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AIBU to wonder what the diffetence is between Mumsnet & Netmums is?

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ComposHat Sat 10-Mar-12 22:52:03

I've never been over there, but am curious. It seems to get a fair bit of withering comment from users here. - 'you should put that on netmums' in response to a particularly inane or bigotted comment.

It is sometimes referred to as Nethuns - is that because they are a bit Nazi in their views?

The similar names amuse me though - it is like the Judean People's Front and the People's Front of Judea in the Life of Brian

undercoverPrincess Sat 10-Mar-12 22:55:07

i would also like to know marks place

AgentZigzag Sat 10-Mar-12 22:55:10

MN and NM have exactly the same people, it's just that people only come on here when they're in an arse smile

WorraLiberty Sat 10-Mar-12 22:55:11

I've never been there but it's always amused me how much some people here go on about it.

It's just one of millions of other internet forums

Some are wanky and some aren't but I don't get the constant references to it really.

PomBearAtTheGatesOfDawn Sat 10-Mar-12 22:55:42

Much like the difference between proper vampires and Twilight vampires... Sparkles!

usualsuspect Sat 10-Mar-12 22:56:32

Netmums is quite heavily moderated and has a swear filter, its a bit fluffy, different strokes and all that though.

MamaMary Sat 10-Mar-12 22:56:35

huns because they call each other 'hun' short for 'honey'

Spagbolagain Sat 10-Mar-12 22:57:06

It's a bit more sparkly, so they say, I've never been there

<lacking any sense of adventure>

DaydreamDolly Sat 10-Mar-12 22:57:47

A Netmum will call you Hun
An MNetter will call you a cunt. (only if you are, in fact, being a cunt mind you)
That's why I love it here.

AgentZigzag Sat 10-Mar-12 22:57:56

I like that definition PB.

cerealqueen Sat 10-Mar-12 22:59:10

The talkboards are not a patch on mumsnet but the local info is really very good and that is what i use it for.

ABigGirlDoneItAndRanAway Sat 10-Mar-12 22:59:34

I go on both and find that the talk board is better here because text speak is frowned on, but the local section for my area is far better on netmums.

ComposHat Sat 10-Mar-12 23:05:34

Ahh thanks can't abide being called honey (especially if they spell it incorrectly) I also have wish to live on a message board where I can't call a complete stranger a douchenozzle without fear of censure

myheadsamarley Sat 10-Mar-12 23:06:11

day dream dolly couldnt have put it better myself!!!

hideschocolateinthesofa Sat 10-Mar-12 23:06:29

You can feature vom-inducing 'tickers' that know to the day how old your ickle fuzzy-wuzzykins is so the world knows how much you love your precious little baba. Not on here, I like the swearing policy. And its busier!

nenevomito Sat 10-Mar-12 23:07:57

I have accounts on both sites. Both sites can have bunfights about the same thing, but I think the difference can be summed up by this example.

On Netmums, someone posted a gushing thread about how talented their 4yo daughter was and how she was going to be famous as she was such a wonderful singer and dancer and so on.

There followed a number of posts from people saying how wonderful and lucky she was to have such a talented daughter.

On Mumsnet she would have been told to get a grip.


BrianCoxHasScaryHair Sat 10-Mar-12 23:09:54

It's all about the tickers 'innit

thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks
<glitter sparkles> <glitter sparkles> <glitter sparkles> <glitter sparkles>
thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks

BrianCox, Mummy to beautiful lil' buba Cox.
2 weeks, 3 days, 14 hours and 10 minutes until I gets me new Paul's Boutique bag

thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks
<glitter sparkles> <glitter sparkles> <glitter sparkles> <glitter sparkles>
thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks


WorraLiberty Sat 10-Mar-12 23:13:22

That's scary shit Brain


hideschocolateinthesofa Sat 10-Mar-12 23:14:07

<runs to toilet to vom at BrianCox's sparkly ticker>

BrianCoxHasScaryHair Sat 10-Mar-12 23:16:23




SaggyOldClothCatPuss Sat 10-Mar-12 23:17:00

Nethuns have animated emoticons. That is a BAAD thing. apparently

giraffesCantDonateBoneMarrow Sat 10-Mar-12 23:17:46

They are both parenting websites.

That is the extent of the things they have in common.

You asked the differences - I am afraid I don;t have all night wink

NinthWave Sat 10-Mar-12 23:19:18

If you ask for advice on Mumsnet, you'll get advice. You might not like it, but it'll be offered.

If you ask for advice on Netmums, you'll get 27 posts that say "U know ur bubba hun, happy mum = happy baby XXXX"

BrianCoxHasScaryHair Sat 10-Mar-12 23:19:44

quite like animated emoticons

We could have a "fuck the fuck off and fuck off some more when you get there" emoticon.

To get a teeny bit serious, I was once a member of NM about 7 years ago. I loved their local sites and met a few other mums - one of whom is a MNer (I have no idea who you are on here though) So, local bits = good. At that time, all those moons ago, I tell you - my arse got flamed, I got a stalker, it was hideous. BUT it was all done under the guise of a 'friendly, non-sweary' kinda message board.

At least here, what you see is what you get.


ATruthUniversallyAcknowledged Sat 10-Mar-12 23:21:39

My eyes! My eye! Could you not have put a health warning before that post Brian?

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