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to buy my wedding dress

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maddening Wed 04-Apr-12 14:27:12

from an online site that is obviously a chinese company copying designer dresses?

There are several reasons not to - the high chance of child labour and poor working conditions, the fact they are essentially stealing a design and the chance that it'll be poor quality.

but the dress is perfect and I don't know how to find out who the original designer is...

nickelhasababy Thu 05-Apr-12 13:37:15

yeah, they're still choosing crap hymns.
would comment if dd wasn't eating (cos i can't be bothered to research and suggest)

Rhubarbgarden Thu 05-Apr-12 13:39:19

[preens] yes I had a floral headdress and copious flowers all over the place - I'm a gardener. Tickled that you remember! I got SO hooked on YAYW. It was indeed a bit 'itsurdayhunlol' grin but not everyone was like that. It took me ages to wean myself off it and now here I am addicted to MN

Rhubarbgarden Thu 05-Apr-12 13:41:23

Nickel ooh were you really? Who were you? Tell, tell!

nickelhasababy Thu 05-Apr-12 13:41:46

i preferred, which was set up because they got fed up of the yayw bitchiness grin

nickelhasababy Thu 05-Apr-12 13:42:26

originally vhc till they changed the name-length rules so i was changed to veryhungrycaterpillar.

emsyj Thu 05-Apr-12 13:42:50

I pretty much switched one addiction for another too blush. What I need is a job with no internet access, then that would solve my problems entirely!

wheresthepopcorn Thu 05-Apr-12 13:48:45

I see there is no contact telephone number if there is a problem. Why not take these pictures to a local dressmaker to copy?

Rhubarbgarden Thu 05-Apr-12 13:54:54

I do remember you vhc. Oh this is all too funny.

GinIsTheAnswer Thu 05-Apr-12 13:59:09

That is very similar to my wedding dress. I used a local dressmaker and my rather poor sketches. Between us we made it happen & for a very reasonable price.
Good luck smile

PinkPolkaDots Thu 05-Apr-12 14:01:29

Oh Rhubarb and emsyj I was a YAYW addict too! my username was smartarse and I remember both of your names popping up! Oh how i long for the use of an avatar again! grin

ViviPru Thu 05-Apr-12 14:09:19

Yeah, they even have guidelines for dos and don'ts when filling out your 'application form'... I was half expecting to be asked to produce an advocate from a forum I am already a member of to provide a reference! Felt like saying 'but I'm accepted on MN - I have friends there and everything!

I might dip a toe in YAYW too. Satisfy the sparkly hun in me....

Rhubarbgarden Thu 05-Apr-12 14:22:09

Smartarse! You were funny! Wasn't it you who had the Lionel Richtea avatar?

emsyj Thu 05-Apr-12 15:19:24

The Lionel Richtea thing made me have full-on hysterics in the office - I might (^might^) even have forwarded it to everyone in my team so they could share the hilarity blush. I cried laughing at that thing.

'Hello....... Is it tea you're lookin' for?'

nickelhasababy Thu 05-Apr-12 15:55:59


I didn't have an avatar - too much like hard work! grin

i've forgotten my password. sad

PinkPolkaDots Thu 12-Apr-12 10:32:26

Ha ha - no Lionel Richtea wasnt me, but it was hilarious! (can't for the life of me think who that was now! - something plum or plum something springs to mind?
My avatar was usually a mousepad with the word smartarse on it. But I did change it quite alot!
admittedly I was more of a lurker than a poster (same as MN really) but I read almost every thread so I always knew who and what was going on! grin

PinkPolkaDots Thu 12-Apr-12 10:33:07

Just thought... was Lionel Richtea plumduff? that rings a bell!

BettyandDon Sun 17-Mar-13 21:10:24

I am buying mine direct from the designer. I am proud to support a British designer. Luckily though my pop is paying. I feel there is a lot of risk in buying from China and the stress would kill me!

IAmLouisWalsh Sun 17-Mar-13 21:21:22

My MILmade my dress. We toured the wedding shops of Brum and she made me try on stuff that cost £2k ( this was 14 years ago!). Then she copied the £800 dress I liked for the grand total of £75. And a chunk of that was the cost of having buttons covered to match the bodice fabric - fabric cost less than £50.

LegoAcupuncture Sun 17-Mar-13 21:35:03

Zombie thread confused

roses2 Sun 17-Mar-13 21:40:51

I bought mine from China ( It was absolutely stunning and identical to the one I tried in the shop which was 10x the cost.

IAmLouisWalsh Sun 17-Mar-13 21:42:22

Ah,fuck - missed the Zombieness

selsigfach Sun 17-Mar-13 23:15:45

I found a beautiful ebay dress for £100 that looked just perfect in the photos. I ordered it thinking that for £100, I'd chance it and if it wasn't perfect, I wouldn't have lost much. When it came it was too hideous for words, but surprisingly enough I did get a partial refund so only lost £50. I then got the most amazing silk dress from (shop is in Liverpool) for £250 (had a £1,300 price tag on it.) Wish I'd gone there in the first place.

MusicalEndorphins Mon 18-Mar-13 02:40:20

Your dilemma is solved, but for future dress or image searching, right click on the pic and copy the image URL then paste it in google images. Then click on "Search by image". You will find it if it is on the web. This is good if checking that a profile picture is "real" or a snagged picture from elsewhere too.
These pics came from using the URL of the dress pic you posted.
Image Search

MusicalEndorphins Mon 18-Mar-13 02:41:32

Oops, a year old now. Oh well, maybe the infor will help someone else.

Jengnr Mon 18-Mar-13 02:47:43

My mate got hers from China for £80 and it was gorgeous! Go for it!

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