nt. I complain again at the Customer Services counter 2 weeks later (I am in there most days). The assistant is horrified that no one had contacted me. Another 2 weeks later or thereabouts, I go back to the Customer Services counter. Lo and behold, they have no record of my complaint. No knowledge whatsoever, I am told to telephone the national Customer Services number. I do this and they ask me to put my complaint in writing by email which I do. We get to February and they reply by email saying they are waiting for the manager from the store to investigate it but will come back to by the end of the week. March, I email again, no reply and now last week, no reply again.

I would drop it but I get an irrational surge of fury every time I go in there (almost next to the DCs school so very inconvenient NOT to go there and they would'nt give a shit anyway) that they think they can take my money and treat me like shit without so much of an apology for their embarrasing and distressing mistake. AIBU?

cornsyilk Thu 12-Apr-12 13:52:11

Yanbu - I hate tesco stores. The staff are rude and the stores are filthy. I don't go there any more.

cuteboots Thu 12-Apr-12 13:55:21

yanbu- I think they have to be the worst food shop ever and they are cropping up everywhere like some sort of virus. I no longer use the one near me and have no intention of doing so ever again!

KeepTheChange Thu 12-Apr-12 13:56:24

I know it's convenient, but honestly, why are you still giving them your money? shock

Lulumama Thu 12-Apr-12 13:57:04


I am having a similar issue re a complaint that no-one seems to have logged, the store have't called me back and the customer services people on the phone are just dreadful and couldn't give two hoots about helping

Frontpaw Thu 12-Apr-12 14:00:16

Write to Sir Richard Broadbent (Chairman). Put Personal + Confidential on the envelope. Chairmen hate geting this sort of letter.

wonkylegs Thu 12-Apr-12 14:01:21

That's not bad customer service , try having a complaint with Furniture village - our local manager told me there couldn't possibly be a fault with our sofa it must have broken because I'm too fat angry (not that the frame had a fault in the wood which caused it to snap in half)
Even if I had been fat it would have been rude but it was also ridiculous as I am a petite 4'11 size 6 . I never got an apology or our sofa properly fixed despite going back about a million times to an ever increasingly rude shop angryangry

bejeezus Thu 12-Apr-12 14:01:27

When I was 8 months pregnant a garden chair which I had bought from Tescos collapsed when I sat on it and I hit the floor with an almighty crash. I weighed myself and I was 20kg under the weight limit for the chair.

I took it back to Tescos to tell them what had happened and get a refund. I thought it was important they knew that it was made out of tindersticks as its a bit of a health and legitious hazard for their customers and them

They were very rude and reluctant to give me a refund---after speaking to 3 different managers they eventually conceded on a 'good will basis'. they completely were just not getting what risk they had put me at, with their stupid rubbish chair

perceptionreality Thu 12-Apr-12 14:02:28

YANBU - Tesco are shit. Their customer service is non-existant. Staff stand in front of you restocking shelves and make no attempt to move when they can see you're trying to buy something.

Where I live, an Asda has just opened and I now no longer shop at Tesco. If I were you I would go elsewhere, even though it may be inconvenient. Do you really want to feel angry every time you have to go shopping?

usualsuspect Thu 12-Apr-12 14:05:52

I disagree that all Tesco staff are rude.

rebecklet Thu 12-Apr-12 14:06:35

I hate Tesco, our local one always has problems with the freezer and food is either crystallised from thawing and re-freezing or just not frozen enough - it is shockingly bad! I have complained with no response.

Sainsburys on the other hand, I complained about being nearly pooed on by pidgeons who had set up camp on the sign above the entrance and the manager called me back within the week to say they would clean the area underneath more regularly and that they were trying to get rid of the pidgeons. I haven't yet been back so we will have to see.

Complain with your feet and do not give them any more money.

CockyPants Thu 12-Apr-12 14:08:46

Tesco. Shit shit food. Lousy staff with no product knowledge. Filthy stores. No wonder profits are falling. MUMSNET boycott Tesco. We deserve somewhere decent to spend hard earned cash on food.

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 12-Apr-12 14:10:55

I only go in there for the Daisy dishwasher powder because it's so cheap.

I dont like their bullying tactics when they go for planning permisson for new stores.

