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To have no sympathy for a family that overstretch themselves to pay school fees?

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mrsruffallo Thu 23-Feb-12 12:18:23

Why not just go to state school?

ChickensHaveNoLips Thu 23-Feb-12 12:21:24

Aw, at least warn me it's a DM link <antibacs keyboard>

Anonymumous Thu 23-Feb-12 12:22:08

I agree. I would have paid the mortgage before anything else, and if that meant putting the children into a state school then so be it. If you'd rather sell up and rent than take your children out of private school that's your choice, but don't then whinge about it in a national newspaper!

mrsruffallo Thu 23-Feb-12 12:22:48

Sorry, am not usually a DM reader/linker , i should have warned you all!
It's actually hilarious when you read the article though.

MaisyMooCow Thu 23-Feb-12 12:23:14

It's personal choice at the end of the day. Give and take...rob Peter to pay Paul etc. Some people budget in certain areas to have a blow out in others. I know a family who budgeted their food bill to enable them to have fantastic holidays each year. Each to their own. If this family feel education is the priority then so be it.

gettingalifenow Thu 23-Feb-12 12:24:19

Bit harsh. The story is about how they've over stretched themselves on many things - starting with house renovations- school fees are just one part of their story.

FedUpOfTheBunfightsSeaCow Thu 23-Feb-12 12:24:58

maisy reading it, it's not that they prioritised education, it's that they remortgaged willynilly with no regard for the future, with an interest only mortgage of all things, to pay for renovations etc. No sympathy from me!

KeepingAwayFromTheJoneses Thu 23-Feb-12 12:25:00

That Sibary woman's got form. If you have a look at some of her other articles you will see her thoughts on state schools. I feel sorry for her children having to go to school, state or private, when their mother writes this sort of tripe for a living.

CreepyWeeBrackets Thu 23-Feb-12 12:25:34

How bad could schools in Hampshire be? It isn't South Central L.A.

I'm sure I've seen this couple before. Zero in your bank account indeed hmm

gettingalifenow Thu 23-Feb-12 12:26:34

Mrsruffalo, what can possibly be hilarious about a family losing their home? Whether they're previously well paid with children at private school or whether they're unemployed with kids at state school - not my idea of hilarious.

mrsruffallo Thu 23-Feb-12 12:27:48

That was my first thought too Creepy.

If you google her name you realise she had been writing articles on this topic and other details of her family life for years.

They don't make pleasant reading and any sympathy I might have had for her evaporated years ago.

mrsruffallo Thu 23-Feb-12 12:28:35

It's hilariuos because it's poncetastic!!

mrsruffallo Thu 23-Feb-12 12:29:19

Oops!! Hilarious

CreepyWeeBrackets Thu 23-Feb-12 12:30:01

The prose is quite funny, but, "And what I could never have known is how soul-destroying it is to raise children in a house that is not your own" smacks of entitlement.

Soul-destroying is not being able to feed your children or provide heating. Wankers.

flibbertywidget Thu 23-Feb-12 12:32:36

but in actual fact the article is more about the fact they stupidly remortgaged themselves in smuggity smugness, the school fees were one aspect of their shit money management.

YABU to have no sympathy as it is sad for their kids, who are the victims. YANBU to have no sympathy for their poor money management.

More emphasis on money management, personal finances etc at school/college would serve the UK public better. <jumps off pedestal and passes it on>

BTW - I am shit with money, but I am learning not to be. and I would never be as stupid as this.

however this article is in the Daily Snort.. so taken with pinch of salt

kitsmummy Thu 23-Feb-12 12:33:04

Ha, I just KNEW it was going to be this article before I clicked on the link! I found it quite amusing too - just because they seemed like absolute fuckwits who brought it all on themselves and now feel despair because they're forced to live below their rightful standing in society, idiots!

IUseTooMuchKitchenRoll Thu 23-Feb-12 12:33:10

I think you are being a bit mean. The recession has hit everyone, and it shouldn't only be those who live in council accommodation or get benefits that deserve empathy.

This family tried to do their best for their children by sending them to the best school they could, isn't that what we all do for our children?

So they made a mistake and over stretched themselves? We all make mistakes and bad choices sometimes.

elportodelgato Thu 23-Feb-12 12:33:13

hilarious reading, thanks mrsruffalo
these people are idiots and deserve everything they get tbh, what FOOLS remortgaging like that
feel sorry for their kids though

Read this one and see if you still feel the same about her

TwllBach Thu 23-Feb-12 12:33:48

Soul destroying is working six days a week and still being on the bread line to the point where you can't actually afford to have children in the first place. Cock off woman.

TheHumancatapult Thu 23-Feb-12 12:34:17

2000 a month on rental fees.even here in East herts with very good state schools and close to london that woud get you a lot of house rent wise

TwllBach Thu 23-Feb-12 12:34:57

<sigh> on reflection that was probably a bit mean. Everyone has their troubles blah blah. I am just feeling extraordinarily bitter today again

CreepyWeeBrackets Thu 23-Feb-12 12:35:15

Plenty of 3-beds for half what they're paying in rent.

ivykaty44 Thu 23-Feb-12 12:35:50

I have no sympathy for someone who reads the mail facist comic load of old bollocks

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