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To be a bit hmmm at friend using DD's name for her dog?

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ScottishHag Tue 07-Feb-12 19:28:40

We each have 3 DC's, two of whom are in the same classes at school. She approached me last week and said they had just bought a puppy and called it the same name as my 2 year old DD, it's not a particularly common name so am just wondering if aibu to be a bit hmm ? We aren't good friends but see each other everyday and she will no doubt be bringing the dog with her to school everyday.

ditavonteesed Fri 10-Feb-12 16:10:03

maybe you are talking about me, cherry the dog is nearly 2.

Plonker Fri 10-Feb-12 16:16:02

Yes dandelionss, she named her baby, child and adult-to-be, Cherry.

She didn't ask your opinion on the name and to offer one when you have not been asked, is rude imo.

nightingale452 Fri 10-Feb-12 16:43:59

One of my great aunts had a dog with the same name as me - not a very common name (I think it's actually used more often for dogs hmm). I used to feel slightly miffed as a child, but mostly for effect, I have to admit smile.

I don't think the dog was named after me - in fact, come to think of it, the dog must have been older than me so maybe I was named after the dog?

Anyway, I think your relationship with the dog owner is what determines whether you are a) flattered or b) miffed. If your best friend decided to name her dog in honour of your DD you'd be pleased, right?

valiumredhead Fri 10-Feb-12 16:57:03

The thing is, it is not YOUR name exclusively, it's a name and can be used for a dog or child. It's a nice name , I can't summon up enough energy to get my knickers in a twist about it tbh.

dandelions really uncalled for.

slightlyadrift Fri 10-Feb-12 18:09:15

My son Oscar once won a competition at a stately house we'd visited and we were invited back with other families to collect a prize and have a tour of the house. It turned out the aged Lady Suchandsuch's adored black poodle had the same name, and as the children were posed for a photo on the huge staircase suddenly commanded 'Sit Oscar!' which caused her much merriment when my Oscar's confusion was explained... sad little anecdote or what? The thread just reminded me, and loads of dogs and the odd cat are called Oscar - cool name!

changeneeded Fri 10-Feb-12 19:26:12

YANBU a friend done this with my dds name also, very uncomon but definatly not a dogs name.

the fucking dog got run over, friend posted on FB her dd was devistated as sadly xx had been run over dtae time etc...RIP such a beuatiful girl.

I felt sick reading that then even worse when I was inundated with messages of support etc. It actually creeped me out.

sandy1969 Fri 10-Feb-12 19:53:52

You are being completely reasonable. It is weird. It isn't a guinea pig or other small pet kept in someone's house, that might be sweet. No this is a dog that will presumably be called occassionally near the school. The children may play with it and will all know it's name. It isn't reasonable of her to call her dog by your daughters unusual and pretty name. It wouldn't be unreasonable to tell her you feel weird about it.

I would be embarrassed to call a dog by my daughters five year old good friend with an unusual name, it would seem rude. Even if my daughter wished it I would tell her no because we would get them confused.

EchoBeached Fri 10-Feb-12 23:35:06

Cherry is a great name for a baby/girl/woman. I was at school with a Cherry, she was great. Can't see why it wouldn't work for a dog too and think you shouldn't take it amiss, OP.

My elderly cat is Oscar. My ex DP always hated the cat (it was mutual). Fast forward 10 years and ex DP now has a boy of his own called Oscar. Weird. Oscar for me will always be a cat's name.

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