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To put a dog lead on the baby?

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WhiteTrash Sun 01-Apr-12 13:30:44

A friend of mine took her (then) toddler to a festival, he was just walking so had reins on him, and attached to that, a retractable dog lead. It meant he had a little freedom but stayed safe and she could sit with her friends.

We've booked a short camping trip, the baby will most likely be walking by then and Im not sure if all babies do this but our first, once he started walking would literally aim for the horizon and just go. Over and over again. No amount of distraction would prevent it. It lasted 5 or so months and he was a bit easier. Im assuming DS2 will be the same, and we'd love to sit on the beach have picnics etc.

Anyway when my friend told me what she did, I thought it was a genuis idea. But apparently, she said people hurled abuse at her for it so clearly not everyone agrees that its a good idea.

IS it unreasonable? Totally prepared to be flamed. But I figured Id ask her first then have abuse hurled at me on the beach. wink

HurricaneBawbag Sun 01-Apr-12 13:34:17

Meh. Some people have a problem with reins, others don't. By saying dog lead though it sounds a bit like it was round his neck, and hopefully everyone would think that is a problem!

candr Sun 01-Apr-12 13:34:29

Doesn't April Fool end at midday? grin

TheSinglePringle Sun 01-Apr-12 13:34:41

I had thought of doing this to my 2 year old. Get a retractable lead, give enough lead so he can walk around garden without going out of the gate and tying it to the fence grin

WhiteTrash Sun 01-Apr-12 13:35:35

Not round his neck, attached to the handle bits of the reins.

Not an April fool.

HurricaneBawbag Sun 01-Apr-12 13:35:39

Why not take a fold up play pen?

WhiteTrash Sun 01-Apr-12 13:36:59

Because itd be nice for him to play in the grass/sand, the whole poibt is to give him a little freedom to toddle around I supppose.

Grumpla Sun 01-Apr-12 13:37:52

I wish I'd done this with my DS last time we went to a festival! It was a nightmare, I was pregnant and sprinting after him was knackering and terrifying, I lost sight of him once or twice and my heart was in my mouth.

If DS2 shows any signs of doing similar at festival time I will certainly consider purchasing and using a leash! As long as it's securely attached to a waistband or five point harness what's the problem? May draw the line at rubber bones as teether though grin

Maryz Sun 01-Apr-12 13:37:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bobbledunk Sun 01-Apr-12 13:40:16

I think it's a great idea, we were all on reins as toddlers as we used to speed off in different directions. I love seeing people use them, they're safe and much better for a toddler to be able to walk then stuck in a buggy. There is an obesity epidemic for a reason, the government should be advertising them for health reasons.

Appalling that people could shout at you for it, probably the nosy old biddy types, yell fuck off right back at themsmile

Selks Sun 01-Apr-12 13:43:26

Busy festival, long extended lead = trip hazard for other festival goers imo.

OK idea if on a beach where there is plenty of room but you'd have to watch them like a hawk to make sure they didn't get the lead tangled round their neck.

WhiteTrash Sun 01-Apr-12 13:44:33

Well its great to know not all toddlers go through that phase, we have a chance he may not be a bolter then.

Very surprised by the replies, very glad Im not the only one who thought it was a good idea.

Maryz Sun 01-Apr-12 13:46:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WorraLiberty Sun 01-Apr-12 13:49:44

Assuming it's not an April Fool...

What's wrong with simply making sure a 'bolting child' stays in their buggy, holds your hand or uses a wrist strap?

If they want to go for a runaround, let them do it when you do have time to play and run after them.

I'm surprised your friend's child didn't get the dog's lead caught round throat!

Rubirosa Sun 01-Apr-12 13:50:46

I think it's a good idea, I am a fan of reins though.

To be honest I have been criticised by strangers for taking a toddler to a festival at all. Some people just like to interfere!

Maryz Sun 01-Apr-12 13:56:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WorraLiberty Sun 01-Apr-12 14:01:02

Ahhh I don't 'do' refusing toddlers wink

Any tantrum they can throw...I can throw a much bigger one grin

But seriously I would be worried about it getting caught around his legs/throat...or even other people in a crowd.

Rubirosa Sun 01-Apr-12 14:03:36

I'd stay clear of a crowd with it - and it must be pretty difficult to get it wrapped around a throat if it's attached to their back?

pumpkinsweetie Sun 01-Apr-12 14:03:50

Cant c a problem with it , better than a missing child. Iv always been a fan of reins, it means a child can walk without running off- my dcs wont hold hands either so it solves that problem.
The government should promote the use of them

pumpkinsweetie Sun 01-Apr-12 14:04:39

Not sure about the retractable doglead though hmm coukd be dangerous

WorraLiberty Sun 01-Apr-12 14:05:41

I don't know Rubirosa....I'm just thinking of my dog.

He gets it wrapped around trees, his legs and other people grin

Mind you, I suppose it doesn't have to be fully extended

ChunkyPickle Sun 01-Apr-12 14:15:14

I think that the tied up in knots thing is a potential problem (not on an empty beach I suppose.. but then, on an empty beach can't you just let them run off and keep an eye - that's what I do in the park)

Mine hates being strapped in a buggy (until he's tired), will sit down protest if required to hold my hand (at my behest.. he'll drag me places happily) for a second longer than it takes to cross the road, and a wrist strap he'd have no problem escaping from. Reins he likes. He can carry stones, touch flowers, I have a hold if he trips up so he doesn't hit the pavement etc. He actually ducks his head to have them put on when he wants to go for a walk.

I think people without bolters don't realise how different children can be.

WhiteTrash Sun 01-Apr-12 14:23:46

Yes they are pretty long, I dont think Id use it to its full length. I would ne watching him constantly.

One thing Im not up for is enduring a tantruming toddler all holiday. I pick my battles, since its a fairly short lived issue I dont feel like I need to put my foot down about it. Anything for a quiet life wink

TheCatInTheHairnet Sun 01-Apr-12 14:27:20

I think it's a horrible idea. Just watch your baby, fgs!

ChunkyPickle Sun 01-Apr-12 14:27:38

well, if you're watching anyhow, then the worst thing that happens is you have to keep getting up to untangle him.. then it just becomes a matter of which is more annoying - chasing or untangling grin

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