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tobe shocked that my colleague early 60s, who has been through the mill financially, lost a house, never sets foot in charity shops?

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Slartybartfast Sun 19-Feb-12 11:26:18

is it just me, when my dc were little lots of their toys and clothes came from there. now i am a regular freegle user. although i dont like car boot sales, but i am shocked that she doesnt ever go in charity shops. am i prejudice because of her age and financial status?

WorraLiberty Sun 19-Feb-12 11:27:42

I don't know

I hate charity shops but I love car boot sales

Each to their own I suppose

southeastastra Sun 19-Feb-12 11:27:53

what's wrong with car boot sales then? grin

Kayano Sun 19-Feb-12 11:29:22


What do her shopping habits matter a
Jot? I have only ever been in a charity shop when with my gran or when looking for fancy dress outfits.

I have been in oxfam books but there is a 2nd hand book shop in the market that is cheaper/ better.

I rarely even think about it.

MustControlFistOfDeath Sun 19-Feb-12 11:30:05

Why would you be shocked that she doesn't frequent a certain type of shop?

I don't know if YABU but YADB a bit weird confused

Slartybartfast Sun 19-Feb-12 11:32:18

i knew i shouldnt have posted in aibu. grin
it just surprises me. that someone who is hard up, or has at least been struggling in the past, wouldnt economise in that way?

Kayano Sun 19-Feb-12 11:34:24

But they actually aren't as cheap
As you might think? Primani and as I said markets may be cheaper sad

Tee2072 Sun 19-Feb-12 11:34:29

I often don't find charity shops any cheaper than things I see on the high street.

So YABU. And nosy. And judgemental.

Hulababy Sun 19-Feb-12 11:36:14

Market and shops like Primark are often cheaper for clothes than many charity shops.
I have only used charity shops for books, primarily for DD, in the past.

Slartybartfast Sun 19-Feb-12 11:36:26

thats me told then. shock
and here was i thinking that was what mumsnet was for. wink

HexagonalQueenOfTheSummer Sun 19-Feb-12 11:36:30

I agree with Kayano and Tee. Charity shops really aren't that cheap these days. Why would someone pay £3.95 for a secondhand, worn, bobbly primark top when they can get a brand new one in the Primark sale for a quid?

Slartybartfast Sun 19-Feb-12 11:36:48

oops that was to the nosey and judgemental comment btw

southeastastra Sun 19-Feb-12 11:37:36

does she not even go in them for books? i find that part the best, pick up tons from them

Slartybartfast Sun 19-Feb-12 11:38:59

well thank you southeasastra, i dont necessarily mean just clothes, just a wonder round for a bargain be it clothes, books toys, whatnot

DonInKillerHeels Sun 19-Feb-12 11:39:17

Primark is cheaper.

Trills Sun 19-Feb-12 11:39:40

YABU to be shocked, yes.

How did this come up?

Is it just that she doesn't go into charity shops, or did you suggest that a charity shop might be a good place to find <thing that she was looking for but couldn't afford> and she said ooh no I couldn't go in a charity shop?

DonInKillerHeels Sun 19-Feb-12 11:40:51

And why would she need toys? She's 60!

FabbyChic Sun 19-Feb-12 11:40:53

I buy everything from eBay, never for my kids though and I wouldn't buy for my kids from Charity shops either, but each to their own.

AitchTwoOhOneTwo Sun 19-Feb-12 11:41:03

i think charity shop pricing has got really flaky recently. kids toys in our local one are often more expensive than their original price, because the people who staff them wouldn't know a child if it hit them in the face.

southeastastra Sun 19-Feb-12 11:41:03

a girl i worked with told me she never goes in charity shops, she just can't stand them, i find it a bit weird but then again go in lots of them and like a rummage grin also like the chocolates some sell

Slartybartfast Sun 19-Feb-12 11:41:07

i think i said i had a mooch around and asked her if she did, to which she replied, no, i never go in charity shops.

redexpat Sun 19-Feb-12 11:41:23

I volunteered in an oxfam shop and they have different grades, so actually our stock was quite cheap and sometimes a total bargain. I moved to another town and was astonished at the prices. Comes down to good management and the area that the shop is in.

Maybe if she's never been in one she doesnt realise that there are bargains to be had? More so with books and home stuff than clothes.

I use car boots and Ebay. Never charity shops. And yes, Primark and Asda (for example) are cheaper and more likely to have what I want.

southeastastra Sun 19-Feb-12 11:43:41

i never shop at primark, think it's shitty quality, there judge me primark lovers grin

BIWI Sun 19-Feb-12 11:46:45

Charity shops have been around forever, so why on earth would it be to do with her age?

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