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To send my friend a link of Dragon Butter?

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BareBums Sat 17-Mar-12 12:24:54

Well I've never looked at whatever Dragon Butter is and even when I copied a link of pictures of whatever dragon butter is I covered my phone with my hand, copied the link and sent it to my friend because she constantly spams my phone with images of pointless things even though I've told her to stop, WIU for sending this to her?
She hasn't replied so maybe she fainted with shock?? Or is dragon butter not bad at all? hmm

RuleBritannia Sat 17-Mar-12 12:28:25

Having just googled dragon butter, I think you should have desisted from sending the link to your friend. You were very unwise.

WorraLiberty Sat 17-Mar-12 12:28:37

Please tell me you mean you want to send her a link to Dragon Butter and not a link of Dragon Butter! shock

<Pukes liberally>

smartiesrule Sat 17-Mar-12 12:29:00

Dragon butter is revolting.
You may also want to try:
wolf bagging
ice docking
lemon party

Come on girls, what have I forgotten?

OldGreyWiffleTest Sat 17-Mar-12 12:29:40

I dunno as I've never had the courage to Google it but, from what others on here say, it is to be avoided at all costs!! smile

BareBums Sat 17-Mar-12 12:29:40

Uh oh...but she constantly spams me an I've told her countless times not to!

Oh dear oh dear...

<hides under a blanket>

fallenpetal Sat 17-Mar-12 12:30:47

Whats dragon butter - I cant google far to good a firewall

smartiesrule Sat 17-Mar-12 12:32:02

It's more of a taste...

Floggingmolly Sat 17-Mar-12 12:35:17

Why would you do that? hmm

BareBums Sat 17-Mar-12 12:35:18

Is there a better one to send her then? She text saying what's dragon butter? grin
I said look at the link...

<evil emoticon>

ChildofIsis Sat 17-Mar-12 12:36:29

Don't forget space docking and monkey face!

EllenJaneisnotmyname Sat 17-Mar-12 12:38:33

Blue waffle. <boak>

MrsSleepy Sat 17-Mar-12 12:39:59

Never googled it so don't know what it is

EllenJaneisnotmyname Sat 17-Mar-12 12:41:00

MrsSleepy, don't!

MrsSleepy Sat 17-Mar-12 12:42:50

I want/need to know but I don't want to ifswim!

MuckingFuddle Sat 17-Mar-12 12:43:37

shock why oh why did I just google blue waffle.

Melusina Sat 17-Mar-12 12:44:22

tub girl

Desiren Sat 17-Mar-12 12:47:10

Thanks! (not)

smartiesrule Sat 17-Mar-12 12:47:53

Oh no, why did I just google tub girl? That must be the most disgusting thing I've seen for a long time. Thanks, Melusina

ChaoticAngel Sat 17-Mar-12 12:50:42

grin MuckingFuddle

Munting is another one.

Melusina Sat 17-Mar-12 12:51:34


sorry, I was taken in by it aswell.

the worst of the lot imo.

Desiren Sat 17-Mar-12 12:52:10

Why did then look them all up, I'm a sucker for punishment.

Melusina Sat 17-Mar-12 12:52:21

blue waffle looks like mother of pearl grin

Coconutty Sat 17-Mar-12 12:52:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BareBums Sat 17-Mar-12 12:52:49

Link Mel link!! grin

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