MrsKittyFane Thu 12-Apr-12 14:13:04

Wow. Rude staff.
I am an expert complainer smile The trick is to talk quietly and tell them exactly what you want. If you are interrupted, stop talking, listen, ignore and continue with what you were saying.
I have had a few people saying 'we can't exchange, refund' (etc) and my reply is always 'I think you can. Your product is of poor quality and I would like a replacement or a refund/ credit voucher.' the fewer words spoken the better. Always polite but annoyingly persistent.

MeanMom Thu 12-Apr-12 14:15:19

YANBU - but what do you actually want them to do?

Decide what the minimum is that you want, and also what you would like them to do (assume there was no monetary loss so do you want some store vouchers, or is a 'proper' apology what you need?) Then go to the store when you have plenty of time to spare and no DC with you. Go to customer services and ask for the manager and stay there until a duty manager appears. Take copies of your e - mails. Stand there until you get what you want or an acceptable compromise.

And never, ever go back.

Kladdkaka Thu 12-Apr-12 14:15:22

Write to Sir Richard Broadbent (Chairman). Put Personal + Confidential on the envelope. Chairmen hate geting this sort of letter.

I worked for an international retail chain for many years. When the Chairman received a letter of complaint, even totally unjustified ones, the poop really hit the fan.

trikken Thu 12-Apr-12 14:15:49

I think u are being a bit unreasonable. may have had a bad experience but not every tesco is the same. They employ thousands of people, many employees like me are good at their job.

As for your specific prob have u phoned rather than emailed as I find as wirh any complaint service it seems to get dealt with quicker and easier rather than being passed about quite so much.

HexagonalQueenOfTheSummer Thu 12-Apr-12 14:16:48

I loathe tesco, absolutely loathe them. They seem to be taking over our town with their massive stores, they are currently building a third one, but I find them soul-less, horrible shopping experiences with rude, ignorant staff.

Sainsburys and Asda are much better; the staff are always pleasant and friendly, and their food is superior quality

bejeezus Thu 12-Apr-12 14:17:08

i also disagree that all teh staff are rude- check out operators in ours are always friendly.
Its the customer service staff that arent- they must train them that way. if they are not given the means or permission to correct a mistake and appease teh customer, then it puts them in a really difficult position and they will be CONSTANTLY dealing with disgruntled customers. Enough to make anyone miserable and defensive

usualsuspect Thu 12-Apr-12 14:17:26

My DD works for Tesco , shes neither rude or lousy at her job

onelittlefish Thu 12-Apr-12 14:19:47

I hate tesco. Not because their stores are filthy but because they have no regard for farmers and producers - simple solution - take your money elsewhere. There is definitely not a statement more powerful than this.

TheFeministsWife Thu 12-Apr-12 14:20:39

YANBU! I hate Tesco's with a passion.

About 2 years ago I did a massive online shop with them (about £150) that was due to come 4 and 6pm. Never showed, took my money though! angry When I eventually spoke to someone on the customer service line I was told the driver couldn't find my house so just took the shopping back to the depot. hmm I asked why he hadn't phoned so I could give him directions, I also pointed out that I'd put a note on my account with directions because my house is hard to find. In the end the refused to redeliver it, (bastards) and I had nothing in for the kids tea, had to go the chippy. DH had to go to the depot (which was only about a mile from our house, so no idea why couldn't redeliver it all) and pick up all the shopping at 9.30 at night after finishing a 12 hour shift! I was told they would refund me the delivery charge and I'd get money off vouchers, I never did!

Haven't used there online shop since, I now use Sainsbury's online, much, much better, customer service are good, drivers are nicer, and the food they pick is actually well within the use by date unlike Tesco's. hmm There is an Asda 10 minutes from me that I use when I'm not doing an online shop. I refuse to shop in Tesco at all now.

They built a new Tesco near my mum and dad's, last year (biggest in Liverpool I think), and they both refuse to shop in there now because the staff are that rude! shock

Collision Thu 12-Apr-12 14:21:19

and that is why I refuse to shop there anymore!

Hideous vile overpriced shop!

And now I shop at Aldi and Waitrose.

HateBeingCantDoUpMyJeans Thu 12-Apr-12 14:21:50

Have you tried twitter? I had a problem and they sorted it out much better than any other part of tescos have previously.

RhinosDontEatEasterEggs Thu 12-Apr-12 14:23:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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