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To think the working classes have been demonized in this country?

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AwkwardMary Wed 28-Mar-12 23:15:24

I just read an article about it...lost the page can't link sorry! It really resonated with spoke of how their are no positive working class characters on TV anymore...the comedy shows that portray them make them the lowest of the low and shows like TOWIE are only illustrating how the working classed "done good" are only as tacky and badly informed as they "ever were"...and how Little Britain was written by two middle class men who'd been to private who the eff were THEY to take the piss out of working class girls like they did?

In the 80s we had good, positive and sympathetic worknig class characters like Yosser and it spoke of how Brookside was born of the Thatcher Years and showed a truer representation of the hard working working classes. Those with respect for themselves and a good work ethic. The 50s, 60s and 70s had lots of good literature such as Kes and Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, Poor Cow, Up the Junction etc

These days people are all about moving forward and away from being working class...nothing wrong with that you may think...why shouldn't people aspire to a better lifestyle? Well of course they should but not if it means that anyone who isn't striving for a bigger house and more "things" is looked down on and called a chav.

Is it all about respectability? Have the real working classes lost their self respect?

(I am working class right through and often feel confused about my past and my present)

mrsbunnylove Sat 16-Feb-13 16:48:03

there is no 'working class'. the respectable working class became lower middle with the expansion of university education from the 1960s onwards, and the rest sank into chavdom.

Latara Sat 16-Feb-13 17:33:05

I've got backache from working this week so i'm definitely working class ;)

PS. this is a very old thread.

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