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omg SNIFFING!!!!!!

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YonWhaleFish Wed 21-Mar-12 10:04:42

ARGGGGHHHH!!!! Fecking work experience person WON'T STOP SNIFFING!!!!!


<head pops>

bibbityisaporker Wed 21-Mar-12 10:06:14

Pass a tissue and say "would you like a tissue, you are sniffing a lot!".

I have done this to complete strangers on the tube, in the cinema.

Be proactive, come on!

Sillyshell Wed 21-Mar-12 10:10:27

Oh god I know how you feel. Posted myself once about a man in my office who wont stop, it drives me insane. You have my sympathy, one of the most annoying noises in the world!

lolaflores Wed 21-Mar-12 10:15:08

My husband is on a final warning. here is a typical reading session with dd2

"The cat sat "sniff" on the "sniff sniff" cat. "Sniff"
"Sniff" where is the cat "sniff"
On "sniff" the "sniff" mat
Blow it or lose it

boaty Wed 21-Mar-12 10:16:37

YADNBU disgusting! [yuck]

PostBellumBugsy Wed 21-Mar-12 10:17:16

I'm with bibbity - get in there with the tissues!

Catsmamma Wed 21-Mar-12 10:19:03

yes...pass the tissues

and if they still carry on pass another and ask if their brains are running out.

TheOneWithTheHair Wed 21-Mar-12 10:19:03

Yep. Offer a tissue.

ragingmull Wed 21-Mar-12 10:31:00

I have a phobia of blowing my nose. Now I'm worried that I'm a sniffer blush

ragged Wed 21-Mar-12 10:36:54

I couldn't blow my nose until I was a teenager; I found it so rankly disgusting I couldn't bring myself to do it. I'm pretty sure that publicly blowing your nose in some cultures (Japan?) is considered as vulgar as pooing in the street. It's all cultural (in my native culture nobody cares about sniffers or blowers).

So I will continue to sniff sniff here. wink

squoosh Wed 21-Mar-12 10:57:30

Habitual sniffers are an affront to humanity and civilization and I'd gladly have them cast out into the wilds forever more.

See also people who whistle and people who hum.

And yes ragged you're right, apparently in Japan blowing ones nose in public is on a par with dropping your pants, bending over, parting your bum cheeks and farting in someone's face. Fascinating aren't they these cultural differences?

ragged Wed 21-Mar-12 10:58:15

<<Sniff>> <<Sniff>>

NoraHelmer Wed 21-Mar-12 11:05:11

I worked with a man who had a permanent drip on the end of his nose. He sniffed constantly. It was extremely annoying and I would happily have slammed his head through a wall when he refused my offer of a tissue, stating that he didn't like handkerchiefs and preferred to sniff confused. He did eventually retire smile.

VonHerrBurton Wed 21-Mar-12 13:26:45


I hate it, with a passion, especially at work. It's as though they want someone to say 'oh poor you, you sound awful, do you want to go home?' because along with the sniff sniff sniff tends to come the faux-sore throat voice, you know the one, and the moping around, dragging feet. AAARRRGH!

Then you see sniffee in staff room snarfing down on a Big Mac, strawberry sundae and large milkshake, chatting away on phone to friend - perfectly healthy sounding.

Just stop it.

Oakmaiden Wed 21-Mar-12 13:29:47

My son sniffs incessantly.

But then, he has Tourettes, and it is his "thing".

I know not all sniffers have Tourettes, but some might. Just saying.

JasperJohns Wed 21-Mar-12 13:31:27

I hate sniffers. But I also hate nose blowers. confused

peugotgringo Wed 21-Mar-12 14:09:30

I sniff, to me it's a lot more hygeinic than blowing snot and germs into a tissue.

I only blow my nose in the bathroom where I can immediately flush said manky tissue and wash my hands.

Sorry if it annoys people but tough shit, which is precisley what I tell my DH when he complains to me too! grin

2rebecca Wed 21-Mar-12 14:28:29

I hate sniffing and sniffers. How is sniffing the snot into your gut hygienic? Sniffing sounds disgusting as well.

JasperJohns Wed 21-Mar-12 18:40:37

I (silently) object when a colleague blows what sounds like a bucket full of snot into a tissue when sat at their desk.

Yuk yuk yuk. Go to the loo and do it and then wash your hands!

EndoplasmicReticulum Wed 21-Mar-12 18:44:24

I'm a teacher. I teach students from different cultures, sniffing is not seen as rude by everyone. I have trained myself to ignore it.

Which is a good thing, as my son has a sniff thing too.

bigTillyMint Wed 21-Mar-12 19:54:36

DH does this all the time at homeangry

I say do you want a tissue, and sometimes even shove the box under his nose, but it does no good whatsoeverangry

MissCalamity Wed 21-Mar-12 20:27:32

Oh no! The guy I used to work with did this and I really got wound up about this (and whistling, don't get me on that one!)

In the end I bought a box of tissues and plonked them on my desk and said to him that I've got plenty of tissues here for him to use, funnily enough he did quieten down after that and then left...hooray....!

I have however now got a singer hmm

FairlyDinkum Wed 21-Mar-12 20:34:13

Did I just discover an extremely subtle cultural difference between UK and Australia? We would call this 'sniffling', rather than 'sniffing'. I thought you were going to talk about some weird co-worker who picks his ear and sniffs it. Bleurgh!

(maybe its just me though)

QueenSconetta Wed 21-Mar-12 20:36:44

You'd hate our office MissCalamity - we ALL talk to ourselves, its a concentration thing I think.

MsVelvet Wed 21-Mar-12 21:04:05

sometimes no matter how many times i may blow my nose it is still running, it is called Persistent rhinitis and there is not much i can do about it sometimes, try being on the other end where unless you have you head back constantly you are sniffing and knowing everyone is getting pissed off with you.

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