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to ask what tat you got/are getting for Valentine's Day?

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StickyGhost Tue 14-Feb-12 02:26:11

Me: Nothing, nada
Of course I'd ordered HIS present a couple of weeks ago.

Did anyone get anything worse than nothing? No judgey pants here, if you got a yacht/car/pearl necklace <snigger>, please come and boast.....but yuk in advance.

GiserableMitt Tue 14-Feb-12 02:42:18

Absolutely nothing. We are to lazy to bother with don't do Valentine's Day.

GiserableMitt Tue 14-Feb-12 02:42:54

...and I'm still waiting for my birthday present! grin

Cunnilingus. Non-reciprocated.

A card.

A book.

I don't know what book. DD told me it was a book. I'm sure he'll give it to me later.

spiderslegs Tue 14-Feb-12 03:01:30

A wild rumpus.

Was it enough?

Who the fuck knows.

howcomes Tue 14-Feb-12 03:11:56

According to DH every day is Valentines day in our house so no need to make a song and dance about Feb 14, I'm not entirely convinced however!

StickyGhost Tue 14-Feb-12 03:21:40

Have a lovely time alessthan!

sunnydelight Tue 14-Feb-12 07:06:31

We tend to be fairly low key, after 23 years together its usually choccies or flowers and a bottle of fizz to have with a nice dinner at home which DH generally cooks. This morning however i got a diamond nose stud as well as the choccies so I am a very happy bunny. Maybe it's to make up for the ceramic frog (yes, you read that right) I got for our 20th wedding anniversary!!!!!!!

EdithWeston Tue 14-Feb-12 07:16:03


Well, maybe a phone call. DH away.

CailinDana Tue 14-Feb-12 07:19:38

A bunch of roses and a banoffee pie, made from scratch by DH last night.

My present to him is that I'm getting up with DS every morning this week so he has the luxury of sleeping in till 7 every morning (we normally alternate mornings). He was over the moon when I told him - small pleasures eh?

Florabella Tue 14-Feb-12 07:19:53

It won't even get a mention in this house - which suits me fine!

streakybacon Tue 14-Feb-12 07:23:42

I made these for dh's breakfast this morning. He was still laughing when he left for work grin.

We don't usually mark Valentine's Day though. I got a card for dh but he forgot this year, so he made me one. It's about a bookcase hmm.

FredFredGeorge Tue 14-Feb-12 07:30:21

streakybacon those eggs are cool! DW doesn't like egg white and is very particular how she makes the yolk so I won't be doing it. I'll be with giserablemitt not literally, that'd be unfair on our partners, but getting and giving absolutely nothing.

For me it's just odd - loving your partner isn't some tat on a commercial day in feb.

Kayzr Tue 14-Feb-12 07:32:22

I got a cuddly turtle sent all the way from Malaysia as DP is away.

fullofwoe Tue 14-Feb-12 07:38:02

Big Hair - hair dryer thing.

I always send DH a website link to EXACTLY what I want so he can just order it and have it delivered. Learnt the hard way after lots of glittery tat presents.

davidtennantsmistress Tue 14-Feb-12 07:40:55

me: a selection of love honey items & necklace
dp: tat grin

we do the same each year.

MamaMaiasaura Tue 14-Feb-12 07:42:33

Thorntons chocs in heart box
A black soft toy owl type bird with huge eyes (chosen by my 4 year old)
A card (with wife on gringrin only got married in September)

MamaMaiasaura Tue 14-Feb-12 07:43:57

I got him
Card with husband on it
Some fudge
I love you Belgium chocs
Foil heart chocs

Rowood Tue 14-Feb-12 07:45:44

A messy kitchen, crumbs everywhere and yesterday's clothes on the floor. Who cares if I'm huge and about to give birth and I've got four lively 7-10year olds to look after
All day? Oh I did get a card with a message about how complacent he sometimes

ZeldaUpNorth Tue 14-Feb-12 07:47:05

Dp's still in bed but more than likely nothing. He says its my birthday next week so i have to wait til then hmm

DizzyCow63 Tue 14-Feb-12 07:47:11

I got a huge bouquet of flowers and a lovely leather cover for my kindle from DH, quite impressed as it's usually tat! And like MamaMaiasaura my first wife card as we only got married seven weeks ago!

I got him a nice card with our wedding pic on but haven't actually bought him anything yet, am off today so will go get something this morning, but wasn't too worried as he usually got me something silly, blush need to think of something nice now! Will also bake him his fav choc cake and we'll have a nice dinner tonight

NearlyPastTheYardarm Tue 14-Feb-12 07:48:08

We used to cook a nice meal together as a mutual present, with a better-than-usual bottle of wine. Plus a card. But my birthday is the week before, do we've just had a great night out, no need to do it again so soon at twice the price.

tinkertitonk Tue 14-Feb-12 07:51:18

Vibrating nipple clamps.

For him.

chickydoo Tue 14-Feb-12 07:52:34

Dozen Red Roses & a nice card. This is our 24th Valentines day together smile

Hairynigel Tue 14-Feb-12 07:54:29

I got a Yves Saint Laurent eye make up kit and a rose grin got DP Ed Sheerans album

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