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To think this scumbag "mother" should have her child taken from her?

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HungryHelga Wed 01-Feb-12 01:25:58

Woman licks methadone from the pavement in Scotland as her child looks on.

This disgusts me. How can anyone have so little self-respect to do this, and with her child there as well?

IDontThinkSoDoYOU Wed 01-Feb-12 01:32:14

Wow, such compassion... I think methadone is a substitute for heroin so she has made a start at getting off the drugs. An addiction so powerful it can make you do that. She needs more help. As much as it takes.

OldBagWantsNewBag Wed 01-Feb-12 01:32:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LineRunner Wed 01-Feb-12 01:37:32

To be honest if I saw that photo without the headline, I'd think she was looking for a contact lens or an earring.

missingmumxox Wed 01-Feb-12 01:42:56

or of course she could be looking for her contact lens! this means nothing, and is the fucking daily record!
also some compassion please if she was.

yes I agree if she was then I feel for the child but she looked well dressed.

as someone who in glasgow has on too many occations lost a contact in glasgow..that wind whips like you would not believe, so I imagine Edinburgh is the same...

just saying

missingmumxox Wed 01-Feb-12 01:43:42

x posts smile

Thumbwitch Wed 01-Feb-12 01:44:58

really? you'd rather she'd have gone home without her meds, then scored a heroin hit to deal with the reaction to not having her methadone? Really?
Of course it's shocking, but how desperate must she have been to do that? She probably dropped it because she was already suffering withdrawal symptoms and had the shakes.

My only other surprise is that you didn't link to the Daily Mail - I'm sure you're an avid reader.

ComposHat Wed 01-Feb-12 01:47:07

Yeah, lets all leap in and hang, draw and quarter the woman!

Based on the 'evidence' of an ambiguous picture and an unsubstantiated tale from a gossip mongering neighbour who got the story second hand, all recounted in a Red-Top tabloid, the most reliable and truthful of all information sources.

This idiot mob mentality and rush to judge really gets me down.

The only 'shocking' thing about this story was that it wasn't from the Daily Heil.

TotemPole Wed 01-Feb-12 01:52:28

What disgusts me is someone taking the photo and the sending it to the press.

The woman, in her 30s, had gone to a chemist for her weekly prescription for methadone.

How do they know that?

Personal vendetta maybe?

OldBagWantsNewBag Wed 01-Feb-12 02:01:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Thumbwitch Wed 01-Feb-12 02:03:16

Urgh, have just read some of the comments posted by the Daily Record readers - really lovely people posting there! <<shudders>>

ComposHat Wed 01-Feb-12 02:18:58

"Yeah, let's all leap in and hang, draw and quarter the woman!" I don't know what thread you're reading. It can't be this one. The harshest suggestion I can see is in the OP and that's that her child should be removed. If in fact the child is hers

Oh ffs!

I did not mean this literally.

I was using an exaggerated form of the rhetoric in order to satirise the rhetoric of those posters.

This should save us a long and ultimately pointless exchange of messages.

OneHandWavingFree Wed 01-Feb-12 02:26:13

If the picture is indeed what it claims to be, then it is a terribly sad picture of a person in the grip of a devastating illness.

And anyone who would wish to further degrade and dehumanize someone so vulnerable, by branding her "scumbag," is as heartless as they are ignorant.

LineRunner Wed 01-Feb-12 02:35:53

I don't even believe it. If the methadone was dropped (why??) then the lady could have taken the pieces back to the chemist in the bag, or asked the pharmacist to help.

These bottle are quite sturdy.

HillyWallaby Wed 01-Feb-12 02:42:15

I thought they made you take your methadone in front of them in the chemist/doctor's surgery? I'm a bit hmm about it to be honest.

Although personally I don't think anyone who is stupid enough to get addicted to heroin should be in charge of a small child whether they are pavement lickers or not.

LineRunner Wed 01-Feb-12 02:44:53

Why did you think that?

TopazMortmain Wed 01-Feb-12 03:08:54

sad poor woman.

And no, not 'scumbag'. Fend off the villagers and douse the torches... How about some <pauses> compassion?

NatashaBee Wed 01-Feb-12 03:14:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HillyWallaby Wed 01-Feb-12 03:16:25

Is that to me LR? I don't know why really. I have seen film footage of people taking their methadone as soon as they were given it whilst standing in front of the dispensing chemist, and I seem to remember getting the impression from a news report or something that they had to take it under supervision. Not sure why though?

URallchickenlentil Wed 01-Feb-12 03:17:36

Dont buy it. Meth heads have to consume it in from of the pharmacist which is why western hailed is full of jakies spitting in each others mouths

HillyWallaby Wed 01-Feb-12 03:19:10

I did think it was because of a selling on risk, but then thinking about it, why would they sell it on, if they are gagging for it themselves?! Although maybe they would rather sell it on and buy the real thing.I am assuming methadone stops you having withdrawal symptoms but not actually give you a high. Drug addicts are not trustworthy so nothing would surprise me.

HillyWallaby Wed 01-Feb-12 03:20:15

Explain 'western hailed all spitting in one anothers mouths please' confused

ComposHat Wed 01-Feb-12 03:27:03

HillyWallably I live in Scotland I can explain.

Meth heads have to consume it in from of the pharmacist which is why western hailed[sic] is full of jakies [sic]spitting in each others mouths

'western hailed' - Wester Hailes, the area of Edinburgh where this alleged incident took place.

'jakies' - hardened, persistent drinkers. But I think the poster means junkies.

The poster thinks that methadone users in Wester Hailes will receive their prescription then hold it in their mouth and then spit it into the mouth of another user in exchange for money.

HillyWallaby Wed 01-Feb-12 03:30:14

Ah! Thank you.

LottieJenkins Wed 01-Feb-12 03:31:14

I notice the OP hasnt returned!! hmm I feel sorry for the woman in the picture if her life is so bad that that is what she has ended up doing!sad

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