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To have consulted Dr Google over my twitching bottom lip - and been scared witless by him?

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CrockoDuck Sat 31-Mar-12 23:57:45

My bottom lip has been twitching for about 6 hours. A bit like those eyelid twitches, but in my lip, iyswim.

I have been reliably informed that I'm either having a stroke, or it's the onset of Parkinson's.

Or maybe low potassium (so I've eaten 3 bananas).

I hate Dr Google. He should be struck off.

How can I force myself to stop consulting him?

giraffesCantDonateBoneMarrow Sun 01-Apr-12 22:48:57

I have heart attack and a blood clot

muffinflop Sun 01-Apr-12 22:51:12

Haven't read past bangtastic's 'or not at all'. Brilliant

Stratters Sun 01-Apr-12 23:02:46

I loved the Big Medical Book. It was much better than Dr Googles.

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